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The Lespinasse Household was the family line of the Priestess. Prior to their destruction, the household also held the position of Chairman of the Alzer Republic.

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For generations, the heiress of the Lespinasse Household would be granted the title of Priestess by the Sacred Tree. The Priestess would then go on to choose and marry the Guardian.

There were some tensions between the Lespinasse Household and the Rault Household with Noelle & Leila's mother hastily cancelled engagement with Albergue Sara Rault, and later not even attending Leon Sara Rault's funeral despite him being engaged to Noelle.

Several years before the start of the story, the household was destroyed by the Rault Household, led by Albergue Sara Rault. The fact that the Rault Household managed to destroy the household of both the Priestesses and the Guardian, who are supposed to possess the two strongest crests, lead Luxion to hypothesize that the Lespinasse family somehow lost their crests before their destruction. In the aftermath, Noelle and Leila were the only survivors. Unknown to them, Albergue spared the twins as he considered them innocent of their parent's actions. The Rault Household also took over as the chairman of the Republic.

The Holfort Kingdom's primary form of interaction with the Alzer Republic was a direct relationship with the Lespinasse Household. Following the household's downfall, the Kingdom choose to limit contact with the Republic to only importing magic stones.

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