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What's with all the whining about being royalty? Has anyone tried to sell you to a perverted old hag? Ever had to bow your head repeatedly and beg someone to marry you? Ever had someone tell you how much they hate countryfolk or how they expect you to finance their lover, too? It's pathetic! Why don't you try waiting on a wife hand and foot while she turns around and loves every man but you?!

— Leon exclaims to Prince Julius and other nobles.

Not to be confused with Leon (Alzer).

Leon Fou Bartfort (リオン・フォウ・バルトファルト, Rion Fō Barutofaruto) is the protagonist of The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs, having died and been reincarnated in an Otome Game he was playing before his death. Leon is a distinguished Marquis[3] and a renowned hero of the Holfort Kingdom[4] also the Guardian of the Sacred Sapling of Alzer Republic.[2]


Appearance-wise, Leon is a Mob, having plain features that let him blend into the background. His appearance looks to be similar to the deceased Leon Sara Rault, the little brother of Louise Sara Rault and son of Albergue Sara Rault if he grew up to this age, with black hair and black eyes and average look that felt like it could be found anywhere.

In Marie Route, he bears a faint resemblance to his distant ancestor Lea Bartfort, enough for Anne's spirit to notice almost immediately.


Leon's arrogant nature.

The first impression any outsiders can make of Leon Fou Bartfort is being cynical and having a pessimistic view of the kingdom's system that favors women. He has no patience for people that complain from a position of privilege or can't control their egos, as well as crying girls. Despite looking down on overly prideful people, Leon enjoys showing arrogance in his abilities because he knows how this display of superiority damages his opponent's confidence & pride. Therefore he doesn't waste an opportunity to crush his adversaries mentally.

Most of Leon's cold-hearted actions and antagonistic behaviors stem from the unfair circumstances he was always given (before and after his reincarnation) and the efforts he had to endure to ensure his mental and physical survival. Overall, he wishes to live an easy life. When it comes to his preferences for the opposite sex, he likes voluptuous women with developed bosoms, something Leon is not very subtle about.

After meeting his Master, Leon gained tremendous respect for the gentlemanly behavior his professor has shown him. Leon is still working on imitating him by practicing the art of tea, and he hopes to reach his master's standard. However, when the girls in the academy treat his efforts as non-existent and trample all over his hard work in tea making, Leon may doubt whether his path of tea is misdirected.

Leon is situationally quick-witted, picking up hints about Marie being a reincarnated individual within months of joining the academy. Thus, Leon tries to devise various plans to act as he pleases without getting himself on unfavorable grounds. The second Bartfort son is aware of his increasingly-troubling situation and growing power; thus, he makes sure to have a course of action to avoid the complications that come with it. He would often use these schemes to live a more leisurely lifestyle. Despite being quite a schemer, Leon is not someone with political skills. Leon doesn't actively think about political consequences, often leaving it to Master, Angelica and Queen Mylene to clean up after his deeds.

Aside from that, Leon is shown to be a caring individual, particularly towards those he feels terrible for. The second Bartfort son also is the type of person who will take things very personally and holds a grudge against people who dared to bad-mouth his loved ones. Despite how he tries to stay out of trouble and not interfere with the story of the otome world, he would often drag himself to the center of these events for someone's sake. When it comes down to those he cares for (like Angelica and Olivia), he is even willing to risk his own life and always tries to think what's best for them. Another example is how he's also willing to take responsibility for his actions, such as looking after Olivia, and sometimes the Prince's Entourage for interfering with aspects of the otome story that should've been theirs.

Psychological Profile

  • Patterns of Behaviour

Often outshined by his incredible physical and material feat, it is arguable that the Bartfort second son's trump card lies in his intellect. Leon has lived two very different lives in two completely different worlds and being in a nation that value independent adventurers. Essentially gifted with wisdom vastly preceding his physical age, Leon understands the importance of abusing his resourcefulness to gain the upper hand. If given an opportunity to get back at people who had wronged him, Leon — being a pragmatist — would gladly take full advantage of the situation, combining new factors to his original master plans to ensure maximum damage (both mentally and physically) inflicted on his adversaries.

"Do all of you seriously think that guy (Leon) will obediently come out into this situation to get slaughtered just like that? Believe in that guy! That guy... isn't a man who will show up to this kind of place without any plan. He is a guy who will have thoroughly prepared to push off this enemy to the very bottom persistently" - Marie Fou Lafan[9]

It is to be assumed that unless it's of Leon's direct consent, there's no such thing as a fair fight when going against him. He's a person who would prefer to engage in asymmetrical battles that stack the deck in his favor as much as possible to ensure his victory. He is street-wise enough to consistently out-maneuver his opponents; besides, he would almost never put himself in an unfavorable position (made easier with Luxion's information-gathering capability) under the virtue of "Preparation is half of the fight". Case in point, Leon, while officially behind prison bar and blamed as a traitor, was able to (in collaboration with Master and Queen Mylene) orchestrate a counter-coup and dismantlement of Frampton's political faction.

"I told you before. I'm a coward... I will only fight a battle that I can win"Leon taunting Pierre.[10]

Having lived in modern society, Leon does not pay too much care to qualities like honor or chivalry. If it is what must be done, he pulls no punch in the way of deceptions and underhanded tricks against his adversaries, taking inspiration from Luxion's quote when he first fought against the AI. "Being called a coward is the highest praise on the battlefield"[11]. This is evident when he walks into the sacred duel seemingly bare-handed while having already laid the groundwork for both Pierre's public humiliation and the strategic air raid against Feivel House's territory. Occasionally, Leon utilizes misinformation to manipulate the surrounding mood toward a direction he desires (He had no problem pinning the Feivel air raid on Pierre and has multiple time shift achievement credits to other people).

His previous life sibling, Marie, also noted that although typically Leon is a composed individual, there is a line that under no circumstances anyone should cross in order not to anger him. Instead of exploding in a frenzy of outrage, an infuriated Leon will silently and calmly corner his prey. A good example is shown in his previous life's childhood when he was being bullied; it is assumed that he was able to inflict serious mental trauma on the bullies, resulting in their school transfer a few weeks later.[12] His close confidants such as Luxion, Marie, and Julius are fully aware of just how cruel Leon can be when he takes business seriously, acknowledging Leon as a thorough schemer.

  • Morality

In contrast to his seasoned intellect, Leon has the easily exploitable mentality of a 21st-century adult. Despite displaying outwardly as a greedy antagonistic coward, Leon deeply values human lives more than anyone else around him. He spared the Black Knight in their first duel, despite fully knowing their relentless destructive motive. This mistake was later exploited by Vandel, resulting in a second, a much bloodier rematch. During the operation to subjugate air pirates, Leon went to great lengths to capture and secure prisoners while Luxion stated it was unnecessary and create complications. Additionally, the second Bartfort son shows vocal distaste for Luxion's philosophy of total annihilation and mass atrocity and would repeatedly order the AI to forget about that directive.

While restraining whenever possible, when backed into having no other option, Leon will absolutely cut down anyone deemed a threat to the people he cares about, like in the final clash between himself and the Principality of Fanoss. Having participated in many battles and seen many who have fallen, Leon felt deeply responsible for each and every life lost along the way. As a result of his modern mindset, this also makes him more vulnerable to PTSD, depression, and CSR as being born in a peaceful era he is not well-equipped when dealing with casualties. Even Pierre, who he felt guilt at the thought of the guy being tortured by his family until eventually put to death. Rationally Leon still accepts his action as a correct decision, but the fact that he felt guilt for Pierre[13] (who was notorious in Alzer as a violent rapist murderous scumbag) says a lot about him not doing well with killing/death. It can also be noted that his PTSD and mental issues has been increasing ever since he was forced to commit mass murder against the principality in order to survive, and Luxion has been offering sleeping pills in order to ease Leon's depression to little avail.

"The war? I don't have any. In the first place, I was born during a period of peace, and I was an office worker there. I don't have any experience in war... Now that I think about it, my previous life was quite the blessing..."Leon explains his background to Luxion.[14]

Leon fully embraces to his status as a "mob character", he is constantly under a dilemma of balancing between non-interference to the world's plotline and protecting the ones he cares for from imminent destruction. It's currently unknown whether this mindset existed in his previous life, or it manifested and became one of his core traits during his second life in the otome game world. Leon prefers to think of the original otome storyline as "what could have been" - meaning whatever it was it is infinitely better than the world right now with his presence. This "mob mentality" is proving itself to be not quite suitable anymore, and Leon clinging to his long-gone mob role only serves to hinder his decision-making process. The core of his reasoning is that:

  1. Leon sees the world of his second life as just a reflection of the otome game he has experienced (and completed 100%) in the previous life; he does not see the world as another real life, where multiple possibilities and unknowable factors are not present in-game (i.e. Saintess Anne, Black Knight's back story, Lespinasse House' backstory,...). This fixates Leon that the world must run the course similar to the game.
  2. Subconsciously, Leon sees the people in the otome game world as characters who are fulfilling the roles they are destined with; he does not treat them as truly independent entities with their own personalities and desires. This also extends to how Leon sees himself - "a background character with no role to play".

Heavily affected by the imposter syndrome, (namely feeling a sense of guilt for taking the AIs from the supposed "rightful owner" Olivia, overstepping his "mob" role, skewering the game's original plot,...) Leon also believes that he doesn't always deserve the praise or affection he earns. This would make him originally try to push away or reject these rewards, including the two "untouchables" that he has a genuine interest in. However, most of this backfires on him, resulting in him getting gradually distanced from his dream of a peaceful life.

Leon would also feel a sense of extreme guilt in the aftermath of the Fanoss invasion, as he watched the wreckage of hundreds of airships and armors floating around the water; he blamed himself for bearing such an important role in the "final event of the first game", causing so many casualties for being an incompetent "mob".[15] This is a few time Leon's imposter syndrome merge with his disdain for loss of human lives, showing his out of touch and an utter inability to accept the new reality.

