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Leon, don't.

— Olivia scolds Leon with a cute face.

Olivia (オリヴィア, Orivia) is an honor student at the academy. She was the protagonist of the original otome game and the second fiancé of Leon Fou Bartfort.[1] She is also the Saintess of the Holfort Kingdom in the game.


An ordinary girl with light brown hair with a medium length bob cut with greenish-blue eyes.


She is by all means a modest girl who is very kind and gentle with people. She dislikes gambling. As a commoner, she's often shocked if not stressed on how most things around her are so expensive & luxurious.

Despite her kindness and modesty, she lacks a consistent amount of self-confidence. This most likely stems from how she is a commoner who attends a school that is dominantly populated by nobles who mostly look down on her. Although she becomes more cheerful after befriending Leon and Angelica, her self-confidence deteriorates even further when she feels too dependent on them and questions her own self-worth.

It wasn't until an attack from the Principality of Fanoss that she eventually becomes more confident in herself from the desire to protect her friends which awakens some of her powers as the Saint. This newfound strength grew where she now becomes more forward and honest with her feelings. This is mostly expressed through her interactions with Leon and Angelica.

Olivia demonstrates a fair amount of patience where she's was willing to wait for Leon's answer after she confessed to him and originally having no doubt that Leon would not cheat on her or Angelica after they became engaged. However, she also will become very forward, if not pushy, when she feels otherwise.

In her debut in the Alzer Republic, her jealousy is hideous and extremely dangerous, hiding her anger with a terrifying smile.

In Marie's Route without the influence of Leon and Marie, Olivia kept to herself studying alone having the stress of being the only commoner in a school full of nobles, especially when The Prince's Entourage keep disturbing her peaceful time.

Story Overview

Original Game Story: Otome Game
Olivia was originally served as the protagonist of the original game. In the game, without Marie and Leon's interference, she entered the academy on a scholarship and somehow obtained Kyle as her servant. She would eventually gain the affection of Julius, Jilk, Greg, Brad, and Chris. When war broke out, she was discovered to be a saint and her powers were instrumental in stopping the war. Afterwards, she would live happily with her five lovers in a reverse harem ending.

Volume 1


Unlike other students at the academy, Olivia is a commoner. She is enrolled in the academy as a special scholarship, but is still bullied by other students due to her status.

Eventually, she happened upon several female students who were leaving Leon's tea party. The students proceeded to insult her, tearing up her invitation to the prince's tea party as leaving her depressed on the ground. Leon, seeing her poor state, decided to offer her the leftover from his tea party, which she accepted. The two spoke for a while, and Leon became her first friend at the academy. Olivia tells Leon that she feels out of place in the academy and asks was it okay for her to stay to which Leon replies that it was fine as she was admitted due to both the royal palace and the academy agreeing to her admission. Olivia blinks in surprise at Leon's reply and says that she wants to study about magic in the academy but she is facing some problems here. Leon replies that he knows someone who can help her and approaches Leon's sister, Jenna who tells Olivia to send a gift to the highest ranking member of their class, Angelica and ask for a meeting with her. As Olivia doesn't have that much money to buy a gift for Angelica, Leon agrees to pay for the gift in place of Olivia.

A few days later, Angelica calls Olivia, where she praises Olivia about her greeting, as it was a suitable behavior when meeting a superior. Olivia then timidly asks Angelica if she would let her stay in the academy. Angelica then told that after she had just nodded, drank her tea and went to her dorm they would have been done, but Olivia asking questions made the conversation more complicated. She then says that she has no interest in driving out Olivia from the academy at all. Angelica then asks Olivia who was the one who taught about her about this greetings, wondering who was the one that helped her as most people kept their distance from the honor student. Olivia then told that it was Leon who helped her. Angelica seemed to know about him, and Olivia was a bit surprised that Angelica knew about Leon. Angelica then explained that Leon was a knight with high hopes placed on him in the future as he had already earned the baron rank due to his achievements as an adventurer.

Several weeks later, Leon, having been recommended by Angelica, is sent into the dungeon as a guard for the Prince and his entourage, along with Olivia, Angelica, and Marie as part of a class lesson. Olivia and Leon Partner up, but are interrupted by overhearing yet another argument between the prince and Angelica about Marie.

Olivia and Leon are sent as vanguards ahead of the other students. After looking around for a bit, Olivia and Leon encounter some giant ants. Leon slays the ants with a sword created by Luxion quite easily, but is caught off guard by a monkey and it bit on the arm. After he kills the monkey, Olivia heals him and the two continue. They eventually reach the third floor, with Leon having collected a full bag of magic crystals. Olivia is quite curious how the monsters dropped demon stones to which Leon replied that when the monsters are killed, their magic power is released and accumulates into the ground and that accumulation takes the form of demon stones. Olivia was surprised as the books said that they weren't any explanations about its formation, to which Leon replied that he remembered reading about this. Olivia then said that she was surprised how knowledgeable Leon was, to which Leon said that if Olivia faced any problems during her studies, she could approach Leon about it. Olivia was very happy that Leon would help her with her studies.

