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I’ll give it all back to you, so I want you to return what’s mine, too. All you need is the prince. You can have him, the other boys, and Kyle, too. I’ll even give you the Saint’s title. You can take it all! So you do the same. Give me back my big brother. Give Leon back! I’ll return everything I took, so hand him over!

— Marie angrily demanded to Olivia. [1]

Marie Fou Lafan (マリエ・フォウ・ラーファン, Marie Fō Rāfan) is the daughter of a Viscount family. She is also a reincarnator and the previous younger sister of Leon Fou Bartfort.


She has long blonde hair that frames her face. Her eyes have a clear sky color. She's petite, being short with a small chest and slim body.

In her past life, she was more voluptuous and attractive enough to work as a hostess, and isn't too happy with her current body.


Marie comes off as a kind and shy young girl from the outside. In reality, she is a manipulative and selfish person. She has no problem manipulating others for her own gain.

But after learning that her brother also reincarnated with her, she begins to work with him. She learns how to be more calculative, gentle and trusts her brother's decision. She is also forced to act like a mother-like figure towards her reverse harem, as their privileged upbringings have made them quite immature and impulsive.

She has a strong desire for money born from two lives of monetary struggle. Her desires grew after the prince and his group are disinherited and Marie is stuck having to support herself, Kyle, and the prince's group all while fighting her family's massive debt. However, unlike Leon, she is strongly opposed to gambling to make money due to being stuck with gambling debts in both lives.

Despite occasionally seeming childish and short sighted, it should be noted that Marie is actually quite intelligent. She was able to manipulate the prince's entourage so completely that, even after all of her lies revealed, they all are still completely devoted to her. She was able to do this as well as become recognized as the Saint without ever completing the actual game, using cut-scenes and CGs to figure out the story, something that impressed even Leon. Another case is, throughout her time in the Alzer Republic, she figures out that Loic's relationship with Noelle would lead to a Bad End despite her limited knowledge on the second Otome game, and she was able to easily deduce Noelle's and Louise's attraction towards Leon.

Her time in the Alzer Republic has also shown her being more friendly and not as selfish, if not also a bit submissive to those around her. This probably stems from her now reestablished close bond with Leon as siblings from a previous life. Marie has demonstrated a fair amount of confidence and cares such as when she rescued Carla and her concern over Noelle.

Ever since she have been reunited with her brother, she has taken on a role of support/sidekick and information gathering about the otome game series.

Story Overview

Previous Life

Marie was originally a girl with an overall normal life. From a young age, she was talented, pretty and cute, and the only person who would ever be rude to her was her older brother, who she looked up to and was dependent on. She would often get him to do things for her, having confidence that he could do things that she couldn't, but would normally come off as bratty and spoiled. At one point, she took an interest in the yaoi genre and hid her materials in her brother's room. When her mom discovered them, she lied that they were her brother's and he ended up having to move out.

At a later point, she made her brother complete an otome game she was having trouble with, while she went on a trip the beach using the money her parent had given her for a certificate and even sent him some pictures of her trip to taunt him. Her brother, however, sent the pictures to their parents before dying due to a combination of exhaustion (from playing the game for 2 days straight) and falling down the stairs. It was at that point where her life took a turn for the worst.

When she came home after her trip, her parents slapped her for lying to them and taking their money. She went back and played the otome game, but since the game was already completed, all she could do was look at the cut-scenes and CGs to try and piece together the story.

At her brother's funeral, she and her family figured out that she, by making her brother play that game, was indirectly responsible for his death and she was quickly kicked out of the house. After she was exposed, Marie didn't hate her brother. Instead, she was devastated that he had died due to her selfish actions, and the fact that she can no longer be spoiled/protected. In order to make a living, she took a job in "night-time entertainment" to make ends meet, she went on to have several boyfriends, one of which was a gambling addict who left her with a hatred of gambling, and another who would always ask her for money. She eventually got married and had a daughter, but her husband abandoned them and custody of her daughter was given to her parents. She was later killed by her abusive boyfriend.

