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Noelle Zel Lespinasse (ノエル・ジル・レスピナス, Noeru Jiru Resupinasu) or her disguise name as a commoner known as Noelle Beltre (ノエル・ベルトレ, Noeru Berutore) is the first daughter and once former of the Lespinasse Household. She is a second-year high school student at Alzer Academy and the eldest twin sister of Lelia in the series. Noelle was the protagonist of the otome game sequel and becomes the Priestess after the Sacred Tree Sapling chooses her.[1]



She possesses long, blonde hair with pink tips, which she ties into a ponytail on her right side. Her body is slender, with long arms and legs, and Noelle had a normal-sized chest. Her amber eyes were kind but strong & she gives off a tomboy vibe. Leon commented that she looked like a gyaru.

In the sequel of the otome game, her hairstyle is in twintails yet has the same hair and hair tips color compared to her current appearance. (Image of Noelle's appearance on otome game sequel.)


She is very kind and friendly, yet also candid with her opinions. She's somewhat of a tomboy.

She yearns to be loved because of her childhood neglection.[2] However, as she was born into a nobility family, she understood political marriage was a commonplace.[1]

Story Overview

Original Game: Otome Game
Noelle was the second game's protagonist, where she and one of the five capture targets save the Alzer Republic.


Noelle was born as the heiress of the Lespinasse Household (being slightly older than her twin sister Lelia). As a child, her parents arranged her engagement to Leon Sara Rault, though the two never met, and Noelle was only vaguely aware of the engagement. Following Leon's death, the Rault Household, led by Albergue, destroyed the Lespinasse Household, killing all of its members except Noelle and Lelia. The twins assumed that they were forgotten about when in reality, they were spared due to Albergue not blaming them for the sins of their family. The two sisters then took the name Beltre and tried to live everyday lives under the covert protection of one of their house's knights, Clement.

After enrolling in the Academy, Noelle met Jean, discovering that she shared a name with his pet dog, and the two became friends. Around the same time, Louise Sara Rault began bullying Noelle, in an attempt, to keep others from targeting her.

At some later point, Noelle met Loic while in town, and the two hung out for some time, but Noelle realized that they weren't compatible with each other when Loic shot down all of the things she wanted to do. On the other hand, Loic gained an interest in Noelle and, with encouragement from Lelia, began to pursue her, becoming her stalker.

Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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Volume 7

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Alternative Routes

  • The Sixth

Ideal appeared in the Alzer Republic suddenly and destroyed the Republic; the sacred tree released a ton of monsters. Albergue Sara Rault and the Six Noble Families failed to stop the sacred tree and were killed. Noelle calmed the rampaging sacred tree and was absorbed by the sacred tree. Noelle temporarily stalled the sacred tree and asked Leon Fou Bartfort to destroy it. The spirit of Noelle asked Leon to pass a message to Lelia.[3]



Their relationship is highlighted by Noelle's inferiority complex toward her sibling since childhood. Due to Lelia's intelligence and popularity in their surrounding, Noelle has always been judged and compared to (especially by her parents), which led to Noelle harboring envy of her younger sister.[2] She would later confess that she is in no way fond of Lelia's condescending attitude toward her.

Despite having a negative bond with her sibling, Noelle earnestly tried to keep her promise to her parents to protect Lelia. A prominent example is when she was willing to risk her life to push Lelia away from Emile's range of fire. Always striving to be the best older sister, she often felt too helpless and maladroit.

She likes to play and mingle with Leon. Marie hints that she has developed feelings for him.

It is later revealed that she is in love with Leon and wants him to be her partner in choosing the Sacred Tree. She even wanted him to become her lover. However, she dramatically feels betrayed and isolated when, surprisingly, Leon's fiancés, Angelica, and Olivia, visit him. She becomes so devastated that she feels all her plans for the future were ruined in a single day.[1]

After being imprisoned and forced into an engagement with Loic, she becomes miserable that she tries to push Leon away twice in his attempts to rescue her. She expressed both joy and sorrow that Leon came to her rescue. When Leon saves her from her wedding with Loic, she tells off these feelings to Leon, saying that she can never forget what he did for her despite Leon already having two fiancés. Leon apologized for giving her such anguish.