On their day off, Olivia and Leon held a study group, where Olivia was pointing out errors in the book while Leon barely kept up with her with the knowledge he had studied and game's knowledge he had. When Olivia asked if Leon could help her again during the next day off Leon lied that he had to make arrangements for the tea ceremony he was going to hold during the next day off he was getting so he couldn't help her.

A few days later in the library, Leon asks Olivia about Marie. Olivia told Leon that Marie was especially cold towards her for reasons unknown to her when the two suddenly overhear flirting behind some bookshelves. They check it out and both are shocked to see Marie kissing Brad.

At the End-of-Term Party, Leon, Daniel, and Raymond all agree to do their best to find girls to marry them, but none have any success. The group then goes to mourn their failure in the courtyard. A short time later, Olivia comes out, telling Leon to come back inside. When they arrive back in, Olivia explains that an argument between Julius and Angelica is escalating. After Angelica challenges Marie to a duel and the prince and his group decide to act as Marie's representative. Olivia grabbed Leon's when he took a step forward asking him what he was going to do. Daniel and Raymond also tried to stop him, but Leon still steps up to act as Angelica's representative in the duel.


The Day of the duel comes finally. Olivia was waiting for Leon outside the waiting room tell him that she would be rooting for him. Leon then asks if she had placed on a bet on him telling her that she was going to make a huge profit out of it. Olivia hearing this told that she didn't place a bet as she thought people shouldn't gamble. After hearing this, Olivia and Leon walks into the arena, Leon feeling a bit ashamed of himself as he had betted a huge amount of money on him winning against the prince's entourage. Angelica then rushes towards Leon asking him where his armor Leon replying that it will be arriving soon. Right after that Arroganz lands in the center of the arena. Arroganz's appearance is met with laughter due to it's size, though Olivia found it to be cute. Leon's first opponent was Brad and when Leon took out a shovel instead of a weapon, Brad became furious at him. So before the teacher could formally start the duel, Brad rushed forward with his spear imbued in magic but Leon moved Arroganz lightly to side and immediately seized his arm and pinning him telling him to calm down as they have to take the oath of the duel before the fight. Olivia seeing this was excited telling Angelica that Leon could win this duel. However Angelica was surprised by the light movements made by Arroganz as she couldn't believe that such a heavy armor could move in such way. When the fight begins Brad was easily blown away by a single swing of the shovel of Arroganz and after that Leon stomped on Brad's armor to prevent him from moving. Brad was forced to admit defeat or else he would have been crushed by Arroganz. When Leon fought against Greg, he is easily defeated with Leon being furious at Greg being too prideful to use proper equipment and mocks at his weakness. Olivia got angry at Leon's behavior during the fight and wanted Leon to apologize to Greg later. Angelica hearing this told that Leon apologizing would hurt Greg's pride more. When Leon defeated his next opponent Chris, Olivia was glad but she was too sad how cruel the fight was. Angelica admonishes Olivia hearing this telling that Leon had to stay vigilant or he might lose.

After the fight against Chris, there was a break before the next fight. During the break Leon runs into Olivia and Angelica, and the two told him that Jenna had asked them to check on him. Leon then fights against Jilk with Jilk becoming unconscious after he was defeated by Leon. Before Leon's match against Julius, he asks Julius what he thinks about Olivia but he gets an underwhelming answer from the prince. When the two of them began to fight, even when Julius was backed down into a corner, he refuses to give up saying that Marie was the only girl he loved and Angelica's love towards him wasn't love at all. Olivia then suddenly shouts that Julius loves Marie, but Angelica loves Julius as well. Olivia then shouts that if Angelica didn't love Julius she wouldn't watch this fight with such a pained expression. Angelica tried to stop Olivia but she didn't stop further telling why Julius was denying Angelica's feelings and shouting that if two people don't have mutual feelings that doesn't mean that it is not love. Julius rebukes that forcing someone's feelings on another person isn't love. Julius then declares that match to be a deathmatch by his authority as a crown prince. Leon mocks Julius about using his title as a shield despite complaining about it earlier. Leon tells that he couldn't kill the crown prince so Julius was probably hoping that Leon would forfeit. The prince then charges at him but Leon uses impact to destroy his armor and knock him unconscious. Leon is then declared the winner of the match then. After exiting from Arroganz, Leon has a small conversation with Olivia and Angelica before Angelica heads to check on Julius. After Angelica goes away, Olivia asks Leon why did he said such things to them and saying that wouldn't it have been better if Leon didn't say anything. Leon says that it was fine as he was expecting to get expelled for what he has done.

Olivia joins Leon and Angelica on Partner during the summer vacation heading towards Leon's home. Olivia and Angelica were in a guest room on the Partner, Angelica telling Olivia her feelings couldn't reach Julius at all and how she utterly lost to Marie. Olivia was telling Angelica had done nothing wrong and Angelica had got both of them involved in her mess due to her selfishness. Olivia then told that Leon had resolved himself to drop out from the academy and when Angelica she reprimanded herself that she had gone to Julius after the duel even without properly thanking Leon for what he has done.