New Life

She was then reincarnated as Marie Fou Lafan. Despite being a Viscount rank household, the Lafan Household was struggling financially and in crushing debt. As a result, Marie grew up with very little money, abusive parents, and uncaring siblings. Realizing that she was in an otome game she once played long ago, Marie made it her mission to take Olivia's place and be recognized as a saint. She would practice her healing magic every chance she could get away from her family, waiting for the day when she could enroll in the academy and meet the prince and his entourage.

Volume 1

Marie smirking

Marie is first introduced when Leon was glancing at her during the entrance ceremony. She makes her appearance again after several weeks had passed since the entrance ceremony when Julius and Jilk were taking a walk in the academy's courtyard with their followers and the female students accompanying them. Angelica then came with her followers and approached Julius about the tea ceremony, asking if it was alright if they could attend it together. Julius rebuked Angelica for forcing her way into the conversation as this was the academy to which Angelica replied that the conversation around him was rather loud. Julius then noticing Marie, asked her to come over as he had something to talk with her. Julius then said as the other boys were also going to arrange tea ceremonies so he doesn't want to hold a flashy one and was planning to only invite acquaintances so he wants Marie to attend his tea ceremony. Angelica objects to it as Julius was the crown prince, so a suitable tea ceremony should be held even it is not a flashy one but Julius doesn't hear to Angelica's objections at all. Julius then tells Angelica to stop as even if she was his fiancé, they were at the academy and he was just a student, so she shouldn't interfere with his affairs that much. Angelica hearing this, excuses herself for the discourtesy she has shown, and glares at Marie before leaving with her followers following her. Julius then asked Marie if she was alright, with Marie replying that she was fine and asks if it was really alright for her to attend the tea party. Jilk assures that it was alright for her to attend the tea party and leaves with Julius and their followers. After they have left, a smirk crossed her face, which only Leon noticed when he was leaving the courtyard with his friends.

Several weeks later Marie with the prince and his entourage went to a dungeon with Leon, Angelica, Olivia and followers of both the prince's entourage and Angelica's for a class lesson. When groups were being made to explore the dungeon, Angelica is against Marie being in the same group as Julius and an argument happens between them. While Leon and Olivia went as the vanguards, the prince's group and Angelica's are in the middle, with the former in front of the latter. The prince's group then encountered six giant ant monsters. As they had come from a side road so the groups in the front had missed them. Angelica then shouted out to the two groups who were in the front and back of the prince's group to protect them. But Greg shouted them to move back while killing, and the other four were handled by Chris, Brad and Jilk. The last one headed towards Julius while Angelica was shouting to protect him. Jilk then reprimanded Angelica telling her that Julius wasn't someone weak. Julius was able to defeat the ant and Marie went to him asking him if he was okay. She then healed the cut on his arm with Julius being surprised that she was able to use healing magic, with Marie asking him to keep it a secret. Angelica then approached Julius, pushing Marie away and offered a towel to Julius. But Julius didn't took it and took Marie's hand moving forward in the dungeon.

Marie was getting bullied by few students and when the prince's entourage caught them, they delibrately lied they were doing this on the orders of Angelica. Julius then calls over Angelica and tells her this. Angelica denies the accusation but Julius refuses to believe her and tells her not to meddle in his affairs anymore.

An Unexpected Sight

When Leon and Olivia were having a study session, the two overhear flirting behind some bookshelves. They check it out out of curiosity and they are shocked to see Marie kissing Brad. After this Marie was on her way to the dormitory thinking how this world was incredible, with no dull boys here and rights of the women are recognized here. Just then Julius and Jilk approaches Marie, asking she doesn't has a personal servant right. Marie replies that she doesn't as the financial condition of her house wasn't good. Jilk then said to let him and Julius shoulder the cost as Marie should be lonely without any personal servant with Marie thanking them for this.

At the End-of-Term Party, Marie goes to the party wearing her school uniform. Julius shocked asks why she wasn't wearing any dress with Marie replying that she wasn't able to afford one. Jilk then tells Marie that he could arrange a dress for the next party as he was a regular at one of the stores in the Capital to which Marie humbly denies, but the prince's entourage still insists on buying her a dress. Almost at the end of the party Angelica gets into a quarrel with Julius about Marie and in a fit of rage she challenges Marie to duel and the prince and his group decide to act as Marie's representatives with Marie's personal servant Kyle also telling that he would support her. But no one came forward as Angelica's representative. She was just steeling her will to fight against them when Leon came forward, declaring that he will act as Angelica's representative and then goes on to mock the group. Leon then asks Angelica's intention in initiating the duel. She tells him that she just wants Marie to stay away from Julius. Marie states that she wants the fighting to stop and after the conditions are set. Jilk states that the duel will be five one-on-one matches. Leon agrees before taunting the prince directly.