Seeing himself as just a fraud/an imposter/an anomaly in the world, Leon does not fully recognize how much of an influence he has on others. This side of him is also shown when it comes to romance where he either inadvertently doesn't realize the affections of various girls he earns throughout the series or is subconsciously aware but chooses to live in active denial.

Story Overview

Leon was originally an ordinary Japanese teenager. He grew up in a normal household with his mother, father and younger sister.

In elementary school, he was bullied by three classmates. However, after several days, one of the bullies came to his house in tears and apologized, but he only responded with a grin, telling his classmate to enjoy his new school. The next day, all three of the bullies ended up transferring for unknown reasons.

At some point in the past, his sister hid her yaoi merchandise in his room, which his mother found. His sister told their mother that it belonged to him and he was unable to convince her otherwise. This incident eventually led to him moving out and getting his own apartment.

Leon's Original Appearance

His sister would occasionally threaten him for money. Later, his sister blackmails him into completing an otome game of hers, saying she'd resolve the misunderstanding to their mother if he did. It took him two days straight without sleep to complete the game, with the Reverse Harem ending. At the same time, he receives a text from his sister demanding that he complete the game by the time she gets back from the beach, sending him pictures to taunt him. Getting fed up with his sister's attitude, he decided to send the pictures to their mom as proof that his sister is misusing her money. He then decides to leave his apartment, but gets hit with a wave of dizziness from exhaustion before he falls down the stairs and seemingly dies.

He then wakes up as a five your old Leon Fou Bartfort, with memories of his past life coming to him like a dream (with the exception of his name), alone in a field. After collecting himself, Leon goes back to his home, only to be reprimanded by his father for wandering off. Zola then arrives with her children and lover. Irritated by Leon's behavior, Zola sends him, and his brother Nicks to study in an out-of-the-way storage shed. While in the storage shed, Nicks explains the situation of their family and how women hold more power than men in their society. After the explanation, Leon realizes, to his horror, that he is stuck in the otome game he had been playing.

Ten years later, Leon is suddenly told that he won't be going to the academy and will have to marry the daughter of one of Zola's associates. Leon and his father are against the idea, but have a hard time convincing Zola because they don't have the resources to send Leon to the academy. After a debate, Zola agrees to call off the marriage under the condition that either Leon or Balcus gets her the money she would have made from it. After Zola leaves, he tells his father that he wants to borrow an airboat, intending to become an adventurer to earn the money.

After a month of adventuring, Leon manages to find a warp device that he remembered from the game. While he loses his ship, Leon manages to get through the warp device, landing on a floating island that holds a special lost item. After destroying a robot, he took the path he remembered from the game. He comes upon a lab with several corpses and realizes that the corpses name tags use the alphabet from the earth. Deciding to focus on getting the item, he proceeds deeper and, using a security card from one of the corpses, enters The Dock of the Lost Items. He then finds the Ancient Spaceship he was looking for. He enters the ship and explores for a bit before finding an automaton, which proceeds to attack him. After Leon is captured, the automaton explains that its purpose is to exterminate the New Humans. Leon manages to defeat the automaton and proceeds to the control terminal of the ship. He is surprised to see multiple earth languages, including Japanese. The automaton notes that new humans should not be able to read any of those languages and Leon explains that he was Japanese before his reincarnation. Leon takes control of the ship, and the automaton recognized him as having Old Human (specifically Japanese) blood. He names the ship Luxion and explains how the world is an otome game. Leon then passes out from his injuries.


Two months later, Leon returns home on the Luxion, greeting his family (and an angered Zola). After getting back, Zola demanded that he hand over all of his lost items and treasures, but Leon refuses, as an adventurer had all right to whatever they find. Sometime later, Leon discovered a deserted island. Seeing that it, at best, could reach the level of a baronetcy, he declared his independence and claimed it as his territory. Luxion now follows him around as a levitating gray camera.

Before entering the academy, Leon is surprised to find out that he will be entering the advanced class despite being the third son of a lesser noble. His father explains that this is due to his adventuring success and that he will be the baron of his own house after graduation. Leon complains about being in the advanced class, considering the women in that class as "minefields".

At the school welcoming party, he meets Daniel, Raymond, and Lucle, who explains to him how well known he is. At the assembly the next morning, he overhears a girl mention waiting for the princes. Looking at her, he feels a sudden rush of anger, which he can't understand the reason for.

Leon stays in the background for a few weeks. While planning a tea party with Daniel and Raymond, they see a small argument between Angelica and Julius, centered around Marie. Throughout the argument, Leon comes to realize that Marie has somehow taken the place of Olivia from the original game.

Leon's Newfound Passion

Later, Leon is spacing out in etiquette class and gets called out by the professor. The teacher then asked Leon to come down to help him demonstrate a proper tea ceremony. After the demonstration, Leon is blown away and moved by his teacher's gentlemanly behavior and accepts the teacher as his master. Later that day, he invites the second daughter of a baron to participate in a tea ceremony he is holding, but the girl unexpectedly shows up with her friends and their servants. Despite his effort, the girls only considered his tea party a time-killer before they went to another party after eating most of his prepared sweets. Before he has time to clean up, he overhears the girls yelling from outside the room. He walks out just to see them walking away from Olivia after ripping up an invitation to a tea party she had received. Feeling bad for Olivia, he decides to invite her to his own tea party. Olivia accepts and is much kinder and considerate than his previous guests. Olivia admits that she is having trouble in the academy, and Leon says he knows someone who can help. They approach his sister Jenna, who tells them that Olivia should send a gift to the highest-ranking member of their class, Angelica, to ask for a meeting. Leon begrudgingly agrees to pay for the gift.

Several weeks later, Leon, having been recommended by Angelica, is sent into the dungeon as a guard for the Prince and his entourage, along with Olivia, Angelica, and Marie as part of a class lesson. He and Olivia partner up, but are interrupted by overhearing yet another argument between the prince and Angelica about Marie. Realizing that Marie has taken Olivia's spot again, it's at this point that Leon starts to become suspicious of the girl.

Leon and Olivia are sent as vanguards ahead of the other students. After looking around for a bit, Leon and Olivia encounter some giant ants. Leon slays the ants with a sword created by Luxion quite easily, but was caught off guard by a monkey and received an arm injury. After he slays the monkey, Olivia heals him and the two continue. They eventually reach the third floor, with Leon having collected a full bag of magic crystals.

An Unexpected Sight

A few days later, Leon is hanging out with Raymond and Daniel, and the group complains about not being able to find girls to marry them. Raymond then mentions that rumors have started that Angelica has been the one behind Marie's bullying, much to Leon's surprise. He recalls a similar event in the game, but it was not supposed to happen for much later. Later on, in the library, he asks Olivia about Marie. After learning that Marie has been especially cold to Olivia, the two overhear flirting behind some bookshelves. They check it out out of curiosity and they are shocked to see Marie kissing Brad.

The next day, Jenna bursts into his room. She asks Leon about Marie, and he confirms that he's heard rumors of her being friendly with the prince's group and that she's being bullied by Angelica. Jenna then clarifies that if Angelica was really trying to crush Marie, then she wouldn't still be alive. She then goes on to explain that it is important how the school views Julian as he is next in line for the throne, before demanding that Leon should stay out of Julius and Angelica's way during the End-of-Term Party, so as to not cause trouble for the family. After she leaves, Leon sends Luxion to confirm whether the rumors about Angelica and Marie are true or not. Luxion gets back to him and gives him enough information for him to conclude that Marie was reincarnated like he was.

"Let's Duel, Prince!"

At the End-of-Term Party, Leon, Daniel, and Raymond all agree to do their best to find girls to marry them, but none have any success. The group then goes to mourn their failure in the courtyard. A short time later, Olivia comes out, telling Leon to come back inside. When they arrive back in, Olivia explains that an argument between Julius and Angelica is escalating. After Angelica challenges Marie to a duel and the prince and his group decided to act as Marie's representative, Leon initially does not want to interfere, but quickly decides to fight the group out of pure hatred of them. He walks up to the prince and offers to participate as Angelica's representative, which she agrees to. Leon then goes on to mock the group, taking joy in Marie's surprise. Leon then asks Angelica's intention in inviting the duel. She tells him that she just wants Marie to stay away from Julius. Marie states that she wants the fighting to stop and after the conditions are set, Jilk states that the duel will be five one-on-one matches. Leon agrees before taunting the prince directly.

Afterward, Leon returns to his room, only to find that it has been vandalized. Luxion then shows him how heavily people are betting against him in the match. Leon responds by telling Luxion to bet five hundred platinum pieces on him.

The Next day, Angelica has the teachers prepare a room for her to speak to Leon alone. She asks him to withdraw from the duel, only for him to explain that his image won't improve even if he did. She explains that her room was also vandalized and that her family wasn't helping her, so he has nothing to gain. Leon then tells her that he wasn't trying to get on her family's good side and admits that he just wanted to beat them up. She asks him about how it will affect his family, but Leon explains that, as he is technically an independent knight, his family isn't involved at all. Leon goes on to tell her that he is confident that he can win.

The day of the tournament comes and, after a short talk with Olivia, Leon walks into the arena. As he walks in, Leon is greeted by a series of hecklers. He's happy to see that Raymond and Daniel bet on him. Leon is then confronted by Angelica, who asks him where his armor is. Right after, Arroganz lands in the center of the field. Arroganz's appearance is met with laughter from the crowd due to its size, but Leon ignores them as he gets in the armor. Brad steps up to be his first opponent. Leon summons a shovel from Arroganz's backpack to be his main weapon, inciting more laughter from the crowd.

