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Marie Route is a short story that was initially released as bonus material alongside since Volume 3 and currently has seven parts, with no end in sight. The Seventh released for free as you apply the survey for Volume 9 released at here.

See also: Marie SS The Seventh for free for release of Volume 9.


The premise of the story is an alternative route to the main story, as in this route Marie has failed to capture the Otome game's targets and befriended Leon, without the knowledge that he was her big brother in her past life.

With Marie no longer interfering with the story's events, the story is able to progress more naturally following the path it was meant to follow. Even still, it turns out that things don't always go as planned.

Full Summary

The First

Leon is observing the Prince's Entourage to watch their first meeting with Olivia and catches Marie trying to seize the event. He prevents this and guesses she is another person who had played the game. Taking pity on her situation, he becomes her friend and lets her try to trigger romances with the other capture-targets, although this fails. Marie introduces Leon and his friends to the 'shut-in' girls of her class, who are desirable romantic targets to the boys. After making a minor scene at the end of term party, Leon takes Marie home with him for the summer.

The Second

Over the summer, the Bartforts increasingly believe Leon is courting Marie. However, her family have not only run up debts taking up the spending money he gave her, they've even sold Marie's hand in marriage off to the Offrey heir. After discussing his options with Luxion, Leon rallies the boys Marie introduced to 'shut-in' girls, his family and the Offrey's rivals the Roseblades. He rescues Marie while the combined forces crush the Offreys and Lafans. The Lafan lands go to the royal family as a bribe, while Nicks receives the Offrey lands and is engaged to Dorothea Roseblade. Marie and Leon discuss their past lives and conclude that despite the resemblances, they aren't each other's siblings from that life. Leon proposes to Marie, who accepts the engagement.

On the school trip, some of the other girls force Olivia to come to a casino on the liner, knowing she can't afford the losses and cheating to force her into debt. Leon intervenes and wins all the money from the girls, forcing them to apologize to Olivia. Leon has the Saint's Necklace and shows it to Marie—the ghost tries to possess her that night but fails. Back at school, Olivia is cornered in the dungeon by the girls from earlier and driven into a dangerous part of the dungeon. She finds the Saint's Bracelet, which possesses her. Under this control she persuades Julius to have the three bullies expelled and give her a private residence.

The Third

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The Fourth

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The Fifth

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The Sixth

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The Seventh

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  • It is currently unknown whether Marie route is linked to the main story in any way, shape or form.