Olivia and Angelica went with Leon to inspect the floating island which Leon had discovered. Olivia was amazed by how beautiful the land despite no people present. Angelica then said wasn't it in the opposite way to which Olivia replied that land can't be maintained without being managed by people at all and was amazed that robots were able to do this. Angelica then said that something smells strange here to which Leon then leaded them to the outdoor bath on the floating island. Olivia and Angelica took a bath making small conversation with each other. Angelica then suddenly said she envied Olivia as she thought that Leon and Olivia were lovers as they were always together and they would probably get married in the future. Olivia replies that it was not like that as they have a huge difference in their social positions. Olivia then said that Leon probably likes Angelica, or else he wouldn't have gone so far. Angelica then immediately replied that it was not possible as she was a terrible person who had been abandoned by the crown prince Julius.

During the whole vacation Olivia and Angelica went to the hot spring for their bath on Leon's floating island. One day after the two of them had taken their bath, Olivia said to both Leon and Angelica to call her as Livia as she was called Livia by everyone at her home. Hearing this Angelica also told them to call her as Angie as people only close to her called that. When Angelica began to criticize herself, Olivia said she wasn't like that, but still Angelica continued, telling that sometimes she thought of taking revenge. Hearing this Olivia was worried but Leon said that it was fine. Leon then asked if Angelica wanted revenge on them then he had the perfect method for it. Olivia tried to stop Leon and Angelica hesitantly asking if taking revenge was fine. Leon said that it was okay and the best method to get revenge is to make herself happy. Angelica was a bit surprised when she heard this with Leon explaining that the five of them would be punished due to their deeds and when she flaunts happiness at the time when they are at their, then that would revenge against them. Olivia hearing if that was revenge then she was going to support Angelica on getting her revenge. They also helped with the field work, with Olivia teaching Angelica how to do it.


Olivia and Angelica were on the deck of the airship of the Redgrave's, where Angelica described how the nobles were ranked and how could they be promoted to the next rank. After hearing Angelica's explanation Olivia understood that Leon gained a lot of recognition for him to be promoted to sixth rank. Olivia then told that she really thought Leon was going to demote from the baron rank and then told Angelica that Leon had spent all the money he got from the betting. Angelica hearing this thinks if that was the thing which did it but not able to arrive at a suitable conclusion changed the topic. Angelica told that Leon was going to promoted soon so she asked Olivia if she could come to which she replied that she has never attended such events and she doesn't have an outfit for such occasions. Angelica replied that it wasn't a problem at all as Olivia could come wearing her uniform. Olivia was present during Leon's promotion to baron sixth noble rank. After the new term started, Olivia had already begun studying the lessons of the second-year class. While Leon was sitting on a bench in the school courtyard and was lost in deep thought thinking about something, Olivia and Angelica came and sat on each side of Leon. Then they took Leon with them to a stall which was famous for their crepes.

Volume 2

During the school festival, Leon opens a café with Angelica, Olivia, Raymond, and Daniel helping him with the café. But with Marie and the prince's entourage open a competing café next door to them, they don't have much of a success. Olivia tries to promote the café but she didn't have much success. She meets with Carla during that time who asks Olivia to introduce her to Leon when she goes to their café to which Olivia readily agrees. On the first day of the festival, Angelica had to leave and the café receives an earl's daughter along with her followers and servants. Leon initially puts up with their rude and demeaning behavior until Angelica walks in with the queen. Angelica, not able to see Leon being treated that badly, lashes out at the earl's daughter and tells her to leave. Olivia tries to stop them from fighting, but she puts some discord in the relationship between Olivia and Angelica, telling Olivia that she was just a pet to them being a commoner and they could never be friends. Leon on recognizing the queen, used the fact that the earl's daughter insulted her as an excuse, uses the opportunity to take out several of the girl's follower and Angelica had to call Master to stop Leon. After the incident, Leon jokingly proposes to the queen, much to Mylene's embarrassment and both Olivia's and Angelica's annoyance. Julius then bursts into the room, and having overheard Leon's proposal, tries to start a fight with him, only to be scolded by his mother. Everyone left the café leaving only Olivia, Leon and Angelica in the room. Just then Carla enters the café, telling that she had asked Olivia to introduce herself to Leon. Leon then asks for what business she had come here and why she had asked Olivia as the middleman in the introduction. Carla then asks Leon to save their family by subjugating the air pirates in their territory.

At the last day of the festival, Angelica and Olivia were walking around the academy, with the atmosphere around them still being a bit odd due to the previous incident. Then they went to meet with Leon who was placing heavy bets on the airbike race (which Olivia disapproves of), but after Jilk is injured, they went to the hospital room to see Jilk. While in Jilk's hospital room, Clarice enters to mock Jilk and threatens him not to come to the finals as he won't be spared before leaving. When Leon heard that if a substitute isn't chosen, Angelica's reputation will go down as she was the first-year's representative, so he decides to participate under the condition that Jilk owes him a favor afterwards.

During the finals of the airbike race, the earl's daughter comes and starts a fight with Angelica. Olivia tries to come in between them to stop them from fighting yet the earl's daughter yells at her to stay out of their conversation and told Olivia how Angelica used to despise commoners in the past. Olivia runs off after hearing this and Angelica in her anger punches the earl's daughter and gets into a fight with her.