The First Match

As the match begins, Brad was easily blown away by a light swing from Arroganz's shovel. Leon then stomped on Brad's armor to prevent him from moving, and Brad was forced to admit defeat or else be crushed by Arroganz. When Leon was announced as the winner against Brad, the master was among the few people who were clapping. The next opponent is Greg, who charges at him with a flurry of attacks. Leon blocks all of them before getting angry at Greg for being too prideful to use proper equipment(in the game). He pushes Greg off of him and proceeds to brutally attack his armor, tearing it apart. Greg states that he's only winning because of his armor, and Leon mocks him for making excuses. Greg then exits his armor and tries to take on Leon with a piece of scrap metal. Leon mocks his weakness and is declared the victor. Leon's third opponent is Chris. Leon begins by launching drones to attack Chris from every angle, ignoring Chris's complaints about Leon's lack of chivalry. Leon then mocks him, causing Chris to charge, but Leon easily catches his sword, snapping off the tip of the blade. Chris falls to his knees in despair, and Leon again mocks him. Leon wins his third match.

During the break before his next match, Leon runs into Angelica and Olivia. The two tell him that Jenna had asked them to check on him. Luxion then informs him that Jenna was instructed to put place a bomb on Arroganz by Jilk. When the battle begins, Jilk starts by creating a smokescreen before sniping Leon with armor-piercing shells. Seeing as the shells were ineffective, Jilk detonates the bomb. The bomb also proves ineffective as Leon quickly flies up to his opponent and attacks him. Jilk claims that fighting the prince will result in Leon losing his titles, but Leon is happy as long as he has his freedom. Desperate, Jilk states that he'll do everything he can to hold Leon's family responsible. Unfortunately for him, Leon recorded his threat and then played it back for Jilk to hear, using it as blackmail material to keep Jilk away from his family. Leon then slams Jilk to the ground, heavily injuring him and knocking him unconscious.

Leon Wins the Match

Before his match with Julius, Leon asks him what he thinks about Olivia, but the prince gives an underwhelming answer. The match begins with the two throwing attacks at one another. Leon notes that Julius has more spirit than the others, and asks him what it's like to truly love someone. Julius replies that Leon and Angelica should just stay out of other people's business, leading Leon to come to understand why and how Julius fell in love with Marie. Julius then asks if Leon finds looking down on and lecturing others fun, to which Leon happily responds that it does and that his arrogance is deserved. Leon states that he doesn't care about the prince's problems and openly complains about how difficult it is for an average person to find a decent wife, earning him respect from some male members of the crowd. Leon's opinion of the prince lowers even more as he realizes that Julius has not even considered how his actions could affect the kingdom. After beating down Julius, Leon tells him to apologize to Angelica, but Julius refuses. Using his authority as the prince, Julius orders the duel be to the death. Leon states that he could have killed Julius already if he wanted to and explains that even in a deathmatch, Leon would get punished for killing a prince, so his only option is to resign. He goes on to mock Julius for using his title as a shield despite complaining about it earlier and asks what's the best way for him to forfeit. Leon's insulting attitude towards the prince earns his ire from the crowd. Leon tries to explain how choosing Marie over Angelica would probably cost him his right to the throne. The prince says he doesn't care. Leon then uses Impact to destroy his armor and knock him unconscious.

Leon is declared the winner of the match, receiving hatred from the crowd. After exiting Arroganz, Leon has a short conversation with Angelica and Olivia before Angelica goes to check on Julius. Leon then tells Olivia that he's expecting to get expelled for what his done.

Later, Leon approaches Vince & Gilbert Redgrave. He offers them bet money he received from the match in exchange for protection, which Vince agrees to. Vince questions if Leon is willing to give up his rank and title to which Leon responds that he is. Gilbert asks if his true motive is in giving up all his accomplishments. Leon considers telling the truth, that he wanted to beat up the princes and not have to worry about marriage anymore, but he instead lies, telling Gilbert that he did it for the sake of the country, as the prince was being manipulated. Vince agrees with his reasoning and explains that he has called off the engagement between Angelica and Julius, no longer seeing the prince as worthy of being with his daughter. Vince then concludes that he is sending Angelica to recover from her broken heart at Leon's household. Leon leaves overjoyed that he is now protected from execution and can escape the academy, marriage, and even his nobility.

Several days later, he's on the airship heading towards his home. Luxion tries to get Leon to talk to Angelica and Olivia, but Leon believes that he can't help her, so there's no point. He later overhears Angelica and Olivia talking about him and learns that they believed that he didn't want to be expelled and took it for Angelica's sake (which isn't true).

Olivia and Angelica went with Leon to inspect the floating island that Leon had discovered. Both of them were surprised how the territory was well maintained even without any people working there. Angelica then said that something smells strange here to which Leon then led them to the outdoor bath on the floating island. While the two of them were in the hot springs, Leon was quite excited as Luxion was able to make rice successfully Leon was in bliss as he was getting to eat rice after such a long time.

When Leon returned home with Angelica and Olivia, he was hiding behind Angelica. Zola had also just returned a bit earlier with her children, being furious at all the trouble Leon has caused in the Royal Capital and behaving quite rudely towards Angelica. But when Angelica's identity as the duke's daughter was revealed, Zola's behavior took a roundabout turn, and started to treat her courteously. When Angelica asked Zola why the eldest son, Rutart wasn't helping out with the household duties and why is she constantly away from the residence. Zola tried to dodge the question by asking Angelica why she was here to which Angelica replied that she had come for sightseeing and would stay at Leon's home until her household contacts her. After hearing this Zola was flustered and returned to the Royal Capital the next day with her children. Leon applauded Angelica who was able to make Zola scurry back home with so much ease.

During the whole vacation, Olivia and Angelica went to the hot spring for their bath on Leon's floating island. One day after the two of them had taken their bath, Olivia said to both Leon and Angelica to call her Livia as she was called Livia by everyone at her home. Hearing this Angelica also told them to call her Angie as people only close to her called that. When Angelica began to criticize herself, Olivia said she wasn't like that, but still, Angelica continued telling that sometimes she thought of taking revenge. Hearing this Olivia was worried but Leon said that it was fine. Leon then asked if Angelica wanted revenge on them then he had the perfect method for it. Olivia tried to stop Leon and Angelica hesitantly asking if taking revenge was fine. Leon said that it was okay and that the best method to get revenge is to make herself happy. Angelica was a bit surprised when she heard this with Leon explaining that the five of them would be punished due to their deeds and when she flaunts happiness at the time when they are there, then that would revenge against them. Olivia hearing if that was revenge then she was going to support Angelica in getting her revenge.

During the vacation Leon also helped in the fields of the Bartfort household with both Nicks and Colin. Olivia and Angelica also helped in the field work with Olivia teaching Angelica. Colin was quite excited when he heard Leon had defeated five opponents in a duel with Nicks saying that Leon had picked a fight with people he shouldn't. Colin then asks Leon who he was marrying between Olivia and Angelica. Leon then tells Colin that their status is too different, with Olivia being a commoner and Angelica being a duke's daughter. Jenna was also working as a punishment when Leon had told his parents that she had placed a bomb on Arroganz during the duel.

The next day an airship from the duke family had come to pick up Angelica and a very high-ranking government taking that as an opportunity hooked a ride with them to come to the Bartfort Household. Leon and Balcus were present in the room talking with the official telling them that the duel and disinheritance of Julius as the crown prince had caused quite an uproar. Balcus then asked the official if anything was going to happen to their family with the official replying that they won't be held liable for it. He also said that Leon has officially been recognized as an independent knight and the royal court will carry out the formalities to give him the position even though he was still in the academy for his achievements and trying to correct Julius for his foolish conduct. Leon hearing this was a bit surprised asking if they were going to strip him of his baron rank. The official said that he had not said such a thing and then holds a sheet of paper in front of Leon. When Leon and Balcus finished reading it, Balcus screamed as he couldn't believe what was written there. The official then said that Leon has been promoted to the sixth rank and congratulated him.

On the day of Leon's promotion, Leon was wearing a knight uniform for the occasion. He became quite afraid when he saw the number of people attending the Royal Palace for Leon's promotion. Balcus and Luce were crying as they couldn't believe that Leon would receive the baron title and sixth noble rank at such a young age. Nicks, Jenna, Finley, and Colin were also present with Nicks asking where Zola and her part of the family is. Jenna then said that they won't be coming as Leon is now part of an independent Bartfort household which is the sixth rank. Leon suddenly realized something and asked Balcus the father of the former crown prince to be the king. Balcus then said Leon not to do anything strange in front of the king or he would get executed at that place. Leon asks how is the king feeling giving promotion to the one who had beat his son and Balcus replies that it was him, and he would hate it. On that day Leon was officially given the baron, the sixth noble rank.

When the next semester started, Leon's room had been changed as he has officially become a baron now and the new room was way better than the previous one. The night before the next semester starts Leon asked Luxion how did things end up like this. The AI replied that it was mostly due to the large amount of money that he had given for his life, most of which would have been used in the court work, which resulted in his promotion. Leon then told Luxion that if he had noticed what was happening, he should have said it sooner to Leon, with Luxion saying even if they tried to correct it midway, there wasn't much information to go by, with Luxion being surprised with Leon's promotion.

After three days had passed since the start of the new semester the students were avoiding Leon. Daniel & Raymond had come to apologize to Leon for what they had done and also felt indebted toward Leon, it was still a bit awkward when they two talked with Leon. While Leon was sitting on a bench in the school courtyard and was lost in deep thought thinking about something, Olivia and Angelica came and sat on each side of Leon. Then they took Leon with them to a stall that was famous for its crepes. As he was being dragged by them, Leon thought to himself that the world of otome games is really tough for him.

Before the school festival, Jenna, with Miauler in tow, goes to Leon's cafe before it opens, hoping to get Leon's help with a problem: she and her friend are after the same boy, and Jenna wants Leon to make her friend back down despite her friend liked him first. Leon, seeing that Jenna is the bad guy in the situation turns her down, and Jenna and Miauler leave.