The next day Marie was anxious about the change in the scenario as no one was supposed to come over to represent. Kyle then comes over with Marie's breakfast and reports that they had gotten permission for using arena and the marks of Leon were average so it was gonna be an easy win for the prince's entourage. She felt ease after hearing it was gonna take bit more time for her to shine.

The day of the duel comes finally. As Leon walks into the arena, Angelica rushes forward and asking him where his armor Leon replying that it will be arriving soon. Right after that Arroganz lands in the center of the arena. Arroganz's appearance is met with laughter due to its size, while Angelica asking him if he was going to fight with this armor believing that the armor wasn't fit for this duel. Leon then said that she will understand when the duel starts and gets on Arroganz. Leon's first opponent was Brad and when Leon took out a shovel instead of a weapon, Brad became furious at him. So before the teacher could formally start the duel, Brad rushed forward with his spear imbued in magic but Leon moved Arroganz lightly to side and immediately seized his arm and pinning him telling him to calm down as they have to take the oath of the duel before the fight. The students who were seeing, become restless after seeing Arroganz moved, each telling how much they had betted against Leon. When the fight begins Brad was easily blown away by a single swing of the shovel of Arroganz and after that Leon stomped on Brad's armor to prevent him from moving and winning the first match easily. When Leon fought against Greg, he is easily defeated with Leon being furious at Greg being too prideful to use proper equipment and mocks at his weakness. Leon's third opponent is Chris. Leon begins by launching drones to attack Chris from every angle, ignoring Chris's complaints about Leon's lack of chivalry. Leon then mocks him, causing Chris to charge, but Leon easily catches his sword, snapping off the tip of the blade. Chris falls to his knees in despair, and Leon again mocks him. Leon wins his third match.

After the fight against Chris, there was a break before the next fight. Jilk used Leon's sister Jenna to plant a bomb on Arroganz but Leon already knew about it from Luxion. When the battle begins, Jilk starts by creating a smokescreen before sniping Leon with armor piercing shells. Seeing as the shells were ineffective, Jilk detonates the bomb. The bomb also proves ineffective as Leon quickly flies up to his opponent and attacks him. Jilk claims that fighting the prince will result in Leon losing his titles, but Leon is happy as long as he has his freedom. Desperate, Jilk states that he'll do everything he can to hold Leon's family responsible. Unfortunately for him, Leon recorded his threat and then played it back for Jilk to hear, using it as blackmail material to keep Jilk away from his family. Leon then slams Jilk into the ground, heavily injuring him knocking him unconscious.

Marie was dumbfounded as she couldn't believe that there was such a strong guy. Julius was the only one remaining and assures Marie that his armor was made with the most advanced technology of the kingdom so he won't lose against Leon. Marie thinks in her mind that everyone said the same thing and lost. Before the match against Julius, Leon asks Julius what he thinks about Olivia but he gets an underwhelming answer from the prince. When the two of them began to fight, even when Julius was backed down into a corner, he refuses to give up saying that Marie was the only girl he loved and Angelica's love towards him wasn't love at all. Olivia then suddenly shouts that Julius loves Marie, but Angelica loves Julius as well. Olivia then shouts that if Angelica didn't love Julius she wouldn't watch this fight with such a pained expression. Angelica tried to stop Olivia but she didn't stop further telling why Julius was denying Angelica's feelings and shouting that if two people don't have mutual feelings that doesn't mean that it is not love. Julius rebukes that forcing someone's feelings on another person isn't love. Julius then declares that match to be a deathmatch by his authority as a crown prince. Leon mocks Julius about using his title as a shield despite complaining about it earlier. Leon tells that he couldn't kill the crown prince so Julius was probably hoping that Leon would forfeit. The prince then charges at him but Leon uses impact to destroy his armor and knock him unconscious. Leon is then declared the winner of the match.