Leon went to meet with Olivia after hearing the situation from Angelica. She then asks Leon if she were friends with Angelica at all. Leon hearing this tried to console her, by badmouthing Angelica in front of Olivia, with her becoming angry at Leon due to this. Leon seeing Olivia angry said that she already knew the answer to her question with Olivia deciding to talk with Angelica tomorrow. Later that night the earl's daughter with her followers and Carla visits her and tell Olivia to go with Leon for subjugating the air pirates or else misfortune will fall on Leon and Angelica. Olivia tried to tell her that she shouldn't do this as both of them are strong. The earl's daughter hearing this asked her if she really thought that she was friends with them and told her that she was just a pet to them, as she couldn't do anything for them.

The next day Olivia went with Carla to the harbor to board Partner with Leon and subjugate the air pirates. When Leon saw her, he was a bit surprised as he didn't know Olivia would be going with them. But when Leon saw Greg and Brad was with them, he was shocked as he didn't hear about them going with them as well. Carla told Leon that she had also asked Brad for his help with him accepting it as she was under the guardianship of his ex-fiancé with the air pirates having a bounty as well so he decided to take this request. After hearing all of this, Leon decided to let them board Partner and go to Carla's household together.

After subjugating two air pirates ship on the way, they reached Carla's house, but they were surrounded by their soldiers when they reached their territory seeming to not informed about their arrival. Conrad, Carla's father came and recognizing Brad told the soldiers to lower their weapons. Brad then asked him why were they surrounded as they had come at the request of his daughter to subjugate the air pirates. But Conrad didn't seem to know about the help request. Carla then tried to shift the blame towards Olivia but Leon came to her defense. Leon then threatens them, telling them they had rushed here on hearing the request for help with remuneration promised for it. Leon told him to ask his daughter about this and if he wants to protect Carla, he would get his remuneration his own way. Luxion helped in intimidating the baronet by moving Partner at that moment and Conrad seeing it moving was scared out of his wits and grabbed Carla's shoulders if she was the one to make the help request. Seeing that she couldn't escape out of this situation she confessed everything. She confessed everything when Leon said that the air pirates had already revealed everything (though the air pirates had actually feigned ignorance). She then told that the earl's daughter had told her to trick them and have them be attacked by the air pirates.

After Carla confessed everything, Leon returned to Partner, with only Olivia and Leon sitting in one room. Seeing Olivia depressed Leon asked if she was alright to which she replies that Leon was amazing and he could do anything by himself. Leon hearing this reached out his arm towards Olivia but she shook it off. She then asked why Leon was nice to her with her being a commoner and why was he helping her. When Olivia suddenly asks if Leon was after her body to which Leon replies that he wasn't. Olivia then says that Angelica was much prettier than her and she was also a proper lady. She then asks what he wants from her as she was not helpful to either of them. Leon then says that it had nothing to do with her being useful or not. Olivia then started crying while yelling that she just wanted to be friends with him and Angelica, but wasn't she just like a pet to them. She then yelled that she was a human not a pet and began to cry while sitting. Leon, not being able to say anything, left the room and went to the deck of the Partner.

The next day Olivia was staying in her room regretting the things she had said to Leon yesterday. When Partner suddenly started moving she became a bit surprised and looking out of the window she saw Leon fighting with the air pirates and overwhelmingly defeating them. But a air pirate's armor as large as Arroganz was able to knock it and seeing that Olivia ran outside to the deck. When she came outside the armor which knocked away Arroganz came in front of her and was going to capture her. But Brad came to her rescue and began fighting with it with Greg coming as well to stop him. Those two began fighting with the air pirate's leader but weren't a match towards him. After defeating the two of them the leader was moving to capture Olivia when Leon suddenly came to the rescue severed the arm of the armor of the air pirate leader's armor. At first, she was delighted when Leon came but it soon changed to shock as Leon began toying with the leader and literally destroyed his armor even though he had surrendered. Olivia then remembering Brad was injured went to treat him. She began apologizing as she was the sole reason for his injuries with Brad telling that it wasn't her fault as both he and Greg knew what they were getting into when they began fighting against the leader and as the two of them were aspiring to be knights it was their duty to protect the woman. Olivia then started using healing magic to heal his wounds with Brad complimenting her that she was as good as Marie at using healing magic. Leon then came telling her that it suited her very well and turned towards to Greg asking him to help him carry Brad inside as Olivia had healed his wounds already Leon reverting to call her Olivia instead of Livia. When the three went inside, Olivia began crying and mumbles to call her Livia again.

Leon handed Olivia over to Angelica as she came with her own ships and ships from the Earl household came as well. Angelica seeing that Olivia was crying slapped Leon. Angelica had prepared a room for Olivia and when she heard what had happened, Angelica told Olivia that both of them were partly to blame. Olivia said that as she had vented her anger on Leon and as result Leon hated her now. Angelica reached out her hand to comfort Livia but paused midway asking herself if she even had the qualifications to do that. Angelica then told Olivia to get some rest as they were going to reach the academy soon.