During the school festival, Leon opens a cafe along with Angelica, Olivia, Raymond, and Daniel. Unfortunately, they have very little success as Marie and the prince's entourage open a competing cafe next door to them. Eventually, Angelica has to leave and the cafe receives an Earl's Daughter along with her followers and servants. Leon initially puts up with their rude and demeaning behavior until Angelica walks in with the queen. Instantly recognizing her, Leon, using the fact that the earl's daughter insulted her as an excuse, uses the opportunity to take out several of the girl's followers and Mylene forces her to leave. After the incident, Leon jokingly proposes to the queen, much to Mylene's embarrassment and Angie's annoyance. Julius then bursts into the room, and having overheard Leon's proposal, tries to start a fight with him, only to be scolded by his mother. After Julius had taken away Mylene to their cafe and master had left to resume his work leaving only Leon, Angelica, and Olivia in the room while Daniel and Raymond had gone out to have fun with their friends. Just then Carla enters the cafe, telling her that she had asked Olivia to introduce herself to Leon. Leon then asks for what business she had come here and why she had asked Olivia as the middleman in the introduction. Carla then asks Leon to save their family by subjugating the air pirates in their territory. Later that day Leon, Daniel and Raymond had a celebratory party for their success on the first day of the festival. Leon and Luxion then have a discussion, with the AI reprimanding Leon for his sudden confession to the queen. Then Luxion asks Leon if he was really going to help Carla to which Leon replies that this was an event in the game through which they had to do to recover one of the three items which would be needed for Olivia to be recognized as a saint and this event would have also decided the player's route depending on who helped Olivia. But Leon was quite perplexed as this event was to happen during the second year near the climax. And as Julius and the others couldn't help her, so Leon decided that he has to be the one to recover it or else it would be quite problematic during the war against the principality. Then Luxion asks Leon why Carla had requested his help to which Leon replies that it was a trap set up by the earl's daughter, as Carla was one of her followers. The AI told Leon as to how the events were progressing now, he was going to become Olivia's partner to which Leon just brushes it off, telling him that he was just a mob. Luxion then asks Leon shouldn't Olivia be the one to collect the artifacts by herself to which Leon replies that as he has Luxion, shouldn't it be more efficient for him do it than the current Olivia.

Leon looking over his winnings.

Later on, Leon makes heavy bets on the airbike race (which Olivia disapproves of), but after Jilk is injured and can no longer compete, Marie tries to persuade Leon to take his place. Leon eventually agrees, but only under the condition that Jilk owes him a favor afterward. While in Jilk's hospital room, Clarice enters to mock Jilk and Leon learns of their history. When looking at his bike in the hangar, he briefly meets a third-year who is one of Clarice's followers and tries to persuade him not to participate, however, Leon ignores him and decides to race anyway, having Luxion subtly upgrade his bike. As the race begins Leon is quickly assaulted, not only by Clarice's followers but also by other racers, who lost money when Leon beat the Prince's Entourage. After taking a beating, Leon has Luxion take control of the bike, and speed up the point where he goes from the last place to first, managing to win the race. However, before he can celebrate, the bike overheats and explodes. Luckily for Leon, he is saved by the same third year of Clarice's followers who confronted him in the hangar. Leon, having bet on himself, makes a large amount of money after the race. Later, he uses the favor Jilk owes him to get Jilk to properly speak to Clarice and explain why he canceled their engagement. Jilk's explanation leaves Clarice in tears. Leon is about to leave, but before he can, Clarice's followers stop him, and to Leon's surprise, bow to him, thanking him for helping Clarice get closure. Clarice thanks him too, and Leon suggests that she get rid of her lovers before leaving. Before Leon leaves, Clarice told him to meet with Angelica as some misunderstanding had occurred between her and Olivia. After talking with Angelica, Leon goes to talk with Olivia. She then asks Leon if she were friends with Angelica at all. Leon hearing this tried to console her, by badmouthing Angelica in front of Olivia, and she became angry at Leon due to this. Leon seeing Olivia angry said that she already knew the answer to her question with Olivia deciding to talk with Angelica tomorrow.

The next day Leon was at the harbor for airships waiting for Carla to come before going to subjugate the air pirates on his ship Partner. When Leon saw Olivia was coming with Carla, he was a bit surprised as he didn't know Olivia was going with them to subjugate the space pirates. When Leon walked towards them he saw Greg and Brad were also present there. Carla then told Leon that she was told that it would be better if all of them went to her household in Partner, with Leon being against Greg and Brad boarding his ship. Carla then told Leon that she had also contacted Brad, with him accepting the request as she was under the guardianship of his former fiancé and with the air pirates having a bounty as well so he decided to take this request. After hearing all of this, Leon decided to let them board Partner and go to Carla's household together.

In their journey towards Carla's household, Leon, Brad and Greg were playing cards, with Leon winning against them every time. Leon then asks Brad what kind of girl was his fiancé, with him replying that she was an unusual type of girl. Greg then asked Brad why was he engaged with her as she belonged to an infamous house with Brad telling that there were some benefits as well. Greg suddenly realizes that Offrey has diplomatic relations with the principality. Brad then said as their household was in charge of the border with the principality, Brad's father had accepted their marriage proposal, but he didn't expect the proposal to go through. Greg then said that after that proposal went through they needn't be afraid of the black knight anymore. Luxion then suddenly informs Leon that two air pirate ships were approaching Partner. Leon then told them to get ready as enemies approached them, but the two didn't know what to do. Leon seeing how hopeless they were in responding to the situation tells them to standby in the ship while he goes out with Arroganz to deal with the enemies. Leon was easily able to neutralize them without killing anyone of them. The AI then asked wouldn't it have been easier and faster if they shoot them down to which Leon replies that he wasn't psychologically ready to kill people and he needs to be more careful while using Luxion.

When they arrived at Carla's house, the soldiers of their household surrounded them, pointing their guns at them seeming to not be informed about their arrival. Conrad, Carla's father came and recognizing Brad told the soldiers to lower their weapons. Brad then asked him why were they surrounded as they had come at the request of his daughter to subjugate the air pirates. But Conrad didn't seem to know about the help request. Carla then tried to shift the blame towards Olivia but Leon came to her defense. Conrad seemed confused as he didn't know Leon, so Brad introduced Leon to him. When Conrad knew about Leon's identity, he instantly apologized for his rude behavior and told him that they weren't having any troubles in their territory, and again asked if there was a help request. Conrad came in Carla's defense telling her that as his daughter was probably confused he invited them to their house to wait for a short while. Leon hearing this began to laugh telling him that Conrad's daughter was the one to ask for their help and promised them remuneration for it. Leon then told him to ask his daughter about this and if he wants to protect Carla, he would get his remuneration his own way. Luxion helped in intimidating the baronet by moving Partner at that moment and Conrad seeing it moving was scared out of his wits and grabbed Carla's shoulders if she really was the one to make the help request. Seeing that she couldn't escape from this situation she confessed everything. She confessed everything when Leon said that the air pirates had already revealed everything (though the air pirates had actually feigned ignorance). She then told that the earl's daughter had told her to trick them and have them be attacked by the air pirates.

After Carla confessed everything, Leon returned to Partner, with only Leon and Olivia sitting in one room. Seeing Olivia depressed Leon asked if she was alright to which she replies that Leon was amazing and he could do anything by himself. Leon hearing this reached out his arm toward Olivia but she shook it off. She then asked why Leon was nice to him with her being a commoner and why was he helping her. When Olivia suddenly asks if Leon was after her body to which Leon replies that he wasn't. Olivia then says that Angelica was much prettier than me and she was also a proper lady. She then asks what he wants from her as she was not helpful to either of them. Leon then says that it had nothing to do with her being useful or not. Olivia then started crying while yelling that she just wanted to be friends with him and Angelica, but wasn't she just like a pet to them. She then yelled that she was a human not a pet and began to cry while sitting. Leon, not being able to say anything, left the room and went to the deck of the Partner.

Luxion then floated beside Leon, asking the AI where he had gone wrong, to which he replies that he had hindered Olivia's growth. Leon tried to refute this, but Luxion didn't stop speaking that Leon's help has been helpful in the short run but in the long run, he had obstructed Olivia's spiritual growth. The AI kept on talking that Leon had treated her like a cute, valuable pet and she is a valuable and convenient girl for him. Leon hearing this becomes angry and punches Luxion, with it coming back to him after being flung off, and asked Leon if he had calmed down. When Leon sat down due to irritation, Brad came out on the deck with a sword to practice. Leon then asked what about magic as Brad's specialty was magic to which he replied he knew that. Leon then had a small talk with Brad in which Brad admits that he was the weakest among the five. So not to be outshined by the other four he was going to keep on practicing. Leon then asks what the five of them saw in Marie, her being a flat midget which led to a small argument between them. Suddenly then a floating robot came toward them and handed both a wooden sword before leaving. Brad then challenges Leon to a fight with Leon having the upper hand in the fight but just once Brad was able to make a powerful swing which made Leon lose his balance but Leon was still able to defeat him due to Brad's carelessness. Brad then leaves telling him that he would definitely beat Leon next time. Leon then thinks that he has become stiff as he had stopped practicing except outside the lessons nowadays. Leon then glances up at the night sky saying to himself that the prince's entourage had a lot to think about as well.