During the summer vacation Marie and the prince's entourage were asked to remain in the academy. Marie was shocked when the five of them were disowned from their houses and their engagements broken. Marie then asks if it was because they had lost the duel. They then told that they all had requested their engagement to be called off. Both their families and fiancés had asked them to reconsider but after this they could finally be with Marie. Julius tells the other four as he couldn't be with Marie so he tells them that he would pray for Marie's happiness. Brad replies that he would do Julius's share of protecting Marie and the four of them would venture into the dungeons to get strong for their rematch against Leon. Hearing this Marie begins scream her mind as she didn't wanted to live her life as an adventure and wanted to live a luxurious life.

During the summer vacation the seven of them, Marie and Kyle including went to the dungeons countless times and Julius meeting the six them was always said to be a coincidence. Marie got mentally exhausted as she was only one who understood what situation they were in.

Volume 2

Marie opens a café right besides Leon's with the Prince's Entourage and Kyle making it more like a host club and charging an exorbitant prices for low quality tea and sweets and also charging a service fee as she believed that their café would be a success as Julius and others were working as the staff. This came out to be true and Leon's café did not have much success at all. When Julius brings his mother, Mylene from Leon's café, asking her to not to get close to Leon, Marie is hiding as she was too scared to face her. Marie was scared out of her wits when she started interrogating Julius asking him to bring out Marie to which he refused until she accepted their relationship. Hearing this Marie was relieved but Mylene finally snapped, furious at the outfits they were wearing and the exorbitant prices in their menu and asking if he was sane leaving his claim to the throne and his fiancée for another girl.

The next day Marie was walking with Kyle, thinking about how much money they were gonna get from the café and from the events, as after the five were disinherited from their households, they had to earn money for their daily expenses themselves. When she heard about Jilk being injured, she hurriedly went to the hospital room and was crying as the airbike race had the best reward out of all the events, with Jilk and Julius misunderstanding that she was crying for his injury. With Angelica, being present there also, was deciding whom to select as a substitute for Jilk, Clarice comes with her followers, mocking Jilk and threatens him to participate in final race as well or else he would face even more severe consequences before leaving. Marie then tries to persuade Leon to take his place, saying that Angelica, being the head of the representatives of the first years and if she is not able to secure a substitute before the finals, her reputation was going to drop a lot. Leon eventually agrees, but only under the condition that Jilk owes him a favor afterwards. Leon is able to win the finals, even after facing the onslaught of the Clarice's followers and the students who had lost their money in the duel, with Leon amassing quite the sum with him betting on himself which he showed to Marie to brag as the prize money was almost nothing compared to it.

With the Prince's Entourage gone due to the holiday after the festival, Marie and Kyle went to the dungeon located in the Capital to get her hands on the Bracelet before Leon and had written a letter after getting back to Chris asking for his help to contact the temple.

The boys were spending a lot of time in a storehouse having supposedly found a brilliant Armor designer who put together the usable parts of all five of their broken armors making a brand new strong armor to challenge Leon. Just when the second term was coming to an end, they decided to show the armor to Marie. Marie was shocked when she saw as she could not fathom how they got enough money to do this. They replied that due to recent accomplishments of Brad, Greg and Chris, they had gotten quite substantial rewards. Marie hearing that was relieved but it was only for a short while, as Jilk said that fearing that it would be less, they had taken some money from their group savings and the designer had done everything at quite a discount for them. Marie was shocked beyond words as she could not believe they spent so much on this. When she asked why they did not consult her about this matter, Julius replied they had done all this to surprise Marie and get their revenge on Leon. So they sent a challenge letter to Leon with him accepting it as well with the duel after the second term ceremony. All of them had decided that Greg should be the one to pilot the new armor as they believed he had the best chance at beating Leon. He gave a decent fight to Leon, when suddenly Leon shouts to Greg to get out off his armor as it was on the brink of exploding. Leon tried to convince Greg to exit but to no avail. Leaving himself with no choice Leon was forced to destroy the armor to save Greg which lead to him winning the duel. Marie went to shock seeing the broken pieces as they were beyond repair and starting telling herself this was all but a dream.

