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READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: This page contains spoilers from the WN and LN.

The differences between Light Novel and Web Novel.

Volume 1

  1. Leon is shown very modest and angry with his childhood in WN but from the perspective of the LN, he is very intrigued by his status as a young baron child.
  2. The Prince and the capture targets fought him with their might but in LN, they are being played and mocked in the public by Leon.
  3. Nicks is engaged to a member of a Roseblade Household but never mentioned and stated the first name of the woman until her name was revealed in spin-off story in LN.

Volume 2

  1. Marie has already collected the parts of the Saint's equipment before the dungeon quest. In LN, she only collected it in Epilogue.
  2. Leon and Marie have never spoken with each other and Marie befriends with Carla before Leon got his charm.
  3. Deirdre was never named in the WN but did appear during the Fanoss Invasion, arguing with Leon. She never appeared after the Fanoss Invasion.
  4. Volume 2 starts at the Gambling Lounge, listening to Leon's sister about her fighting over a boy and the bike race begins before the café incident.
  5. In the WN, the café is an idea by Leon for Olivia to make friends after Olivia and Angie fall out during the bike race from the Offrey Daughter.
  6. In the WN, when Leon is told by Zola and the Shrine Priest to hand over the Necklace and Money, Leon shows the Charm of War Fortune, saying "I believe in a different religion" but he said in LN, "I'll consider it".

Volume 3

  1. The story continues with Leon, Marie, and the Prince entourage, but there's no direct appearance of Deirdre.
  2. The Principality attacks the capital on the day of Leon's failed execution. However, in the late chapters of the LN, it changes to the Principality to attack the capital at the time before the sun rises.
  3. On the day both Marie and Leon discovers their true relationship, only a few sentences are not part of the latest canon part of the story such as her ability to cook and her sisterly respect with love towards to her brother.
  4. In WN, the Relic given to Leon is not actually destroyed by Luxion, but preserved by the Kingdom, later to be used by the Black Knight

Volume 4

  1. Only Deirdre has never appeared in the WN and replaced by Leon's professor who had gone to Alzer Republic as the representative from the Holfort Kingdom.
  2. Louise Sara Rault is officially added to the canon series of LN. Her character changed the villainess who is not a very important character in the WN.
  3. Serge Sara Rault is mentioned but officially appeared in the latter part of the Epilogue of WN. His appearance is described with a strong physique, black long-haired and handsome face. He has a strong two Lost item that he is currently using for his voyage while destroying a lot of Old Human facilities and Artificial Intelligence - that he doesn't like much from the second gameーthat is far more powerful than Leon. In LN, he has mentioned a troublemaker by Louise and has a strong grasp to become an adventurer.
  4. Serge is mentioned in the Epilogue chapter that he wants to reach the level of Demon Lord Rank so he can be proved to his beloved sister (showing an incest desire) that he is more capable than her previous brother. And, he mentions that he wants to change to the world: making his sister become his bride and create his own faction opposite to Leon's desire of living a normal life using the Adventurer career.
  5. In WN, an independent Einhorn-second class airship has been developed and named as Licorne-Class (リコルヌ). It has a powerful defense mechanism under the pretext and technology of Alzer. It is far more updated and upgrade to the maximum potential for the possible battle between the six nobles and Leon, just in case. Not other than the real reason, it is for the replacement of the old Einhorne class because of the damages taken from the war from Faiviel Household.
  6. Livia and Angie have officially visited the Republic as official envoy and inspectors in WN. But in LN, they appear in the latter part of the first chapter of the next Volume. Only their aim is to check and punish Leon for alleged cheating behind their back.
  7. In the story so far, Loic's name is spelled Eric (エリク, Eriku) in the WN exclusively.

Volume 5

  1. Four chapters of the WN has officially added in the LN instead to be disclosed at the previous volume.
  2. The Licorne has been designed based on the original Einhorn-class' blueprint in the LN, making it the same class as the Einhorn instead.
  3. Cordelia Fou Easton, a new character, is introduced in the canon LN and becomes the exclusive maid of Leon as the volunteered inspector to monitor the young man.
  4. The appearance of Serge in WN is a little bit different from the LN where he meets Leila and asks her for a date. In contrast, he is shown with his airship as he approached the harbor of their household to meet up with his family, exclusively in WN.
  5. The epilogue of LN, Leon is caught (not) cheating with Noelle by his two fiancés, Angie and Olivia, his maid, Yumeria, and the exclusive servant from Angie's household whilst, the WN has only shown his two fiancés and his brother Nicks, with the exemption of Yumeria and Cordelia Fou Easton.
  6. In WN Noelle was already wearing the slave collar while in the LN she was forced by Loic to wear the slave collar to save Marie and her friends from fighting with the Republic Army.
  7. Noelle knew that Leon had two fiancés in WN, but in LN when the two of them (Angelica & Olivia) visited Leon, she was later informed about it then.
  8. In the WN after The Prince's Entourage was thrown out to earn money by themselves by Marie, they also challenged Leon to earn money by himself. But in the LN, Leon was back at the Holfort Kingdom during that time so that challenge didn't happen.

Volume 6

  1. Louise backstory is an additional plot of the series.
  2. *Information will be added soon later.*

Volume 7

  1. *Information will be added soon later.*

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