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Vandel Him Zenden (バンデル・ヒム・ゼンデン, Banderu Himu Zenden) was the strongest warrior in The Principality, earning himself the title of The Black Knight.


Vandel is a well built elderly man with a large scar on top of his bald head.


Vandel has a true and absolute hatred for Holfort Kingdom, viewing them as the absolute evil. He is loyal to the principality and is highly trusted by Hertrude and Hertrauda.

Story Overview

Original Game Story: Otome Game

Vandel appeared in the original game as an antagonist. Leon claims that Vandel was a broken character as well as the main reason for the game's difficulty suddenly spiking.


During one of the Holfort Kingdom's past invasions of The Principality, Vandel's wife and daughter were killed. Since then he has seen the Kingdom as absolute evil and refuses to make any kind of peace with them.

Volume 2

Vandel sorties with his squadron when he knows that Princess Hertrude has been captured by Leon. The squadron on their way to rescue Hertrude, destroys the drones which had been deployed by Luxion. Leon had quite a difficult fight with Vandel, with Leon escaping a death blow just by a few inches and Vandel would have won if not due to his carelessness. When he saw the rest over monsters, which had been agitated and were gonna attack indiscriminately, he told Leon to give the Magic Flute to the princess, so that she could keep the monsters in control. Leon hearing this replied that he was going to do that as he could not trust her and had Luxion destroy the rest of the monsters, telling Vandel that the kingdom also had some few aces up their sleeves.

Volume 3

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Abilities & Gears


Adamantis Sword

Vandel's armor wielded a special adamantis sword capable of cutting into Arroganz. After Vandel's defeat, the sword was taken by Leon and handed over to the Holfort Kingdom Treasury. He later reclaimed it, but it was destroyed during his final fight with Leon.


Vandel's Armor

Vandel's personal armor which he had used to fight and sink numerous ships of the kingdom and kill many as well. Even though the armor is technologically better than the kingdom's armors, it still pales in comparison to Arroganz.

Vandel's armor with the armor piece equipped.

Unnamed Eye Armor Piece

Vandel equipped the armor piece before the war. It, along with his armor was destroyed by Leon.


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