For the school trip, Olivia was going to the Southern Floating Islands where Leon and Angelica were going as well. When she reached there she borrowed a yukata and was walking along the evening streets. Olivia was taken in with the beauty of the festival and wished she could have walked through this place with both Leon and Angelica together. She then began to think if she should even be here and why didn't she just believe in Leon and Angelica even despite them being so kind her to her and thought that she couldn't enjoy anything anymore. Thinking about these she strayed from the festival area and just when she was thinking heading back she heard some voices arguing with each other. Trying to find who were arguing she ran into Angelica who also had heard the quarrel. The both of then saw Leon fighting with a charms seller with the seller saying that Leon was asking him to give everything he had with him. Leon then told that he was willing to buy everything at an exorbitant price but the charms seller said that he wasn't willing as many people were looking forward to this in the festival and he won't let Leon steal their enjoyment. When Angelica asked what were the things he was selling he told them that they were good luck charms with divine blessings crafted by his grandmother. Leon still didn't give up offering more for them until Angelica had to restrain him so that the charms seller could go to the festival to sell the charms. Leon after seeing the seller going away became gloomy and hung his head down. Angelica then if he really wanted them with Leon replying that he was looking forward to this day that he couldn't sleep last night. Olivia tried to reprimand Leon telling him that he shouldn't have tried to buy all of them with money. The seller then came back telling Leon that he had two charms left with him so Leon could have them. Leon was overjoyed to have them but the charms he got were a white blessing of element and a red blessing of elements which he wasn't after so he gave the white one to Olivia and the red to Angelica. At that moment Angelica's followers came so seeing them Angelica ran away. Three of the boys who were followers of Angelica surrounded Leon telling him not to get too ahead of himself because of his promotion and he was nothing more than a poor noble who had received Angelica's favor. In response Leon taunted them and the three of them were going to start a fight with Leon when Olivia asked them not to fight. They went away as Olivia was standing between them. After they went away Olivia began apologizing for what she had said to Leon previously and causing trouble during the fight with air pirates. Leon replied that Olivia had nothing to apologize for and was going to say something more when he saw an old woman who coming towards them. When he asked who was she, she replied that she had heard about Leon from her grandson and came to chat with him. Leon realizing that she was the charms seller's grandmother apologized for all the trouble he had caused. She then gave him a charm telling that this was the first time someone wanted her charms so much and even though the charm she was giving was a leftover she told Leon to accept it. Leon opening the charm asked if it was The War Fortune Charm but it looks different. She replied that he was quite knowledgeable and told Leon that it was a specially made one. Leon wanted to pay for the charm he got but the old woman told that it was needed and asked him to visit their shrine which was famous for knot-tying. After hearing this Leon headed back telling that he will be going there tomorrow morning as he had to pray for marriage leaving Olivia alone there.

Leon, Olivia and Angelica praying

Next morning Leon went to the shrine where he met up with Olivia and Angelica with Angelica running into Olivia by coincidence. The three went together with Leon making a large donation asking for a good woman for marriage who was kind and had a good conscience. Hearing this both Olivia and Angelica were creeped out. Then Leon suddenly began asking indecent things for his marrying partner to be. Hearing this Angelica started pulling Leon's ears asking him what he was saying in front of the children. Olivia told the young shrine maiden to forget everything he had said before dragging Leon along with Angelica away from the shrine.