The next day while they were having breakfast, the air pirates launched an attack on them. While Leon was leaving the room to fight against them, Greg and Brad begged Leon to let them use the armors which Leon had gotten from his previous fight even if they were broken or defective. Leon grudgingly agreed to let them take two pieces of armor so he had Luxion do maintenance for two intact armors which he had for them to use. Leon had a tough fight even with Arroganz's high specs because he was still mulling over yesterday's conversation with Olivia. He then saw Brad and Greg fighting the pirate's leader to protect Olivia on Partner's deck. Seeing this seemed so natural to Leon, he began laughing as it was not a matter for him to be upset as he was not qualified to be beside Olivia because Brad and Greg were two of the five love interests. Having resolved himself, he ordered Luxion to take out the two axes from the third container of Arroganz and got ready to crush the pirates defeating everyone who came in his way. Leon then went to rescue Olivia after the two of them had been beaten by the leader severing the arm of the armor of the air pirate leader and began toying with the leader until he destroyed his armor even though he had surrendered. He then hacked out the armor's plating until he found the Holy Necklace and took it from him. He then send him tumbling across the deck and came out of Arroganz to see Olivia healing Brad who was injured quite a bit, telling her that this suited her quite a bit. Leon turned towards Greg asking him to help him carry Brad inside as Olivia had healed his wounds already Leon reverted to calling her Olivia instead of Livia. When the three went inside, Olivia began crying and mumbles to call her Livia again.

Leon was asking Luxion after they had apprehended all the pirates if he had found any connection between them and the Offrey household to which he replied he had found relevant material for this. Leon hearing this decided to give those to the Redgrave Household and let them handle this when he returned to the Capital. Luxion then announced that Earl Offrey's fleet was headed their way with airships from the Redgrave House coming as well. The Offrey wanted Leon to hand over the pirates as it was their territory with him not agreeing to it as it was one of their vassal houses asking for their help. And with the Redgraves backing him, the Offreys did not have any chance to get the pirates back, Angelica had taken Olivia to her ship and seeing Olivia's tear-stained face, slapped Leon across the cheek. Luxion then asked if it was for the best with Leon saying that he was not much of a negotiator so leaving the negotiations for the Duke was the best choice. Luxion then said that he did not mean that and asked if giving the credit for defeating the pirates to Brad and Greg was okay or not with Leon saying that after seeing both Brad and Greg's determination and willingness to protect Olivia he concluded that it would be better for them to get back their inheritances. And Leon also decided to keep distance between both Angelica and Olivia as the things stood now. He sent some financial contributions and gifts to both the palace and both Greg's and Brad's house as well as asked to examine their accomplishments and reinstate their inheritances.

Just before the day, the classes were going to start Leon received a letter telling him that he had been promoted to lower-fifth rank due to both Greg and Brad. Leon was too shocked seeing this as he did not want to rise in ranks at all because the higher the rank more responsibilities he was going to have. An employee then came to inform Leon that he has a letter and a package for him from the Atlee Household, with the package being outside as she can't bring it inside. Taking the letter from her Leon almost screamed from the shock of seeing the contents of the letter. The letter was apologizing for Clarice's behavior and wants to make amends and also to give their gratitude as Clarice had recovered her high spirits they sent a high-end airbike to Leon and also having talked with the palace Leon was going to be promoted to the upper-fifth rank after graduation. Leon began crying as he couldn't understand why everyone wanted him to promote that much. Leon then went to see the airbike with Luxion with Luxion starting to make modifications and improvements to the already high-spec bike.

The next day classes started with Leon cursing his fate at being promoted again. Daniel and Raymond came over to him during break trying to cheer him up by discussing the school trip they were going to have soon. Leon having pulled some threads at the Academy was going to the Southern Floating Islands as he wanted to get a Limited Item from there which was in the game. Raymond then said that both Angelica and Olivia were going as well there so should not Leon apologize with Leon being confused at what he had done wrong.

On the cruiser, he chats with Lucle with Lucle telling him that a festival was going on there and people can experience a foreign country's appearance. Girls have fun wearing yukatas while boys use this chance to escort them and shorten the distance between them and it's the perfect time for Leon to go all out. Leon hearing this glances both at Angelica and Olivia. Lucle seeing this tells Leon that he has chosen some difficult partners with Leon refuting this as they were out of his league. He then asks Leon for a game of roulette which Leon refuses to tell him that he made it a habit to avoid all sorts of gambling, with Lucle quite confused with his reply.

Reaching the island Leon changed into a yukata which he borrowed from there and was lying in wait for the charms seller to buy all the charms he had. But the charms seller did not want to sell all the charms to Leon and started having an argument which led to Olivia and Angelica going over their hearing of the noises. When they asked what was going on the seller told them that Leon wanted every charm he had too Leon told that he was willing to buy everything at an exorbitant price but the charms seller said that he wasn't willing as many people were looking forward to this in the festival and he won't let Leon steal their enjoyment. When Angelica asked what were the things he was selling he told them that they were good luck charms with divine blessings crafted by his grandmother. Leon still didn't give up offering more for them until Angelica had to restrain him so that the charms seller could go to the festival to sell the charms. Leon after seeing the seller going away became gloomy and hung his head down. Angelica then if he really wanted them with Leon replying that he was looking forward to this day and that he couldn't sleep last night. Olivia tried to reprimand Leon telling him that he shouldn't have tried to buy all of them with money. The seller then came back telling Leon that he had two charms left with him so Leon could have them. Leon was overjoyed to have them but the charms he got were a white blessing of elements and a red blessing of elements which he wasn't after so he gave the white one to Olivia and the red to Angelica. At that moment Angelica's followers came so seeing them Angelica ran away. Three of the boys who were followers of Angelica surrounded Leon telling him not to get too ahead of himself because of his promotion and that he was nothing more than a poor noble who had received Angelica's favor. In response, Leon taunted them and the three of them were going to start a fight with Leon when Olivia asked them not to fight. They went away as Olivia was standing between them. After they went away Olivia began apologizing for what she had said to Leon previously and for causing trouble during the fight with the air pirates. Leon replied that Olivia had nothing to apologize for and was going to say something more when he saw an old woman coming toward them. When he asked who was she, she replied that she had heard about Leon from her grandson and came to chat with him. Leon realizing that she was the charms seller's grandmother apologized for all the trouble he had caused. She then gave him a charm telling him that this was the first time someone wanted her charms so much and even though the charm she was giving was a leftover she told Leon to accept it. Leon opened the charm and asked if it was The War Fortune Charm but it looks different. She replied that he was quite knowledgeable and told Leon that it was a specially made one. Leon wanted to pay for the charm he got but the old woman told him that it was needed and asked him to visit their shrine which was famous for knot-tying. After hearing this Leon headed back telling that he will be going there tomorrow morning as he had to pray for marriage leaving Olivia alone there.

Leon, Olivia and Angelica praying

The Next morning Leon went to the shrine where he met up with Olivia and Angelica and Angelica ran into Olivia by coincidence. The three went together with Leon making a large donation asking for a good woman for marriage who was kind and had a good conscience. Hearing this both Olivia and Angelica were creeped out. Then Leon suddenly began asking indecent things for his married partner to be. Hearing this Angelica started pulling Leon's ears asking him what he was saying in front of the children. Olivia told the young shrine maiden to forget everything he had said before dragging Leon along with Angelica away from the shrine.

After the three of them returned to the cruise liner to return back to the academy, the liner was suddenly surrounded by monsters and battleships of the Principality of Fanoss. As the liner did not have any weapons at all to fight against them, Princess Hertrude gave them one hour to decide if they wanted to surrender and die. An envoy was sent by them to pick up any students belonging to baron rank higher as prisoners of war, but Angelica deciding to sacrifice herself, as she was a Duke's daughter, stepped forward to let the others escape. Leon and Olivia tried to protest against this but the other students stopped them from doing anything. Leon was put in a cell below the deck with Olivia outside it crying with both being disheveled as they fought against the other students who quietly let Angelica be taken hostage to let them escape. Chris then came asking for Leon's help to let the other students escape as an envoy had come to tell them that Angelica was the only hostage they needed and told them to put up their best fight as the nobility. Leon, hearing this was pissed, telling him that he won't be helping those who were the ones who threw Leon in this cell and abandoned Angelica. Chris realizing that he could not get Leon's help was leaving when Leon called out to him to let him finish talking before leaving. He told him that even if he tried to keep the monsters busy, they were surrounded which would ultimately lead to all of their demises. So the only choice was to fight and it was not going to be just them, it was going to be all the students and crew who had to take responsibility for handing Angelica. Chris replied it was impossible as all the students were devastated after hearing what was going to happen to them with Leon being the only last person who he could ask for help. Leon replied that there was no other option besides this if they wanted to live. Leon told Chris that the only way they were going to win was if they charge straight towards them, storm their fortress and take their banner. The only thing they had to do was protect the cruiser leaving the charge to Leon. Chris realizing this was the only way they could live released Leon. Leon then told Olivia that she was going to help as well to which she readily agreed. Chris had all of them come to the reception hall telling them that the only chance they had to live was for everyone to fight against them but the other students were not keen on this idea. Leon then comes up the stage and rested the shotgun which he had gotten from one of the crew members on his shoulders. He then told the students present that he was officially knighted and was a baron, lower-fifth rank which ultimately led him to be above the teachers present. He then as the person in the highest hierarchy present told them to fight with one of the students shouting at him to do the fighting with Leon replying that he was to as he was a real noble, unlike the fakers they were. Deirde then came forward telling him that calling her a faker was quite an insult even though she belonged to an earl family. Leon was glad that someone had taken his bait and hearing this was not startled at all and kept on that he was a true noble as he was a real adventurer who achieved with his own hands. Deirdre hearing this snapped telling her that her household had offered an entire island to the Kingdom with them having conquered various dungeons with Leon being too arrogant to compare them with him. Leon to her surprise agreed with her telling her that her ancestors were the real deal, but their descendants were cowards. They were afraid to even fight for their life even though they may die soon without doing anything. The students hearing Leon's words became angry as the nobles of the Kingdom were descended from adventurers and all of them decided to fight to prove Leon wrong. Deirdre then asked what Leon's plan was with him replying that they were going to do a frontal assault with him leading the charge on his airbike Schwert. The fight began an hour later after the envoy had come to tell them their fate with Leon leading the charge on Schwert and Chris with five people more in armors guarding the cruiser.