Marie with all the Three Holy Items

Marie was declared to be the Saint, after she went to the temple with the bracelet and showed them that both the staff and bracelet reacted to her and her healing capabilities higher than everyone in the temple. When she finally got her hands on the necklace, she finally thought that everything was going to be all right, even though she had stolen the Saint position from Olivia as she was an expert at healing magic as well.

Volume 3

Marie takes full advantage of her new position as a saint. She acts the part perfectly, coming off as a kind and benevolent individual, even managing to get a new follower out of Carla. She also uses her new position to erase her debt (though her family members use it as an opportunity to transfer their debts to her). However, when war breaks out, Marie, despite wanting nothing to do with it, is pulled in to help fight off the monsters summoned by Hertrauda. She uses the 3 holy items to create a barrier to fight off the monsters. While it initially seems to work, the barrier is shattered and Marie, terrified of dying, reveals that she isn't an actual saint.

After her lie is revealed Marie is arrested, thrown in a cell, and set to be executed. The prince's entourage tries to cheer her up, but, being frustrated that everything she's worked for has come crashing down around her, Marie tells them to leave her alone, revealing that she had just been using all of them and she didn't care about them at all. Leon tells them that he needs to talk to her alone and the group leave her cell. Marie falls asleep remembering an event of her past life when her brother helped her.


After waking up, Marie realizes that in her past life, her brother would always come to her rescue, and she refuses to do anything until her brother arrives. She and Leon argue for a minute before the two realize that they were siblings in their past lives. Marie is initially delighted that her brother has come to save her, but quickly becomes scared when he tells her that she needs to participate in the war. She runs away, only to be confronted by Olivia to whom Marie stated, in tears, that she wanted to give Olivia back everything that should have been her (the Prince's Entourage, Kyle, and the Saint title) if Olivia gave her Leon. Olivia, in turn, slaps Marie hard enough knock her to the floor and states that Leon isn't an object or her's. Marie complains about how she has lost everything, only for Kyle and Carla to come to comfort her. Realizing that they genuinely care about her, Marie apologizes to both of them.

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Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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Volume 7

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Volume 8

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Volume 9

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Volume 10

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Alternative Routes



Previous Life

In her previous life, she loathes her brother's sarcastic lifestyle, but she also looked up to him and always depended on his skills and loving care. She hates his guts, but at the same time adores him too much, to the point where her respect for him is higher than for her parents. Even if her brother is a very savage and uncaring brother from her eyes, deep inside, she is happy to be with him because he is always there for her whenever she needs him the most.[2] She sees her brother as someone who can fix any problem, confident that her original life would have gone better if he stayed alive and crying for him to help her when she was going to be executed. Upon discovering that Leon was her brother, she cried to Olivia that she wanted to give everything she had up if it meant that Leon would stay with her.

During their time at the Alzer Republic, Marie spends more time with Leon to the point where they slowly re-established their close bonds as siblings in their previous life. She has become submissive towards him, as she knows that he can cut off her allowance on a whim. At the same time, she's extremely scared of making her brother angry. Even in her previous life, she has always been careful so that no matter how much trouble she causes him, she never crosses a line, because, while she believes her brother will help her whenever she needs it, she also believes that he can completely ruin life if he felt like it. When she thought that he was as angry at her, she went out of her way to be polite and courteous to him, even making him tea and remaking it without complaint when he told her too. She was even willing to threaten someone by torture to try and get back on his good side. When he does give her money, she often becomes very happy and cries how she loves her brother for his generosity.

However, she's not above lecturing or looking down on Leon when it came to his relationship with Noelle and Louise. She finds him unbelievable as, despite Leon's claimed that he hates dense protagonists, he never realized Noelle's feelings for him and she has decided to let him face the consequences for it.

After returning from Alzer, Leon got promoted from Count to Marquis. The king also assigned Leon the role of guardian, which the main responsibility is to ensure Marie and her group is fed well and taken care of. Upon hearing this, Marie was happy again since food and daily necessaries will be provided by Leon, and she will be able to rely on and act spoiled towards Leon again, just like to their relationship back in previous world.

  • Unnamed Parents

Prior to her brother's death, she had a good relationship with her parents, being the favorite child. Afterwards, her parents kicked her out of the house, and later took custody of her child away from her.