After the three of them returned to the cruise liner to return back to the academy, the liner was suddenly surrounded by monsters and battleships of the Principality of Fanoss. As the liner did not have any weapons at all to fight against them, Princess Hertrude gave them one hour to decide if they wanted to surrender and die. An envoy was sent by them to pick up any students belonging to baron rank higher as prisoners of war, but Angelica deciding to sacrifice herself, as she was a Duke's daughter, stepped forward to let the others escape. Olivia and Leon tried to protest against this but the other students stopped them from doing anything. Leon was put in a cell below the deck with Olivia outside it crying with both being dishevelled as they fought against the other students who quietly let Angelica being taken hostage to let them escape. Chris then came asking for Leon's help to let the other students escape as an envoy had come to tell them that Angelica was the only hostage they needed and told them to put up their best fight as the nobility. Leon, hearing this was pissed, telling him that he won't be helping those who were the ones who threw Leon in this cell and abandoned Angelica. Chris realizing that he could not get Leon's help was leaving when Leon called out to him to let him finish talking before leaving. He told him that even he tried to keep the monsters busy they were surrounded which would ultimately led to all of their demise. So the only choice was to fight and it was not going to be just them, it was going to be all the students and crew who had to take responsibility for handing Angelica. Chris replied it was impossible as all the students were devastated after hearing what was going to happen to them with Leon being the only last person who he could ask for help. Leon replied that there was no other option besides this if they wanted to live. Leon told Chris that the only way they were going to win if they charge straight towards them, storm their fortress and take their banner. Only thing they had to do was protecting the cruiser leaving the charge to Leon. Chris realizing this was the only way they could live released Leon. Leon then told Olivia that she was going to help as well to which she readily agreed. Chris had all of them come to the reception hall telling them that the only chance they had to live was for everyone to fight against them but the other students were not keen with this idea. Leon then comes up the stage and rested the shotgun which he had gotten from one of the crew members on his shoulders. He then told the students present that he was officially knighted and was a baron, lower-fifth rank which ultimately led him to be above the teachers present. He then as the person in the highest hierarchy present told them to fight with one of the students shouting him to do the fighting with Leon replying that he was to as he was a real noble unlike the fakers they were. Deirde then came forward telling him that calling her as a faker was quite an insult even though she belonged to an earl family. Leon hearing this was not startled at all and kept on that he was a true a noble as he was a real adventurer who achieved with his own hands. Deirdre hearing this snapped telling her that her household had offered an entire island to the Kingdom with them having conquered various dungeons with Leon being too arrogant to compare them with him. Leon to her surprise agreed with her telling her that her ancestors were the real deal, but their descendants were cowards. They were afraid to even fight for their life even though they may die soon without doing anything. The students hearing Leon's words became angry as the nobles of the Kingdom were descended from adventurers and all of them decided to fight to prove Leon wrong. Deirdre then asked what Leon's plan was with him replying that they were going to do a frontal assault with him leading the charge on his airbike Schwert. The fight began an hour later after the envoy had come to tell them their fate with Leon leading the charge on Schwert and Chris with five people more in armors guarding the cruiser. Olivia was going around the cruiser using healing magic to heal the injured the people. Suddenly the Principality had all their airships canons aimed at them with Olivia screaming that she could not let this happen which led lights pouring out of her protecting the cruiser and also blasting away the nearby monsters her charm shining faintly. Leon was able to rescue Angelica also took Hertrude as a captive. He quickly went to the cruise liner and let Angelica and Hertrude, but to everyone's dismay Garrett had ordered all the ships to open fire with Hertrude using a spell to release the monsters out of her control so the monsters would attacked the one who was controlling, so the monsters began moving towards the liner as well. Angelica seeing this was asking her why she was going to such desperate lengths. Seeing this Leon went out again to buy some time for them and Angelica wishing to help him as well was suddenly surrounded by flames with her red charm glowing faintly, was shocked as she recognized the magic as Fire Lance but she was not ever to use this before. Grateful for the miracle she used it to blow away the monsters and quickly went to Olivia who was lying on the floor after using up all her magic to protect the ship. She supported Olivia and tried to take take her away from the deck where all the fighting was going on. Olivia began telling how she wanted to help them as she always dragged Leon and her down. Angelica rebuked her mentality telling her that helping her was never any problem as she was her precious friend. Suddenly one the warships rammed into their ship and to save Olivia Angelica pushed her and burned the monster who was racing towards them. The deck tilted at that exact moment which caused Angelica to lose her footing with Angelica managing to still remain by latching on the handrails, but the handrails were on the verge of breaking as well and at this height she was surely to die if she was to fall. Angelica had just made peace with her coming death but Olivia plunged forward grasping her hand with a pure look of determination and together with her help and Angelica using her last bit of strength climbed back safely on the deck. Angelica was angry on Olivia as she could have fallen of as well with her but Olivia replied that she had to save her with tears rolling down her eyes as Angelica had said she was her friend with Angelica calling her a fool as it was not enough justification to put her life on risk. Just them another quake occurred through the ship and this time Olivia was the one who went tumbling down over the edge. Angelica stretched out her her hands but she could not reach Olivia in time. Leon then plunged downward on his way to rescue Olivia with her believing that Leon would able to rescue him.

Leon rescuing Olivia

Leon was able to rescue her successfully telling her that he would take her back safely. Olivia suddenly demanded Leon to call her by his nickname Livia but Leon was still flustered telling that she could not with him as he was not good enough with Olivia being more furious at Leon mentioning other men. She then suddenly confessed to Leon and Leon being embarrassed hearing this called her by her nickname and then told to hold tight as they were going to return to the cruiser. Angelica hugged when Olivia when Leon returned to the liner to let her down there. To their astonishment Partner came at that moment and started firing towards the enemy ships and monsters. Leon then went to fight with Arroganz with Angelica and Olivia holding on Hertrude with Leon telling them to evacuate to the deck.

After Olivia and Angelica with Hertrude were aboard Partner, the three of them retreated to a room to keep her safe in case somebody attacks amidst the chaos and also to keep an eye on them. Hertrude on seeing the black armors was shocked as Vandel was told not to sortie with Angelica being shocked as she could not believe that the Black Knight was here. With Olivia being clueless about him, Angelica explained about him to Olivia with her asking if Leon would be able to defeat such a strong opponent with Hertrude declaring that Vandel was their strongest knight and he was not someone who would lose to Leon. Leon had quite a hard fight against the Black Knight and the squadron he was leading but Leon was still able to win against them without killing anyone. Luxion destroyed the last remaining monsters who were gathering with them being able to thwart the invasion. Olivia and Angelica waited for Leon in his room in Partner, but due to being too tired after the whole fight they fell asleep in his room before Leon came.

With the second term gradually coming to an end, Leon had a tea party with Olivia and Angelica making small with each other. Angelica then suddenly asked Leon why he gave Chris credit for defeating the Black Knight with him being the one who had done everything. Leon tried to escape by telling her that he had done that based on the current political situation, with her complimenting him as it was not a bad move as the Arclight House viewed Leon as an enemy but due to Leon giving Chris credit of winning against the Black Knight stopped any plans they had against Leon and Chris being reinstated as the heir of his house again due to this. Luxion then told Leon that the situation turned out very well for Leon with Leon being bragging how fortunate Luxion was to have such a master. Angelica and Olivia leaned forward to look at him as Luxion did not have any reasons to hide anymore with Olivia giving "Lux" as a nickname to him. Leon then told that he actually gave it to Chris because The Prince's Entourage was not that bad with Angelica agreeing as she believed Marie as the root source of all evil. Olivia then told them both that the boys have been hanging around a storehouse these days, with them thinking what they are up to. A challenge letter came a few days later to Leon with him convincing Angelica that he would deliberately lose against them leaving the six of them alone. The duel was on the end of term with the award ceremony next day. Olivia was with Angelica watching the fight from the stands but Leon who was supposed to lose against them had to destroy their armor before it explode to save Greg leading to him winning the duel.

