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The as of yet, untitled Otome Game that Leon finds himself stuck in. Unbeknownst to Leon, the game was only the first of a three-part game series.

Known Details

  • The characters were all designed by popular artists.
  • The game was voiced by a cast of famous voice actors.
  • It was created by a famous company.
    • The company is known for making games for men.


The game was set in a world of fantasy and magic, featuring floating islands and airships.


The first otome game cover and the title.

The plot as explained by Leon:

Olivia is an ordinary girl from the countryside who manages to enroll in a school for nobles, owing to her status as an honor student. At the school, she meets the Prince, the Nobles...and other romantic targets. She gets picked on by other girls of higher status, and at the same time, various incidents occur and war ensues. It's a romantic game with adventure and warfare in the background. And it's a world that benefits women.

The plot as explained by Marie:

First Game

Setting: Holfort Kingdom

Objective: The main character is Olivia and the villainess is Angelica Rapha Redgrave. There are five love targets among the six nobles.

Enemies: The Principality, Earth Guardian.

Second Game - Sequel

Setting: Alzer Commonwealth

Objective: The main character is a twin haired girl, the sole heir of the former household known as Lespinasse. Her objective is to marry one of the six nobles who are studying at Alzer Commonwealth in order to prevent the upcoming destruction of the world.

Enemies: Sacred Tree Monsterized

Third Game - Sequel

Setting: Holfort Kingdom

Objective: Unknown

Enemies: The Principality, Sky & Sea Guardian.


  • Role Playing Elements
  • Lucky Draw items and rewards with using personal money
  • Reversed Harem
  • Battle Simulators
  • "Unusually Difficult" Battles involving heavy RNG (Random Number Generating)

Known Characters

The word "villainess" is a term used to describe female characters whose main purpose is to serve as an obstacle for the protagonist and their relationships.

First Game

Second Game

Third Game


  • Luxion & Ideal: Originally ingame cash-shop items that had been bought with real life currency—yen.
  • Magic Flutes: An item used by Hertrude to summon and control monsters to attack the Kingdom. Hertrauda possesses one of her own.
  • Three Holy Items: Three items that, when used together, can identify the Saint.
  • Weiss: The Royal Airship. A special lost item unlocked at the end of the game. It's supposedly powered by love.
  • Sacred Tree Sapling: A sapling that has the potential to grow into a new Sacred Tree. Highly valued in the Alzer Commonwealth.


See also: Short Story – Marie Route

As the Original Story has been altered due to the influence of the reincarnators and other factors, these are the unknown variables in the story:

  • Marie Fou Lafan: the major cause of altercations for first installment.
    • Marie captured all the targets before Olivia could meet any of them, effectively taking her place.
      • Her capture of all the game's targets early on resulted in the game's story being greatly accelerated, causing major events to occur much earlier.
        • Angelica was not supposed to duel the prince's entourage until near the end of the protagonists' first year.
        • The attack of the sky pirates was suppose to occur in the protagonists' second year.
        • The war between the Kingdom and the Principality was supposed to occur in the protagonist's third year.
    • She managed to collect the three Holy items before Olivia, tricking others into believing her to be the saint. Though she was revealed as a fraud later.
    • Marie supported Noelle's feelings towards Leon, erasing Noelle's intented role to approach the other targets.
  • Leon Fou Bartfort: A variable that was pulled into involvement due to Marie's altercations.
    • Originally an unknown character in the game (mob).
      • He discovered and took Luxion for himself before entering the academy. At the same time Luxion isn't included as a character in the first installment, but appeared pay-to-win item if players paid for said spaceship. It's not important in story, but because of broken game balance story can't be cleared without him.
      • He fought the capture targets as Angelica's representative, resulting in them being disinherited by their families, leaving them broke.
      • He captured Hertrude as a prisoner of war, unintentionally introducing Hertrauda into the story of the first game as her replacement for the war.
      • He and Luxion reactivated Cleare, resulting in him obtaining the eye armor piece which Vandel later equipped to his armor.
    • The Second Game
      • He discovered a Sacred Tree Sapling and was recognized as the Guardian of the Sacred Tree, thereby taking the place of the second game's capture targets.
      • He defeated Loic, effectively saving the game from one of the bad ends.
      • Serge become an antagonist of the kingdom just because Leon has appeared there.
      • Noele able to know Olivia and Angelica, even befriends with them. This shouldn't have occured in the game.
    • The Third Game
      • Hertrauda is supposed to be introduced in the current game as the one who avenge Hertrude. But since Hertrauda appeared earlier, this event is erased, also erasing the battle with the spirits. As the replacement, Zola become the minor aid of the Republic to attack the kingdom.
      • Leon becomes the new king of Horfort Kingdom, the replacement of the king is never occured on the third game.
  • Lelia Zel Lespinasse: A variable reborn as the twin sister of the second game's protagonist.
    • She started dating Emile, eliminating him as a potential capture target.
    • She pushed Loic to pursue Noelle, unintentionally causing Noelle to develop a hatred of him and eliminating him as a potential love interest.
    • She accidentally gained the affection of Serge Sara Rault, eliminating him as a potential love interest.
    • She discovered Ideal alongside Serge, becoming it's master. This deed will give a chance and lead Ideal to make a move to annihilate Alzer Republic by betraying Lelia, Serge, and Emile as Ideal used them as a tool for its plan.
  • Aaron: while Aaron has no intention and aware of the game's story, Cleare has erased his potential as a capture target because Cleare changed him into a woman by body and heart.
  • Finn Luta Herring: Finn has erased the third game's story for always taking care of Milialist and not helping her for capturing her love targets. Milialist also fond of him instead the supposed targets.
  • Erica Rapha Holfort: has caused the third game's event that should have happened because of her to not happen as she doesn't do the same thing as what the game should have planned for her.


  • It is unknown what the actual name of that otome game is, or why/how the characters are reincarnated.
  • There is no explanation of why many members of Leon's former family are reincarnated, which includes Leon, Marie and Erica.
  • There are currently six reincarnated characters in the story, with one left undiscovered.
  • In the Light Novel Volume 1, Leon explains that the first game was originally unclearable without purchasing cheat items. However, the devs of the otome game revamped it after the backlash from players, making it beatable without spending additional money in the game. However, it still involves a lot of Luck and RNG, requiring the player's patience and multiple days invested.
  • The third game has the most damaged story progress among all the game's existence because of the reincarators' altercation. The only progress that happen in the third game by far is another war between the principality and the kingdom.