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Don't worry, master. If someone kills you, I will definitely kill every new human on sight.

— Luxion exclaimed to his master. [1]

Luxion (ルクシオン, Rukushion) was originally a cash in-game shop item in the original Otome Game, but now, he's the deuteragonist of the story, an important supporting player of the major events of the series.


Luxion's main body is a giant black spaceship-like airship but to get around, Luxion takes on the appearance of a small metal ball with a single red lens.


As a creation from the old humans, Luxion was presumably programmed to hate every new human as they were the ones that lead it's masters into extinction. After registering Leon as it's new master, Luxion comes off as very blunt as he would point out flaws and insult his master. It watches over all of Leon and plans ahead of time to ensure everyone gets their necessary skill to support Leon, even asking him what his master thinking. It is the perfect schemer, great tactician and also playful even doubtful.

Story Overview

Original Game Story: Otome Game
Luxion was originally a high-level cheat item that had to be bought from the in-game shop using 1,000 yen. Together with Arroganz, Leon managed to beat the first game easily.

Volume 1

Luxion first met Leon who have come to claim him in order to resolve his chastity crisis. Believing him to be as weak as the previous adventurers who have discovered him, the AI fought him and the fight lasted a while. Preparing to end the fight, Luxion asked Leon what date it is, in which Leon replied him with his current knowledge. After obtaining Leon's answer, the AI expressed his intentions to venture out and carry out his new human extermination plans. Upon hearing that, Leon decided to deal his final attack, in which Luxion misinterpreted it as a feint and started to lower his guard. Leon then fired a hidden electric-charged short sword from his equipment, which promptly disables Luxion's body and allowing Leon to pass through. Luxion, however refused to give up, stating to Leon that he will rather self-destruct than allowing any new human to claim him. After "scanning" Leon's DNA from his input screen and hearing that he was able to read Japanese and many others including stuff about reincarnation & the game world, the AI was intrigued, allowing Leon to claim him and asked for a name. He then joined Leon when he was going back into his household. Along with his new master, they waited for the start of the school semester. Upon reaching the Holfort Kingdom's capital, Luxion was curious at various magic technologies surrounding the kingdom's buildings and landmarks and he wanted to replicate them. However, things changed after Leon asked the AI to investigate Marie and the rumors surrounding her out of curiosity. Perhaps feeling the same like his master, Luxion decided to investigate for fun and found out that Angelica wasn't responsible for burning Marie's books and has gotten the full blame instead. Time then fast forwarded and a duel started due to Marie triggering Angelica's short-tempered nature during the party. Leon then went up and decided to be Angelica's representative for two reasons. He wanted to escape from this marriage seeking hell in school, and he wanted to beat up the prince's entourage for causing him multiple troubles during his otome game experiences. During the duel, Luxion was giving out advice and comments to Leon while the latter is fighting his opponents. After winning the duel, he followed his master back to his household during the school holidays, while giving Olivia and Angelica a ride. He was also surprised when his master got a promotion, but he concluded that it was Leon's fault for thinking that he was able to do anything with Luxion's assistance.

Volume 2

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Volume 3

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Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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Volume 7

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Volume 8

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Volume 9

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He is very sarcastic towards Leon and continually finding ways to berate his master for his horrible personality. Despite all of this, Luxion is very loyal to Leon due to Leon possessing old human DNA. The fact that he is a reincarnated the old humans greatly interests it. Luxion claims that even if Leon died, it would not accept a new master. He is also caring towards Leon in his own way, Julius notices that even though he would complain, he was opening his heart to Leon.

Luxion was the one who reactivated Cleare when "she" was "sleeping" in the elf ruins. He then absorbed Cleare's data after she self-destructed and gave her a new body.

Luxion despises Ideal for being an A.I who is not loyal to his own master as it's the A.I's law to be loyal with the master who have been accepted.


Being an old human's lost item (a "cheat-level" item), Luxion is highly capable and versatile; in addition, what set it apart from other AI's (both old and new humans') is overall equally-distributed specification because of its main body being a transport spaceship:

  • Make/build robots to do whatever the master wants, be it construction or farming.
  • Transmutation, such as converting rock into bars of gold.
  • Build, repair, and enhance airships with similar capabilities to its main body & armed units by itself.
  • Cyber/electronic warfare and countermeasure.
  • Operate network of drones; gather, analyse and act upon intelligence with his tactical datalink.
  • Utilise optical camouflage as well as countering it.
  • Send out low-level electric shocks.
  • Jack-of-all-Trade spec (by Ideal).Awaiting citation


  • Managed to kill the Earth God by itself.
  • Able to single-handedly take down the Alzer Republic fleet, which is known for having unparalleled strength in their defense.


  • Marie mentioned that Leon and Luxion have similar personality and both look like her older brother.[2][3]
  • Although it is possible to clear the war phase without purchasing any cash items, it requires a lot of skill, luck and time from the player in order to reach the ending of the game. Not wanting to waste any time and effort for his sister's sake, Leon purchased both Luxion and Arroganz from the cash shop, making the game a breeze and managed to reach 100% completion rate after investing 2 days without sleeping. However, this comes at the cost of Leon's life as he died soon after.[4]



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