The next day Leon was in his room depressed as he did not want to destroy their armor but if he did not Greg was going to die. But no one seemed to believe him except Master who believed that Leon had his reasons for doing these. Olivia, Angelica, Clarice, Deirdre with Leon's parents and Nicks and Jenna were present in his room with Angelica apologizing to Balcus as Leon was like that the whole time after the rematch with them being able to force to get him into suit. Leon then asked why he was in a suit whereas all the other students who had participated in the fight were going in their academy uniform. Angelica became a bit furious as she had the explained the whole thing yesterday to Leon. She then began her explanation again telling Leon that he was the one who had the most achievements to recognize even though he had passed the credit of defeating the Black Knight to Chris. Leon was the one who had taken Hertrude as a captive and seized a fleet worth of airships and armor which he gave to the Kingdom. He had also organized the rescue of the crew and the students which led to him and Chris getting an actual medal in the ceremony. Olivia then congratulated Leon as he was being promoted to viscount lower-fourth rank after the ceremony. Leon hearing this was shocked as he did not want to rise in ranks again, with Leon mumbling to himself this was all a dream. Olivia, with everyone else, was present in the ceremony where Leon was promoted to viscount lower-fourth rank.

After the ceremony had ended, Leon was sulking behind one of the school buildings, Olivia came searching for him. Leon was still embarrassed with her confession as he did not knew what to do. Olivia then told she would be waiting to hear his answer and took him and dragged him as everyone was waiting for him.

Volume 3

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Volume 9

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Alternative Routes

  • The First

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  • The Second

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  • The Third

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  • The Fourth

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  • The Fifth

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  • The Sixth

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She meets Leon when he found her on the floor after some Noble girls pushed her down and left. After being invited into Leon's private tea ceremony she felt better. Leon, also with assistance from Jenna, helped her know the academy's customs. While aware of the dark aspects of Leon's personality, she is also able to see through that and knows that he's a kind individual. As the story continues on she inadvertently falls in love with Leon. An example of this closeness is how Olivia wants him to call her Livia. However, when various nobles pointed out how dependent she was towards Leon and Angelica, she begins to worry about her position and self worth. When she was rescued by Leon after being used by Carla, this stressed her to the point she accidentally snapped at Leon on how worthless she is and wonders why Leon keeps on helping her despite how incompetent she is compared to him. She immediately regretted this as their relationship became estranged as a result. They managed to make up during the school trip and when she was saved by him from an attack by the Principality of Fanoss. Her feelings grew to the point where she confessed to him and vows to make him look at her. This comes to fruition when she, along with Angelica, become engaged to Leon.

She now does whatever she can to be more useful towards him and becomes jealous whenever he intermingles with any other girls, putting on an eerie smile whenever Leon is seemingly getting too close to another girl.

In the games original story, Angelica and Olivia were never meant to get along but due to Marie's interference in the story, the Protagonist and Villainess became unexpectedly best friends, leading the two to become very close with one another as after the match with the Prince and his group she was left heartbroken and alone leaving only Leon and her the only people she can trust. As the story progresses her and Angelica grow to the point where they even sleep in the same bed together with only their underwear. In climax during war event, their feelings for each other was considered true love by Weiss leaving many surprises for their "Yuri development".

In Marie's route, with Marie didn't interfere with Olivia's love story, Angelica becomes Olivia's enemy instead because of the jealousy. But as the story progress, Angelica hated Olivia for being a manipulative (the similar reason for having Angelica to hate Marie in the main story) and Olivia had Julius to kick out a lot of students in the academy without the awareness that Olivia has been possessed.

In the original game, she and each member of the group fell in love and lived a reverse harem ending. However, this is drastically different than how things have gone with Leon and Marie's interference.

When Leon saves her life during the event of air pirates, Olivia admits that she dislikes all the prince's entourage, seeing them as somewhat dimwitted and arrogant. She's still nice to them, but she does not hold any of them in particularly high regard, even after Chris and Greg save her from air pirates.

In Short Story – Marie Route, it is revealed that even without Leon and Marie's interference, Olivia would not gain any romantic feelings towards the group and only associates with them because, as a commoner interacting with nobles, she cannot be rude or turn away any of their advances. That, combined with her social isolation as a commoner, results in dealing with a massive amount of stress. Eventually, without taking the advantage of the Prince's kindness like Marie in the main story, Olivia will have no proper protection and be trapped in a dungeon by delinquents. The dungeon has three items that contained the soul of an evil saint, possessing Olivia as the result to become more evil than Marie with a goal to destroy the Holfort Kingdom.