Leon and Angelica riding Schwert

Leon was relieved seeing the protection spell that Olivia cast protecting the cruiser from monsters and airships. He then let himself be eaten by the monster the Principality's main ship was on so he could burst through its insides to rescue Angelica and also take Hertrude a captive with Angelica taking the Magic Flutes as well. They quickly retreated declaring to the soldiers of the Principality to drop their weapons as he had taken their princess hostage and quickly went to the cruise liner and let Angelica and Hertrude get off there, but to everyone's dismay Garrett had ordered all the ships to open fire with Hertrude using a spell to release the monsters out of her control so the monsters would attack the one who was controlling, so the monsters began moving towards the liner as well. Angelica seeing this was asking her why she was going to such desperate lengths. Seeing this Leon went out again to buy some time for them.

Leon rescuing Olivia

As he was buying time he saw Olivia falling down from the cruiser and quickly went to her rescue. He was able to rescue her successfully telling her that he would take her back safely. Olivia suddenly demanded Leon to call her by his nickname Livia, but Leon was still flustered telling her that she could not with him as he was not good enough for her. This made Olivia more furious at Leon for mentioning other men. She then suddenly confessed to Leon and Leon being embarrassed hearing this called her by her nickname and then told her to hold tight as they were going to return to the cruiser. Angelica hugged when Olivia when Leon returned to the liner to let her down there. To their astonishment Partner came at that moment and started firing toward the enemy ships and monsters. Leon then went to fight with Arroganz with Angelica and Olivia holding on to Hertrude with Leon telling them to evacuate to the deck.

Leon then went out with Arroganz with Chris following him as well in his armor as well, with Leon being able to neutralize almost all Principality's airships and armors without killing anyone until the Black Knight with the squadron he was leading which gave him quite a difficult fight. Leon was annoyed as the Black Knight was the strongest enemy in the game and had cheat-like abilities. He was frustrated as he still was not able to defeat them even though he had Luxion and Arroganz with Luxion commenting that their armor were an up above the Kingdom's and the pilots were more skilled than Leon. Leon was able to avoid a death blow by hair's breadth from the Black Knight and was confused as Luxion had told him nothing could pierce Arroganz with Luxion replying that the sword was made from a fantasy-type metal, Adamantius. Leon began grumbling that he was too strong with Luxion commenting that it was due to Leon not killing anyone of them. Leon resolving himself that he was going to defeat him as he was going to protect both Olivia and Angelica who were on the cruiser was able to win somehow due to Vandel's carelessness and Leon's luck without having to kill anyone in the process. Leon let Luxion destroy the last remaining monsters who were gathering with them being able to thwart the invasion and taking a fleet worth of airships and armors from the Principality. After collecting all the suspension stones, and the rescue operations were done, Leon was returning to his room on Partner but a worker robot stopped him from entering his own room. He brushed the robot off and entered to found Angelica and Olivia who were sleeping after being too tired from all the fight. He quietly escaped without waking either of them shouting at Luxion to warn him of these things beforehand with Luxion rebuking him that the robot tried to stop him. As he was sitting in the corridor deciding where to sleep, Chris came declaring that Leon did not see him or the others as his competition as he was too strong and had defeated the Black Knight, Chris swore that he will catch up to him and will make him see as his equal. Leon was confused at his misunderstanding as he was able to win entirely due to Arroganz and after Chris left Leon decided that he will give Chris the achievement of defeating the Black Knight to him before dozing off to sleep in the corridor. Leon handed over most of the airships and armors along with the Black Knight's sword to the Kingdom when he returned back to the capital telling the officials that Chris was the one who had done most of the work.

Back at the academy, Leon decided to hold a gathering at a pub with boys belonging to the same group, with Daniel and Raymond both present. He offered to sell them airships which he had got them from defeating the principality for free if they decided to leave the maintenance fully to him. Daniel and Raymond were also present there. The boys were doubting Leon when he said that he will also give four armor units, also from the principality, with each airship. Raymond hearing this tried to go forward while Daniel was trying to stop Raymond from saying that Leon will suck him dry of money. Leon seeing that they still had suspicions, was going away when Daniel called out to Leon asking if they were really for free and not defective at all, Leon assuring them they would be in their best condition when given to them. Leon said that he would charge reasonable prices for the maintenance and he would even write that down on the paper. The boys started to agree to Leon's conditions and started to write their names so that Leon could send them over to their household with Leon grinning to himself as he was going to hold exclusive rights to their airships so they won't be able to betray him.

With the second term gradually coming to an end, Leon had a tea party with Angelica and Olivia making small with each other. Angelica then suddenly asked Leon why he gave Chris credit for defeating the Black Knight with him being the one who had done everything. Leon tried to escape by telling her that he had done that based on the current political situation, with her complimenting him as it was not a bad move as the Arclight House viewed Leon as an enemy but due to Leon giving Chris credit for winning against the Black Knight stopped any plans they had against Leon and Chris being reinstated as the heir of his house again due to this. Luxion then told Leon that the situation turned out very well for Leon with Leon being bragging how fortunate Luxion was to have such a master. Angelica and Olivia leaned forward to look at him as Luxion did not have any reasons to hide anymore with Olivia giving "Lux" as a nickname to him. Leon then told that he actually gave it to Chris because The Prince's Entourage was not that bad with Angelica agreeing as she believed Marie was the root source of all evil. Olivia then told them both that the boys have been hanging around a storehouse these days, with them thinking about what they are up to. A challenge letter came a few days later to Leon with him convincing Angelica that he would deliberately lose against them leaving the six of them alone. The duel was on the end of term with the award ceremony next day. Greg was the one who came wearing the modified armor giving a decent fight to Leon. While Leon was thinking about how he was going to lose Luxion warned Leon to tell Greg to immediately exit the armor as it was on the brink of exploding. Leon tried to convince Greg to exit but to no avail. Leaving himself with no choice Leon was forced to destroy the armor to save Greg which lead to him winning the duel.

The next day Leon was in his room depressed as he did not want to destroy their armor but if he did not Greg was going to die. But no one seemed to believe him except Master who believed that Leon had his reasons for doing these. Olivia, Angelica, Clarice, Deirdre Leon's parents, and Nicks and Jenna were present in his room with Angelica apologizing to Balcus as Leon was like that the whole time after the rematch with them being able to force him to get him into the suit. Leon then asked why he was in a suit whereas all the other students who had participated in the fight were going in their academy uniform. Angelica became a bit furious as she had the explained the whole thing yesterday to Leon. She then began her explanation again telling Leon that he was the one who had the most achievements to recognize even though he had passed the credit of defeating the Black Knight to Chris. Leon was the one who had taken Hertrude as a captive and seized a fleet worth of airships and armor which he gave to the Kingdom. He had also organized the rescue of the crew and the students which led to him and Chris getting an actual medal in the ceremony. Olivia then congratulated Leon as he was being promoted to viscount's lower-fourth rank after the ceremony. Leon hearing this was shocked as he did not want to rise in ranks again, with Leon mumbling to himself this was all a dream. Olivia, with everyone else, was present in the ceremony where Leon was promoted to viscount lower-fourth rank.

After the ceremony had ended, Leon was sulking behind one of the school buildings, and Olivia came searching for him. Leon was still embarrassed by her confession as he did not know what to do. Olivia then told she would be waiting to hear his answer and took him and dragged him as everyone was waiting for him.

During the winter break when Leon, Nicks and Jenna returned home, they were surprised by the newly built house, about which Balcus, a bit embarrassed yet prideful, was delighted, as their territory had got developed quite a bit due to Leon's help.

After a few days, Zola came to visit Balcus with a priest who seemed to be on close terms with Zola, in their newly built residence. They summoned Leon and told him to return the temple's treasure which he had got after subduing the sky pirates and also some donations as well. Leon returned the necklace to the general of the temple's fleet which had came with them telling him to take back the people who were on the estate as well with them. The general apologized for their behavior telling him they will leave immediately. He commented that Leon was quite collected than what he had heard from the Saint with Leon surprised as they seem to have found Olivia as the saint. But to his dismay, the general said that the Saint was Marie, who had come to the temple with the Holy Bracelet. Leon was shocked beyond words as Marie declared herself as the Saint beyond his imagination, as he could not believe someone who had reincarnated and as well as played the game, should forget what vital role Olivia played as the saint in the game.

After the winter break was over, Leon was agonizing over the proposal letters from the girls of the academy with various demands in his room, contemplating whether anyone sincerely wanted to be his fiancée at all. He was spending his days hosting tea parties for Angelica, Olivia, Clarice, and Deirdre.

One day, Leon was walking with Olivia towards the classroom for their next class, when he spotted Raymond near the bulletin board with quite a crowd around it. Leon then asked him if he was interested in studying abroad, seeing the recruitment poster for students to learn abroad for a year. Raymond, a bit surprised, replied no to Leon and said that the crowd in front of the bulletin board was due to recruiting bodyguards for the saint. Raymond said that the people who would become bodyguards, would officially gain the title of a knight, being affiliated with the Temple, and their bride needn't be from a noble lineage, that is, their bride may even be a commoner. Leon hearing this said that he would have applied if the woman he had to be a bodyguard for was not Marie. Raymond replied that Leon, being a feudal lord can't apply and it is the same case for the heirs. Angelica then came calling Leon out and told him that her family had contacted her and told Leon that he had been tentatively placed as the saint's bodyguard.

