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The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Wiki
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Royal Ranking System has subdivided into two ranks from lower and upper ranking. It has the same merit just like the original setting in the real world, while the system does not apply to Alzer Republic.

Web Novel Set

There's Rank 0 which divides it into two.

  1. Upper Rank 0: Emperor/Empress
  2. Lower Rank 0: Demon Lord (魔王)

Light Novel Set

  1. Upper Rank 1: King
  2. Lower Rank 1: Queen
  3. Upper Rank 2: Crown Prince(ss)
  4. Lower Rank 2: Prince(ss)/Duke/Duchess
  5. Upper Rank 3: Royal Blood Nobles
  6. Lower Rank 3: Minister - Types + Marquis/Marquess/Marchioness
  7. (Lower/Upper) Rank 4: Count/Countess/Earl
  8. (Lower/Upper) Rank 5: Viscount/Viscountess
  9. (Lower/Upper) Rank 6: Baron/Baroness
  10. Rank 7: Baronet/Baronetess
  11. Rank 8: Knight (Heritage)
  12. Rank 9: Knight (Lifetime of Service)
  13. Unranked: Commoners


Holfort Kingdom

As the original nobles of the Holfort Kingdom were all great adventures, a person can increase his or her noble rank through adventuring success or military accomplishments. Outside of those two methods, at least 3 generations of loyal work to the kingdom necessary to raise a family's rank.

Nobles are divided in two categories: feudal lord nobles with a territory and royal court nobles with a court rank. However, feudal lords can also obtain court rank, especially baron which have the right to meet the king. They usually have a court rank of sixth.

  • For example, Leon's father was a baron with a lower sixth court rank and was promoted to upper rank sixth after the war with the Principality.

While nobles divided in categories, their middle name also difference from each other, for Feudal noble households use Fou as a middle name, court noble households use Fia as a middle name and royal households use Rapha as their middle name.

Alzer Republic

*Information will be added soon later.*

Unique Rank

There are also a few one-of-a-kind position that can only be attained through exceptional selection or birthright:
Holfort Kingdom

Alzer Commonwealth