Olivia befriends Luxion and depends on him for monitoring Leon to see if he ever cheated on her and Angelica when they are not with Leon. However, her faithful towards Luxion has started to have a strain because of her nightmare. This also happen due the fact that Olivia aware of Luxion's hatred towards new humans.


Amateur Adventurer

Born in the kingdom where adventurers are looked up to and enrolled in the academy, which automatically registers students as adventurers[3] and has them going through basic adventuring curriculum; Olivia holds certain interest in exploring, but this is not her field of expertise; unlike the majority of Holfort citizens though, her joy of adventure stem from the curiosity toward historic sites & ancient ways of life[4] (oddly similar to Clement).

Master Sorceress

Destined to be the Saintess according to the game's plotline; Olivia possess the highest level of magical potency compared to any other characters (with a probable exception of Saintess Anne). This level of supernatural affinity was achieved through her sheer efforts put into studying the mystic arts; beginning with being an apprentice of a travelling scholar[5], then continuous study until she attended the academy and started grinding through its library of magical books. Her incantations involves both magic circle (standard type) and white light (Saint-related); so far she is one of the very few (if not the only) character who can cast their magic over a wide area of influence.

"This has been my strongpoint for a long time" — Olivia opening up to Leon during a dungeon trip

The use of magic is popular in the otome game world, but only a select few people can utilise healing magic. In fact, the ability to display magical regeneration alone is enough to convince anyone in Holfort Kingdom of the user being a Saint candidate.[6][7]

To activate regeneration spell, Olivia would gesture her palm. Visual cue includes a faint white light as well as a sense of warmth. Olivia described curing magic as something she has always been good at, suggesting that she awoke this ability since the time she studied under the guidance of the travelling scholar; her innate talent at healing magic can be traced back to the Saintess' bloodline. She is able to both heal major wounds, stop and reverse blood/body mass loss and ease the pain (something less talented healer like Marie cannot perform).

Olivia has the ability to conjure a strong force field composed solely of what looks like bright white light. The biggest barrier ever summoned by her can cover up a whole cruise liner, although Olivia could not maintain this defence for an extended amount of time. Though bearing the resemblance of a balloon of pure light, the force-field can stop any shells fired by Fanoss' artilleries, as well as preventing airships and monsters to phase through.[8]

This incantation relates to her Saintess bloodline. Currently it is unknown how potent the incantation can be with Olivia's skill alone; as the only time she put the spell in action was with the help of a white "Blessing of Element" charm.

Upon activation, numerous magic circle would materialise and project thin strands of light toward Olivia's intended targets. These "arrows of light" are self-homing and have the ability to pierce through multiple opponents, though individual bolt's intensity/power is unknown.[8] Used in tandem with force-field generation for a thunderous combination of defence and counter-attack. This spell also links to Olivia's bloodline.

Within a vast area, Olivia (with amplification from the Royal Airship Weiss) can revoke every single human beings' willpower (regardless of friends or foes) by sending her emotion to their soul (except for whom with psychic immunity, for example the Black Knight equipped with Magic Right Arm). People that surrendered to Olivia's resolve can only follow commands that appear as Olivia's faint voice resonating deep in their heart. Side effect includes hallucination, emotion manipulation and sensory deprivation (gradual loss of consciousness). Additionally, a warm overwhelming light would originate from Olivia and scatter across the battlefield, further weakening human's mental resistance and vanquishing monsters).[9]

Using her knowledge of the mystic arts, Olivia can materialise white lines and form a magic circle (which she can share to other ritual participants, as she did with Noelle and Angelica). Given a pre-determined target, she can forcefully carve a path to other human's spirit world. As it is a high-intensity spell that is difficult to maintain, Olivia (during her time in Alzer Republic) could only maintain the path for no more than a few minutes, and her astral form can be assumed to be vulnerable in this state (as it was Angelica who had to summoned a psychic shield against Louise's attack).[10]

Olivia seems to have the capability to share her innate magic energy and resonate her power with other spell casters to amplify all parties' magical power for the duration of the assimilation. She can invoke this ability by synchronising gestures/prayers or maintaining physical contact inside a magic circle with involved collaborators through a conduit. The most prominent uses of this spell was against the Fanoss' invasion force (power-shared with Angelica through Royal Airship Weiss)[9] and against possessed—Louise (power-shared with Angelica and Noelle through the Sacred Sapling)[10]


  • (White) "Blessing of Element" Talisman

A rare (described by Leon as "jackpot")[11] in-game charm that boosts user's magical potency, sorcery learning/growth rate as well as increasing affinity toward elemental magic. It was gifted to Olivia by Leon during their first year (Second Semester) school trip.


  • She likes to read books related to healing magic whether for offensive and defensive purposes.
  • The travelling scholar who taught Olivia magic was Master.[12]
  • She despises gambling or anything related to gambling, as seen in her disapproving remark of Leon's excitement in winning through gambles.
  • It is shown that she loves both Leon and Angelica.
  • It is possible that Olivia has the ability to see imagery from different timelines. As shown from the epilogue of Light Novel Vol 6, she sees herself confronting Luxion who is betraying her. This Luxion seems to start collaborating with Ideal in destroying the new humans and Leon's existence in that timeline is practically unknown.
  • She had her first kiss with Angie



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