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Call me, Onee-san~

— Louise requested to Leon.

Louise Sara Rault (ルイーゼ・サラ・ラウルト, Ruīze Sara Rauruto) is the eldest daughter of the Rault Household. She is the third-year high school student at the Alzer Academy, a senior of Leon.


She has purple eyes and fluffy yellow blond hair that grows to her shoulder blades. She has a shapely, mature body and large chest.


She is a genuine fellow who likes to mingle with her love ones. Moreover, she is also a worrywart big sister type especially to Leon who resembles her younger brother. Due to her status as a noble, she is somehow looking fascinating and acts with modesty to her subordinates, family, and relatives. However, only to Leon, she is very protective and doesn't bother to fight anyone who stands on his way.

Story Overview

Original Game: Otome Game
In the second Otome Game, Louise is the first antagonist. Her role is to topple down all of the hopes of the heroine and to stop her no matter what to capture the targets. She's considered as the obstacle for her happiness and bring chaos for her life like the original role of the first villainess of the first installment.

In Volume 6, it's implied that Louise dies in the original game. This would cause Albergue to fall into despair and become the game's final antagonist.


Louise was born as the first daughter of the Rault family. Being an eldest, she received a good training like the other noble girls among her peers. After Leon was born, she became a dedicated sister for her little brother. Her sisterly love was higher than what their parents believed to.

But every happy start came to an end after he died. She became even more solidified and depressed. Her role in this timeline was very important that she had to do her job as the daughter to carry the will of their clan.

Volume 4

She first appears in the segment when she confronts Noelle for violating the rules of the school. The moment she sees Leon, her sisterly mode returns. She invites Leon to join her for a ride and asks him to call her, 'big sister.' This kind of treatment makes the protagonist blushes with no idea why she's treating him like this.

In next event, she arrives on time to confront Pierre Io Faiviel for assaulting Leon. She is undoubtedly defended him and she is willingly to announce everyone that no other man could touch him or else they will face a consequences.

Leon and Louise somehow becomes friends after the fall of Pierre.

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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She is opened and shows respect to her father. There's some times they are argue for something, but it won't take long before they settle the problem. As the eldest and the sole daughter, she's voluntarily sacrificed her pride to help him by agreeing to be engaged with one of the six great nobles' descendants. She's very devoted and love him since she idolizes his noble cause for his country and people.

Louise was very close to her younger brother and was deeply hurt when he died.

Her love towards him is so deep and be used for the Sacred Tree's odd behaviour and Leon (Junior). The Sacred Tree used his voice and spirit illusion to lure Louise so she could be devoured by it while Leon (Junior) lied to Louise for being his reincarnation.

Initially, Louise is viewed to hate Serge, seeing Leon as her only younger brother. But Louise admitted the truth that she had tried to take care Serge as her new younger brother before Serge burned Leon's belonging which making her to loath Serge for years.

After Leon (Junior) managed to relieve Louise's heart from the ill past, Louise started to be care towards Serge as her younger brother again. Unfortunately, her attempt to be one was far too late.


Louise immediately gains an interest in Leon due to his resemblance to her deceased brother, even asking him to call her "Onee-chan". She is nice to him and somewhat protective, threatening Pierre when he threatened Leon. She became notably embarrassed when her father suggested that if she would like to marry Leon.

Initially viewing Leon as her new younger brother despite she admitted that she wasn't, but she started to fall in love with Leon not just simply because he had saved her heart. During Leon's attempt to save her from the Sacred Tree, Leon made up a lie for being his reincarnation until Serge snapped Louise. At that time, Louise asked about the writting that her Leon had put inside his paper ring and Leon failed to answer that which angering Louise. But, Leon (Junior) made a second answer for his own challenge after rescuing her and unaware that he was right.

Lespinasse Household

Louise hates the Lespinasse Household. The source of this animosity comes from how Noelle's family line mistreated her family and that they even poorly respected her little brother who was to be engaged to Noelle.

Louise hates Noelle, always taking chances to throw backhanded insults at her. Despite this, she is willing to come to Noelle's defense when she is cornered or bullies by others, but she claims that it's only for Leon's sake. This often has them clash for Leon's attention. One reason behind Louise's hostility is how Noelle is innocent from her family's past, and she gets to live a more carefree life as a result. This makes Louise see Noelle's life as unfair in comparison to her own. Despite this, she actually fights with Noelle for her protection under her father's request to make sure others like Pierre wouldn't bother Noelle. It is also suggested by Leon, that it's also because Louise's little brother was fond of Noelle even though the two never met.

After the civil war is over, Noelle and Louise becomes a real friend. Although, Noelle insist to keep up with the fake bad personality towards her.

Louise hates Lelia just as much as Noelle, but as Lelia was dating Emile, Louise was less rude to her as to not cause trouble with the Pleven household. Like Noelle, she hates Lelia because of how innocent Lelia is from her family's past actions and gets to live a carefree life from it which makes Louise claim that such a thing is unfair.


Her former fiancé. While the two were engaged, they didn't show any kind of love interest to each other, an aloof relationship between them could be seen. It is implied their marriage was strictly political and not that kind of romantic. Because of this, she never cared about his womanizing habits and she's apathetic to his life. Therefore, she heaves a sigh of relief after their engagement was called off. Thanks for the event that happened where Druille Household's planned to undermine the Rault household was revealed.


  • Her father commented that she is like a brocon because she is too stubborn to admit Serge as her younger brother.