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Serge Sara Rault (セルジュ・サラ・ラウルト, Seruju Sara Rauruto) is the adopted heir of the Rault Household. He's also one of the capture targets for the protagonist to choose in otome game sequel.


He is tall and athletic with slicked back hair. He keeps his shirt partially unbuttoned.


Not much is known about him aside from how he appears to like adventuring and doing dungeons despite being a noble and that he one time confessed to Lelia. He rarely attends class, often skipping to go adventuring.

Upon his introduction, he is shown to be up-front, confident, and prideful. He is often rude to people and can lose his temper easily. Despite his attitude, Serge is distinctly aware of his position in the Rault household, believing that he is seen simply as a replacement for the deceased Leon and was only adopted because the family needed an heir. Because of this, he holds a deep bitterness towards Leon, and constantly tries to improve himself to show that he is better the deceased boy.

Story Overview

Original Game: Otome Game
Serge was one of the capture targets of the second Otome Game. Because he skipped class a lot, there weren't many opportunities to raise flags with him.


Serge was originally part of a branch family of the Rault House, but was adopted by Albergue some point after the death of Leon.

He is known to skip class a lot to go adventuring. At one point in their first year of high school, Lelia approached him, trying to get him to fall for Noelle. However, her attempts backfired when he confessed to Lelia herself instead. She rejected him, but he still tries to gain her favor.

Volume 4

While Serge is mentioned several times in the volume, he never makes an appearance.

Volume 5

Serge returns after the end of summer break and approaches Lelia, and seeing an opportunity to gain even footing against Luxion, Lelia agrees to have dinner with him, in hopes of having him retrieve an item for her.

Volume 6

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Volume 7

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He respects his foster father and he truly wants to prove himself to his family that he's compatible and rightful heir of the Rault's household. He really cares him despite the cold relationship between the two.

However, the appearance of another Leon made Serge to be blinded that Albergue was attempting to relinquished Serge's right as the next inheritance, especially after Leon managed to rescue Louise from the Sacred Tree's bait. This cause Serge to start a civil war towards Albergue.

The two got along for a short time after Serge's adoption, with Serge even developing a crush on Louise. However, Louise's constant praises of Leon as well as Serge believing himself just to be Leon's replacement led Serge to burn all photos of Leon in the house, and their relationship has never been good since.

Serge can't stand Louise's affection for her brother. That being the case, when Leon (Holfort) tried to rescue Louise from being sacrificed, Serge took steps to fight him in front of Louise, as the idea of beating up someone who looked like her brother in front of her made him elated.

In truth, Serge secretly loved Louise and destroyed Leon's belonging in an attempt to relieve her from the bad memory. However, Louise's love towards her brother fueled his rage of jealousy.


Serge has a crush on Lelia. He is often forceful, pushing her into romantic situations with him despite her protests.

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Despite never meeting him, Serge bears a strong hatred towards Leon. Serge believes that he was adopted just to serve as Leon's replacement, and constantly strives to prove himself better than the deceased boy.

Due to Leon's similar name and appearance, as well as his closeness to Louise, Serge's hatred towards Leon (Alzer) is also shared towards Leon (Holfort). His hatred towards Leon (Holfort) even greater for playing around with him during the fight and able to save Louise's heart from her false guilt for her invulnerability to save the life of Leon (Alzer).


  • Serge is one of the six nobles in the sequel that died.



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