  • Unnamed Ex-Husband

She resents her ex-husband for abandoning her and their child. She ranks him on the top of her list of cruelest people she's ever met.

  • Unnamed Daughter

Marie cares for her daughter and was disheartened when she lost custody of her. Her daughter loved her back and worried for her mother. Upon discovering she had reincarnated as Erica Rapha Holfort, Marie broke down crying and gave her long lost daughter a hug; proving that even though they now were no longer bound by blood, they loved each other the same as before.

New Life

She hates her current family. She states that her parents are abusive and her sibling is uncaring. Her family also pushed all of their debts onto her once she became a Saint, showing that they do not care for her that much.


She successfully seduced all of them using the same methods as in the game and pretended to love all of them. In reality, she sees them as useful idiots she can exploit. However, after they all get disowned, she stays with them mainly out of guilt. Even after she reveals that she doesn't have feelings for any of them and had just been using them, they all decide to make her fall for them anyway. She often gets annoyed due to all of them recklessly blowing their money. She begins to see Julius in a better light when he actually earns himself some money, despite the little amount, when the five tried to earn her affection again. When they are in Alzer, Marie acts like a nanny that takes care of five children.

Taking advantage of Angelica's hot tempered nature, she managed to direct the story's events forward to her advantage. Due to this, the dueling event happened a few months earlier than it should.

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Marie dislikes Olivia, seeing her as an unrealistic person. Marie, along with many female users hate Olivia due to her naïve mindset.

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  • Kyle (Servant/Follower)

Marie's servant. She finds his sarcastic and demeaning attitude annoying, but ignores it do to Kyle's cuteness and loyalty. After Marie was distraught, knowing that she was going to be executed and her brother might not be able to save her, Carla and Kyle are the one's that comforted her.

After the incident with the sky pirates, Marie was the only one who showed Carla any kindness (though she was just staying in character as the new saint), leading Carla to become her loyal follower. When Marie was distraught, knowing that she was going to be executed and her brother might not be able to save her, Carla and Kyle are the one's that comforted her. Carla even followed her to Alzer.

During the war, Marie understands Hertrude's desire for revenge, even defending her against everyone trying to convince her to stop. She claims that she is able to relate to the pain of losing a sibling.

Marie found her and Lelia's existence compromising because of she wasn't sure if which were the original heroine of the Otome Sequel. When Leon took Noelle in their mansion during their study abroad, the two got along. Through Lelia, she learns that Noelle is the original heroine and that overall, she is a good girl. She was very worried about Noelle because of the second heroine's growing feelings for Leon and found it hard to tell her that Leon already had Angelica and Olivia. When Noelle is being forced to marry Loic, Marie was more than willing to help her and even tried to snap her brother out of his depression when Noelle rejected his rescue the first time.

Marie found her existence compromising because of she wasn't sure if she or Noelle were the original heroine of the Otome Sequel. After the two officially meet and learn that both are reincarnations, Marie often fights with Lelia because of the respective routes they took in their Otome world. Lelia ridicules and laughs at Marie for doing the reverse harem route, while Marie had scorned Lelia for taking the "safe" character, Emile. Marie gains a further dislike towards Lelia on how inconsiderate she is to Noelle's feelings when Lelia kept trying to push Loic onto Noelle for the game profession's sake despite how much Noelle dislikes Loic. She also looks down on Lelia for not realizing that Loic's actions towards Noelle were the flags of a bad end.

Marie is fearful of Mylene, remembering her as the Evil Queen from the game.

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  • Healing Magic

Marie obsessively practiced her healing magic so she could properly take Olivia's place. She became skilled enough to be recognized by the three holy items, though Olivia's skills are still superior. According to Luxion, her small size is a result of her childhood malnutrition and excessive practice of healing magic stunting her growth.


  • She has a deep respect for her brother and will do everything in her possession just to bring him back to her side. There's no hint for incest.[2]
  • She supposedly goes to the one of the other two islands during the school trip but it was not specified in both the Light Novel or the Manga.
  • She is a good cook and Leon admits that she earns the same merits just like his mother's cooking.[3]
  • In the Short Story Marie Route, it is stated that due to the excessive healing magic training she have been doing since young, her body slowly used up the nutrients for her to physically mature and grow, resulting in the her child-like body upon entering the academy.



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