As Marie wanted to go on adventure, Leon had to take Partner out for the trip being her bodyguard, with Marie and her followers, Jilk, Greg, Kyle, Angelica and Olivia aboard the ship. Unexpectedly, Hertrude was also allowed to go with them with Hertrude trying to get Leon to change his allegiance to the principality during the journey. Their destination was an island where elves are living. Kyle came forward to guide them declaring this as his hometown. On the way to the village Yumeria, Kyle's mother, seeing him came towards them. Leon was shocked to hear that Yumeria was his mother. Kyle then told Yumeria that they were headed to the village leader as they needed permission to explore the ruins on the island. Yumeria tried to ask Kyle to speak more comfortably as they were not strangers and he was coming back after a long time. Kyle rebuked saying that he was working. Leon seeing this behavior scolded him as it was not an appropriate behavior towards his mother with Greg and Marie also supporting. Kyle snapped and began walking towards the village leader's house. When they reached, the village leader replied that the ruins were a holy site to them and it would be difficult for granting them permission to enter. He also said that the head elder would definitely oppose them entering the ruins. He also said to them that the elves had already gone through the ruins. Just then a female elf came to report something when the leader flung something at her, scolding her for her behavior, and began kicking her. Leon tried to intervene seeing this, but the leader replied them to keep out of it as etiquette was very important to them, and if they did not teach them properly their value will decrease in the slave market. Seeing that he could not do anything much, he told the leader that it was an unpleasant scene for the guests. He then apologized about it and asked the female elf for the report, to which she replied that the head elder was coming to their village. The elves then gathered around the plaza with the students nearby present. The head elder being too old has her assistant announce that ruins were to be off-limits for everyone unless they want to risk angering the "ancient demon king". The leader then told that villagers were already entering the ruins and asked who was this demon king, with the elder replying that she knew he was breaking the taboo and again told that no one is to enter the ruins. Leon and Luxion began contemplating who was this demon king as Leon does not remember about such a character in the game. Marie then comes forward, demanding that they must be given permission to enter the ruins. The elder had her assistant asked if she was the saint to which she replied yes. The elder then granted her permission to enter as the saint is supposed to bring the demon king with her. Hearing this Luxion shared his analysis with Leon that the demon king might be referring to Julius, being a royal and descendant of New Humans, he has magic. Leon reprimanded Luxion as even if the demon king was Julius, he was not here.

After receiving permission they began searching through the ruins but could not find any treasure at all. The village leader was also keeping tabs on them from the entrance, which irritated Leon. Marie being shocked and depressed at not finding any treasure ran further into the ruins. Leon seeing this took his rifle and ordered everyone else to wait there, as he and Luxion went to get her back, deciding not to waste the chance to finally talk with her being fellow reincarnated background characters. Leon confirming that they were quite far away from others, pointed his rifle at Marie. When she noticed the rifle pointed at her, she tried to go for her handgun, but Leon warned her if she moved he was going to shoot. She told Leon he would not be able to escape if he tried to kill the saint, with Leon told her that she was a fraud and began asking if she had her previous life's memories and why did she take Olivia's place. Marie rebuked that she could use healing powers as well and the three holy items also recognized her. Luxion then tried to intervene as there were discrepancies there and it would be better if they shared information. Just then the floor below them collapsed with Leon and Marie falling through it. With Marie unconscious after the fall, Leon protected her from unidentified creatures which were attacking them. After killing them, they ventured forward into the ruins, Leon and Marie bickering with each other along the way. They then entered a large room with the elves present pointing their weapons at them and the creatures they fought in the capsules. One of the elves then proclaimed that the elves were the ones who had created humanity and were once the supreme beings which the ruins proved as well. Luxion interjected at that moment telling it was the other way around with humans having created the elves after sharing information with the dormant AI present in the facility. The AI of the facility awakens and confirms Luxion's hypothesis. The elves hearing this were stupefied as they had longer life spans and were more skilled at using magic than humans with the AI replying that they were given longer life spans so they could be deployed in battle as long as possible and their proficiency in magic was also their idea. Just then the village leader came behind Leon and Marie, pointing his rifle at them. He told the other elves to kill them and make it look it was the work of the creatures. The AI of the facility activates it's countermeasures and kills the creatures. Leon in the midst of the confusion fires at the elves with Luxion creating a barrier to protect them against any attacks. Leon and Marie restrained all the elves who had surrendered. The AI then told Leon and Luxion that she was going to self destruct the facility as they had the lost the fight and to prevent the facility from falling into anyone else's hands. Leon asked if it was okay as she had just woken up with her replying that she was fine with it and handed all her data to Luxion. She also gave some items which would increase Luxion's performance. Marie seeing those jumped as she thought she finally got some treasure, with Luxion replying that the new humans would not see them as treasures. Marie dejected asked if there was any treasure with the AI replied that there was none, however, she had something else and would be glad if they take it with them as they might find some value in it. After they had escaped from the ruins, Leon tried to calm down Luxion who was furious having been forced to take the item and swearing to obliterate it. Angelica, OLivia, Jilk and Greg were present with them, with Jilk and Greg trying to reassure Marie as she could not fight and Olivia trying to calm down Luxion. Angelica then asked Leon why he was keeping the village leader restrained and where all the other elves came from. Leon trying to reply was interrupted when the ground rumbled due to the self-destruction of the facility. Leon was then shocked when he could make out Luxion's main ship even though it was optically camouflaged and fired from it destroying the ruins all together in his rage. The elves seeing this were horror-stricken, as they thought that the elder was speaking the truth after all and they had incurred the "demon king's" wrath on them with Leon shouting in his mind that it was all due to Luxion, not some fairy tale. Hertrude came to Leon not minding the pillar light and asked him to give him the piece of the armor that he had gotten. She was willing to buy it using money or anything which was in her power which Leon refused. She then said that she was also serious about him switching his allegiance to them, promising him to give rewards befitting his rank. Leon still refused as it was an enemy nation and the people there hated him.

After they returned to the village, the elder asked Leon, Marie, Angelica, Olivia, and Hertrude to stay behind and lead them to her house. She gave them their gratitude as the ruins were the only thing that was destroyed. Olivia then asked what Yumeria meant by her being impure and Kyle is acting strange. The assistant explained that the elves considered beauty on the color of the mana they have and some rare elves were born with different colors mixed together. Those elves had stronger special powers but they were treated with contempt by the other villagers and referred to as impure. Also when Yumeria had left the village to work as travelling entertainer she became pregnant with a human child with Kyle being a half-elf. The assistant explained that half-elves had an awkward position in their society, especially for men who worked as personal servants to the human women. The elder then told that she would foretell their futures as she did not have anything else as compensation. She started with Marie, then Hertrude, and told Olivia and Angelica's future together. Olivia then asked the elder to tell Leon's future as well, with Leon replying that it was okay as he did not care. The elder was exhausted and she couldn't see much into his future, but told Leon that he was going to lose something precious and a harsh decision awaits him. Leon then asked if she could tell anything more concrete. The elder had closed her eyes after exhaustion, with Leon demanding a redo. Angelica and Olivia stop him, with Marie and Hertrude chuckling seeing this sight.

When leaving the island, Leon took Yumeria from there and hired her as a servant to work at his home. Kyle furious at Yumeria for believing and going with Leon gets into an argument with them. Olivia scolded Kyle when she saw Kyle's rude behavior towards his own mother, with Kyle running off. Leon seeing that a crowd was gathering, took Olivia and Yumeria to his room. Yumeria then revealed that those who were impure could not use basic ordinary magic at all, with her being able to grow plants faster. Luxion seeing this was confused, as he considered this ability a lot, with Yumeria refuting this as she could do so much only. But the contempt the village had towards was not due to her being impure, but having given birth to a half-elf. She revealed that half-elves mature at the same rate as humans with Leon asking then why Kyle was sold as a slave then. She replied that the slave merchant had taken a liking to Kyle and with the village having a bad winter, Kyle decided to sell himself without consulting anyone, leaving the money behind. Kyle lashing out at Yumeria was only due to his pent-up frustration, even though he does not have a high salary, he sends whatever he can to his mother. A gloomy atmosphere fell between them, with Leon coming forward to have a word with Kyle. He finds Kyle at the dead end of a narrow passageway in the ship and has a talk with him about Yumeria. He explained that as his parents had just rebuilt their estate, they needed more hands back home, so Leon had arranged for Yumeria to work as a servant there and a salary to take care of herself. Kyle replies that he does not believe him or any other noble at all, stating that Leon had just fallen for her looks. Leon refuted this as he barely goes back home and his father, Balcus loves his mother too much to lay hands on anyone else. Kyle still replied that he could not trust Leon, with him replying to Kyle that he always kept his promises and also replied that Yumeria was leverage against the elves. If the elves ever planned any funny business he planned to reveal Kyle's lineage and he would get nothing out of mistreating her. Leon then said that he would allow Kyle to freely enter their region to visit Yumeria whenever he can. Kyle hesitating a bit replies that his mother is a good-natured person and a kind person but she is also gullible and undervalues herself. He then asked Leon to take good care of his mother with him agreeing to it. Leon then asked about Kyle changing masters frequently to which he replied that he did that only to find a master he could trust and he did find one, but Leon everything went disarray. Leon then asked him why he has not left Marie then with he replying that he was too tired of searching and her being the saint now being her side made him look good. Kyle then told Leon to be careful of Hertrude as she was upto something, with her having a talk with him and the village leader as well.

At night, Leon and Luxion destroyed the eye armor piece, with Luxion destroying it with his main ship's cannon when it was thrown overboard. Hertrude then came again trying to negotiate again for the armor piece, with Luxion saying that it was unfortunate and Leon telling her that he dropped it. Hertrude furious hearing this tried to order Leon to retrieve it, with Luxion refusing that it was not possible. Hertrude then said that she would report it to the higher-ups of the kingdom's nobles, with Luxion replying that it would not do anything as Leon was the one who had found it and he could do whatever he wanted to it. Hertrude snapped hearing asking what was taught at the academy as the armor piece was valuable, with Leon replying that it existed only for the purpose of finding marriage partners. Hertrude hearing this stomped off telling Leon that she would not forget about this matter.