However, the two remain on good terms; she jokingly didn't mind the idea of being owned by him when Leon attempts to remove the collar that was chained to her by Loic. The two remain friends, but secretly, she still aims to become his third fiancé until the civil war had started. Emile shot Noelle to protect Leila and her dying question about Leon's feelings towards her. Leon stated that he loved her, and Noelle was happy and sad because she knew Leon answered it with a pang of guilt. But when Noelle was supposed to die, Ideal saved her life after it had lost its war with Leon and Luxion.

After Alzer's civil war was over, Noelle unofficially became Leon's third fiancé and lived in the Holfort Kingdom. This was because only Leon's family approved that Noelle is the third, as well as Angelica and Olivia. After all, they felt guilty if not letting Noelle be a part of them, thanks to Leon's deed towards Noelle. However, Leon had yet to accept Noelle as his third to everyone, even though he cared for Noelle.

  • Unnamed Parents (Deceased)

Noelle didn't have fond memories of her parents. Noelle desired parental love from her parents, but she is often neglected and compared to Lelia. Noelle accepted the forced promise from her parents to protect Lelia, hoping she would receive love and affection from them. Over time, she came to resent her parents for lying to her about becoming the Sacred Tree's Priestess and forcing her to live and die for Lelia's sake.

She didn't doubt Albergue's explanation about her parent's corrupted plan and the reason for Lespinasse Household's downfall. She believed her parents had done the unforgivable.


Jean and Noelle have been friends since the beginning of the academy. They are close enough that Leon assumed they had romantic feelings for one another.

The two became good friends while Noelle was staying at Marie's mansion. She overheard Marie calling Leon her brother and thought they were real siblings. However, she was surprised when this was proven wrong. Noelle is a little worried that the atmosphere and the sense of distance between the two didn't seem to say that they were just simple acquaintances.

Their first encounter left Olivia and Angelica to dislike her for a brief time because she was collared, and Leon was supposed to take it off. Noelle was taken care of by both of them after the Alzer's civil war was over. Despite Olivia and Angelica telling Noelle to find another man, they finally gave in and let Noelle be a part of Leon's harem.


Louise dislikes Noelle, often mocking and insulting her. In turn, Noelle doesn't get along with Louise, and they often clashed with one another. This also has them often clash for Leon's attention. Unbeknownst to Noelle, Louise's hostility towards Noelle is also a means to protect her from others, as no one would bother Noelle if Louise did. This was a request from Louise's father and how Louise's little brother was actually attached to Noelle even though they didn't meet.

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She was unaware of her engagement with Leon.

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Loic is determined to make Noelle his girlfriend, often telling others they are dating and occasionally trying to threaten her to agree. Noelle hates Loic, to the point where Marie states that it's physiologically impossible for her to like him.

Noelle was filled with anguish and sorrow when Loic finally forced her into wedding him as her partner for the Sacred Tree. During this time, she was forcefully confined by him and had a collar put on which forced her to do whatever he wished. Later at their engagement party, she appeared with multiple bruises upon her body, hidden by clothes and makeup.[4] What occurred during that time to her was left to imagination. It wasn't until Leon rescued her and defeated Loic that Noelle was able to make Loic understand how unreasonable he was to her. The revelation of how little Loic actually knew Noelle left him shocked and silent.

Abilities & Equipment

As the Priestess, she can communicate with the sacred sapling and can make someone she is in love with a Sacred Tree Guardian. However, in her case, the sapling chose Leon first.



  • In the original game, she had a twintail hairstyle.
    • In the Otome game world, her hair is blonde hair with pink tips, a ponytail on her right side, while Lelia is the opposite for the hairstyle with her whole hair in pink.
  • Her appearance has significant differences from her younger sister Lelia's despite them being twins.


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