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Loic Leta Barielle (ロイク・レタ・バリエル, Roiku Reta Barieru) is a student at the Alzer Academy and a member of one of the six noble families & he is one of the capture targets in sequel game of otome game.


He is described as a man born with good looks. He has orange hair and sharp eyes that can make any woman fall in love from a simple gaze.


Despite his good looking face, he is selfish, decisive, devoted to one purpose and a psychotic stalker to Noelle Beltre. He is also outrageous and aggressive to pin down his crush in his hands and he had no problem sacrificing everyone in Alzer to get take Noelle.

Story Overview

Original Game Story: Otome Game
In the original game, he was one of Noelle's potential capture targets.

One of the bad endings included him putting the Sacred Tree Collar on Noelle and forcing her into marriage, however, as Noelle does not develop actual feelings for him, he does not become the Sacred Tree Guardian and they are unable to prevent the destruction of Alzer.


Noelle had met Loic in the past and the two spent time together hanging out in the town, but Noelle realized that they weren't compatible when Loic shot down all of the things she wanted to do. Loic on the other hand gained an interest in Noelle and, with some encouragement from Lelia, began to pursue her, becoming her stalker.

Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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Volume 7

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Despite Noelle's clear dislike of him. Loic is determined to make Noelle his girlfriend, often telling others that they are dating and occasionally trying to threaten or blackmail her to agree. He is even ready to use a forbidden chain to pin her down like a dog.[1] And he is willing to sacrifice every single soul in Alzer to be with her.[2]

During their wedding, He becomes so infuriated when the Sacred Tree didn't acknowledge them that he almost killed Noelle. When Leon rescues Noelle and defeats Loic in battle, his obsession didn't subside until Noelle confronted him with a slap and she asked if he even properly looked at her as a person and not a possession. This shocked Loic and left him silent as he realized that he actually knew almost nothing about Noelle. It is revealed that both of them was once to be a lover, but Loic's selfishness for not just giving Noelle what he thought the best had put Noelle to break up with him.

It is yet to be revealed how their next relationship other than the fact that Loic is no longer have any will to go after Noelle as he deems himself unworthy.

Lelia supported Loic's feelings for Noelle, and tried to get Noelle to hook up with him. Loic has failed to realize that Lelia's reason for her actions was because she still believes that the two comings together would reach the ideal ending in the Otome game they are based on. In return, Lelia's indecisive and aggressive action inadvertently increases Loic's dark personality and high obsession towards Noelle. Lelia fails to foresee the consequences and it only advance the event to the bad ending that she's really trying to avoid at all. Despite learning this from Marie and the rescue mission of Leon to save Noelle from Loic, she's too stubborn to admit her mistake. Lelia still insists to believe that everything could've worked out between the two of them.

Loic took Leon as his enemy for interrupting his affair with Noelle and crushing his marriage ceremony. However, Loic indebt of Leon afterward because thanks for his deed, Loic is freed from his delusion and searching for a way to redeem himself.

Loic is indebt with Marie and highly respected her after she had scolded him for choosing to die after what he had done towards Noelle. Marie told him that he must keep himself alive and searched the right way for his own redemption.


  • In the Otome game, he is described as a good man despite his personality. He is a potential love interest according to Lelia during the time she played it. If Noelle chooses to marry him, it will bring no harm at all.[1]
    • In the bad ending, Loic would put a collar on Noelle and confines her for the rest of her life. The results will eventually lead with no love developing between the two, no guardian for the sacred tree will be chosen, and the Alzer Republic will be completely destroyed.[3]
  • Marie stated in the game that it is forbidden to two timing him at all as it will give 100% sure of bad end unless the player decided to have Noelle with Emile



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