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• Official English Manga Volume 2 has released! You can buy the book at here!

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Light Novel Volume 9 will release on November 30, 2021!

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The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Wiki
The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Wiki

This is the fourth volume of The World of Otome Game is Tough for Mobs light novel.[1][2]

Official Synopsis

Reincarnation Round Two

Leon heads off to study abroad in the Alzer Republic, accompanied by Marie and the idiot brigade (a.k.a., her love interests). Leon’s just praying that Marie keeps her hands to herself—if she meddles in the plot of the sequel, she may force him to save the world. Again. Unfortunately, the original story has already flown off the rails. The new protagonist has a twin sister who wasn’t in the game! On top of that, some high and mighty noble’s son, backed by the power of Alzer’s Sacred Tree, is baring his fangs at Leon. If Leon ever wants that quiet country life, he’ll have to seize the reins of a whole new story.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: The Alzer Republic
  • Chapter 2: The Academy
  • Chapter 3: Twins
  • Chapter 4: The Republic's Nobility
  • Chapter 5: Oath to the Sacred Tree
  • Chapter 6: Betrayal
  • Chapter 7: The Descendants of Adventurers
  • Chapter 8: The Sacred Tree's Sapling
  • Chapter 9: A Despicable Trap
  • Chapter 10: Marie's Turn
  • Chapter 11: Leon's Turn
  • Chapter 12: The One-Horned Beast
  • Chapter 13: The Oblivious Protagonist
  • Epilogue
  • Extra Story: Leon's Foreign Academy Life
  • Short Story: Marie Route The Second (JP Only)[3]
  • Side Story: Angie's Day (JP Only)[3]
  • Side Story: Livia's Day (JP Only)[3]
  • Side Story: Marie's Day (JP Only)[3]
  • Side Story: The Twins' Academy Life (JP Only)[3]


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Adaptation Notes

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