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Roland Rapha Holfort (ローランド・ラファ・ホルファート, Rōrando Rafa Horufāto) is the current King of the Holfort Kingdom. He is the husband of Queen Mylene and the father of Julius, Jake and Erica.


He has a light blue majestic hair and handsome face.

As the Masked Knight

The Masked Knight when operating as a foot soldier wears a set of custom made armour with radiant white colour scheme and a blue hooded cloak, wielding a long sword. As an armed unit pilot, he wears a skin tight pilot suit, the mask (key part of the transformation set), and the blue cloak; Masked Knight's armed unit is an armour painted in radiant white livery (co-incidentally Prince Julius' colour theme) and a big ultramarine cape.[1][2]


He has shown being charismatic and noble in the public. In reality, he is selfish and narcissistic, as, despite Leon winning the war, he's angry at the teenager for upstaging him. According to his wife, he is somewhat perverted, having several mistresses and even trying to seduce Olivia. He also seems to be somewhat childish, having a secret identity of The Masked Knight and even having a secret room in the castle devoted to the persona[3]. Though, he was actually somewhat capable as the country's sovereign, but being constantly outshined by the hard-working Mylene demotivated the king, leading to him feeling jealous of his wife and leaving all the work to her and his subordinates.

Later on, Leon finds how low Roland is. Leon finds him secretly cheating on Mylene by looking for an escort to accompany him at night, showing on how much he is not loving Mylene. Leon even hates Roland on how carefree he is to learn the murdering of the nobles.

It is later revealed that the other reason of Roland to leave all the work to Mylene is because he has grown tired to take care of his kingdom and secretly looking for the perfect successor and more cunning than Leon. Leon and Mylene are not expecting the fact and late to have Roland for successfully demoting himself and turn Leon to be the next king for Holfort kingdom

Story Overview

Original Game story: Otome Game
In the game during the final war with the Principality and the Kingdom, he was known as "The Masked Knight" who helped the protagonist during the war.

Volume 3

He first made contact with Leon, when Julius and his friends were trying to help Leon to escape. After that, he, with Leon, the queen, Vince and Bernard went to the palace's war room, to discuss the current situation of the kingdom. When Leon told that he did not know if he could win, Vince declared that they had to use the Royal Ship, a lost item of the royal family, if Leon couldn't defeat the Principality. But Roland declared that without the qualified personnel they could not operate it.

In the audience hall for preparation of war, Roland declared Leon as the supreme commander of the army to the knights and nobles present there, but Marquis Frampton objected to this decision. Leon then showed evidence of him colluding with the Principality and Frampton was imprisoned.

After the incident, Roland with Mylene, Leon, Angelica, Olivia, Marie, Julius and his friends went to the underground hanger in the palace, to see if they would be able to operate the royal ship. Roland and Mylene were not able to do it and even Marie with each of The Prince's Entourage member weren't able to do it. But Olivia and Angelica were able to operate the ship. During the war with the Principality Roland went to his secret room to get his transformation set and his custom-made armor but he could not find it. Just then Mylene came to ask if he knew where Julius is. At first he was surprised, but when Mylene said that she knew about this room long ago as Julius was the one who reported about it to her, he instantly knew that Julius had taken his transformation set and armor to fight in the war.

After the war, Leon asked for demotion as his reward for winning the war. But Roland, being angry as Leon had stolen all the spotlight, decided not only to not demote him, but also allowed him advancement of rank from Viscount to Count and court rank of lower third during the award ceremony. Not even the officials or the Mylene knew about his promotion. Roland did it knowing that Leon wouldn't like it. After the award ceremony, he tried to flirt Olivia but Leon came to intervene before Roland could do anything. Just when he was complaining to Leon for upstaging him during the war and he would give him a death sentence if he tries to intervene any further, Mylene came with her maids and dragged Roland away. During the engagement ceremony between Leon with Angelica and Olivia, he had sent a message to Leon through Gilbert saying that when he heard how Leon was running around to escape from marriage, he decided to give his full support for Leon to marry both of them and he should be grateful to the king. Leon crushed the note after reading it. When The Prince's Entourage had used up their yearly allowance for building a statue for Marie, Roland and Mylene decided to send them along with Marie, Kyle and Carla to Alzer Republic as exchange students with Leon and he sent a letter through Marie telling him to take care of the troublesome matter which Leon crushed immediately after reading it.

Volume 4

Leon sent a letter to Roland, through Angelica, when he got into a fight with the Feivel Household, one of the Six Noble Families. She passed the letter through Mylene where he told that as Pierre of the Feivel Household has picked a fight with him, so he is going to take upon his challenge and beat him up. But as it will cause some political problems Roland should prepare to deal with it. Roland tore the letter to pieces after reading it. He told Mylene to gather the important officials and send them to the Republic to investigate the matter immediately.

Roland sent Deirdre as an envoy to investigate the situation in the Republic and also sent a letter through her to Leon, cursing at him and as he knows Deirdre, he should get along with her but if he has an affair there, Roland is going to report it to Redgrave Household. Leon expressionlessly tore the letter after reading it.

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Volume 5

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Volume 7

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Volume 9

Roland is seen by Leon to flirt with escorts, making Leon to be angry with the fact that Roland has no care for the kingdom at all and not a proper king. One of Roland's play target is Merce and it leads him to his doom. Before Roland encounters Merce for the last time, Mylene has warned him to not get out carelessly, but Roland ignores and is poisoned by Merce as a result. With Roland is seemingly to die soon, he points Leon as his replacement.

Turns out, flirting with Merce and getting to be poisoned by her is a plan so he can demote himself and have Leon to take his place as the new king. After Leon has finished his business with Zola, Roland has managed to restore himself.



While Roland and his wife do care for each other to an extent, their marriage was political and neither really love each other.

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He hates Leon for upstaging him during the war and has made it his personal mission to never make Leon happy. He promoted Leon to count solely because he knew Leon would hate it. It'd be wrong to say that he actively wants to hurt Leon. It's more accurate to say that Roland just wants to show him up and make him feel bad. Oddly enough, he doesn't care about Leon's constant flirting with his wife.

It is later revealed while he hates Leon, Roland deems Leon worthy to replace him as a new king. He stages his own dying so he can have an excuse to be replaced and turns Leon into a king, permanently.

Roland uses Merce as a mean to demote himself and turn Leon into the next king. He acts as he is in love badly with Merce and let her to poison him, leaving Merce to be unaware of a fact that Roland has made the pre attempt to prevent himself from getting killed.



  • Roland has several unnamed mistresses and at least one unnamed child with one of them.
  • The transformation set of the Masked Knight might have the ability to conceal one's identity from other unless they already knew about the existence of the set beforehand; as seen when the Prince's entourage and Angelica (all were close to the former Crown Prince) couldn't realise the Knight was Julius under a mask[1], although Leon and Marie saw through easily (both played the otome game in their previous life).


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