After returning to the capital, Leon went to the palace to give his report after which he was dragged to a surprise tea party by graduating daughters of baron, viscount, and earl families. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy it at all with the daughters having brought their demi-human servants with them and them only asking about his financial prospects. After it was over, Leon met Queen Mylene across the corridors of the palace with her asking Leon to spare a few moments with her to which readily agreed. Leon and Mylene then went to a room and had tea, she asked how Leon was getting along with Hertrude and she was anxious about it. Leon then said that he thought she had approval for the trip, with Mylene replying that the people had differing opinions about it as she was against Hertrude attending the academy. She also told that she had talked with her as well, with Hertrude showing hostility against the kingdom. Mylene told Leon that she thinks that the principality was not going to give up soon Leon agreed as well. She then asked if he knew what was going on about the Lafan Household and the household having so many debts on them, the palace would have taken their title but being the Saint's household, the temple and the nobles were against it which led to increase in their debt. The palace and the temple had resolved the debt for Marie but they were going to face some issues in the next year's budget. Leon hearing this was quite happy until Mylene said that Leon being the commander of the Saint's guards, the nobles wanted him to take responsibility for the problem. He was shocked hearing this with Mylene further explaining that even though he was recently assigned to that position, the palace and the temple could not let the matter go without censuring him as well. Leon hearing this started complaining as they were the ones who made him the bodyguards with Mylene replying that people always want someone. However, she was not gonna sit idly as well as she was the one who backed his ascension to the viscount and would try to support him. Leon hearing this was a bit surprised with Mylene replying she had done it due to the incident with the pirates and also the one with the principality so she recommended his promotion. Hearing this Leon tried to say that he did not want a grander title, but thinking that he would hurt her he replied that he wanted Mylene, with her being flabbergasted as she was old enough to be his mother with Leon not minding the age gap until one of the maids present coughed to remind them that they were in the palace. Mylene told Leon to stop making fun of him with her face being bright red with embarrassment.

The next day, Leon held a tea party with Clarice and Deirdre attending. They were discussing the Saint's debt when the soldiers came and took Leon into their custody having found a secret agreement between Leon and the principality and finding letters that supposedly linked them. He was beaten up by the soldiers before being taken away by them in front of all the students, with Olivia, Clarice, Deirdre, Daniel and Raymond present among them. He was in one of the cells in the palace, when Julius came to ask Leon why did he betray the kingdom, with him denying it as it was a false accusation. Julius informed Leon that Partner and Arroganz were taken by the kingdom's knights even though they are not able to control it. He also him about the infighting in the palace, with some nobles trying to push him for execution while others trying to protect him. Julius then again asked why Leon betrayed Leon with him trying to explain that the accusations were false and if he wanted to betray them he would have done a better job with Julius agreeing as well. Julius then left with Hertrude coming before Leon. She then asked Leon to switch sides with her promising to give what he wants, a safe peaceful life. Hearing this, Leon was a bit surprised as she was able to figure out what he wanted unlike nobles in the kingdom. But Leon still refused as he did not trust her and the principality hated him as well. Luxion then joined the conversation, telling her that she was scared of him and that's why had him locked up and offering him the hand of salvation hoping that Leon would have been too distraught to think. She glared at Luxion remarking that he was a rude familiar to eavesdrop their on conversation with Luxion replying that if she was being sincere he would have tried to convince Leon to join her. After hearing this she was angry that they did not believe her and before she told Leon to be proud as they deemed him a threat. Leon then sat on the bed, when Luxion revealing that it was Miauler, his sister's personal servant who had planted the fake evidence in his room. Luxion then asked him why was he too relaxed even though he was in a dungeon, with Leon replying that it was too exhausting to have his guard up all the time and also told him that he was glad to have connections with Mylene, otherwise they might have tortured him after his arrest. Luxion replie that if it happened he would have rescued him at once and sunk the entire continent or he would have wiped out all humanity aside from those he was close with. Leon then held up his hand to stop before he could complete his sentence, replying he was not in for genocide. Afterall Leon was in the dungeon because of a reason afterall. On the day he was arrested, he met with Gilbert and Mylene in a room in the palace where they explained that Julius' fall from power weaken Redgrave Household faction's power with most of the power going to Marquis Frampton's fraction with Leon being the cause it. Also Leon had drove away the principality's fleet with just one ship which put the nobles at an edge, with the marquis being wary of Leon and principality hating him, they allied with each other. Leon hearing was a bit shocked as he was the one who caused his own downfall in a way. Mylene then asked Leon if he realized what it means because some nobles were more afraid of Leon than the principality with Marquis Frampton in particular. Leon frowned hearing with Gilbert trying to explain that he was able to defeat some dozen ships alone, proving that he possessed quite the power with him. Even though Gilbert knew Leon would not betray them, the other nobles do not believe it, with them having no guarantee if Leon would not rebel. Leon hearing this understood why they were wary of him, but he asked even though he may have won against the principality once, was not Framptom underestimating principality too much. Gilbert replied that some would think that he was naive for saying this, but thoe who remember war understand what threat the principality posed. He then asked if that's why they had decided to lock him, with Gilbert asking for his forgiveness as it would be safer for him to be in the dungeon as there was danger of assassination. A chill ran down Leon's spine realizing that he was in more danger than he thought. Gilbert told him that it was going to be very busy with Mylene also telling that if they did not play their cards properly, they might face a civil war and with Hertrude moving as well they might face invasion from them as well. Leon then asked if his friends he was under their protection, with Gilbert replying that they were not as only a few select knew, with him saying that Angelica had gone to protest when she heard about Leon's arrest. Leon then asked if she was him safe with him replying that she was released as soon as he pressured them Gilbert then asked Leon for a favor, with him replying that he was going to investigate every person who came to see him with Leon acting as the bait. When Luxion heard about this, he told that he had noticed people who were looking into Leon and his surroundings and had assumed they were collecting but maybe they were planning to assassinate him. Leon hearing this was scared and told Luxion that he should have reported this, with Luxion replying that he would not let any danger fall on him. Leon then told Luxion to report about this when it happens next time. Luxion trying to change the subject told Leon that the kingdom's system was infeasible as it was designed in a way to heighten the dissatisfaction of the regional lords which would inevitably lead to rebellion. He then said as the principality had a secret weapon the kingdom should have one as well, with Leon replying that if it was it was going to be that one. Luxion hearing this, told Leon he should consult with him if he knew something, with Leon apologizing that without Olivia it was not going to move. He then asked what their next plan was going to be and who was going to win between the Redgrave house and the Framptom house.

With Leon sitting in the dungeon, he got quite a lot of visitors with various proposals, asking him how they could move Partner, promising monetary compensations or asking him to join them so he could work with them. Leon did not believe anyone as they were planning to kill him after he handed over everything. Luxion reported that they tried to dissemble Partner but gave up halfway, with him asking again if they can't just simply destroy the kingdom. Leon replied that he was sure that he did not want the kingdom to be destroyed. Luxion hearing this asked if they could atleast control and rule them, with Leon rejecting the idea. Luxion then asked if he refused to give up on the kingdom due to his friends with Leon telling Luxion that he had zero interest in managing and leading a country. So he had no right to tear it apart as it would ruin the lives of the people living here with no reason. Luxion still tries to make Leon move but he still rejected all of the rest. Luxion gave up as he understood he could not make Leon move, with him asking Luxion what he wanted him to do. Luxion simply replied that he thought it would be wonderful if the two of them could finally destroy the new humans together with Leon being dumbfounded at how to respond to him.

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Leon, along with Marie and the Prince's Entourage, transfers to Alzer Republic to make sure that his actions have not affected the plot of the second game.

Leon meets Louise.

After transferring, Leon is provided with a small house to stay in and becomes friends with his classmates Noelle and Jean. He later meets Louise and is confused by her affectionate attitude towards him. After Pierre assaults Jean, Leon wanted to get revenge, but is held back knowing that it could cause political trouble. Later on, when the Prince's Entourage lose Einhorn to Pierre, Luxion seemingly switches sides. Quickly figuring out Luxion's plan, Leon, along with Noelle (who's being harassed by Loic) move into Marie's mansion.

Leon later has dinner with the Rault family, where he learns about his resemblance to Leon Sara Rault.

Leon with the sapling.

Later on, Leon convinces Narcisse to join him and the Prince's Entourage in exploring the dungeon. While in there, the group defeats a chimera and Leon acquires as sacred tree sapling. He quickly preserves the sapling in a special container before the group leaves. Leon makes a point of showing off his sapling, getting attention from all six noble houses. While Leon is in a meeting with Louise, Narcisse, and Clement, Pierre bursts in and demands the sapling, to which Leon refuses. Pierre wants to take it by force, but is stopped by the presence of Louise and Narcisse. He and Leon then agree on a duel between the two, with Leon betting the sapling and Pierre betting Luxion, with both swearings on the sacred tree.

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Leon is visited by his two beloved fiancés, Livia and Angie. But their sudden motive is not what he thinks it is. They are there to clarify the misunderstanding in Luxion's comment about his alleged cheating. Thankfully, it is already cleared up with proofs. With so much satisfaction and more stories to tell them, he escorts his fiancés to his mansion where they are approached by Noelle. He is unable to read the mood and he introduces them to the heartbroken Noelle. Afterwards, Leon returns to the Holfort Kingdom for summer break. After returning home, he has a brief exchange with Jenna, which ends with her running away in tears.

Leon crashes the wedding.

He returns to the Alzer Republic at the end of summer break, accompanied by Cordelia & Yumeria who are supposed to stop Leon from cheating. and is informed by Marie about Noelle's engagement to Loic. He breaks into the Barielle family territory to rescue Noelle, but leaves when she tells him that she doesn't want his help. Following the incident, Leon mopes around the mansion for a few days before the Prince's Entourage returns. After they explain to Leon that his crashing the wedding would not cause problems for the Kingdom, Leon sets up a plan to do just that. The following day, Leon crashes the wedding with Arroganz and fights Loic who has been strengthened by the sacred Tree. Leon emerges victorious and leaves with Noelle.

The two return to Leon's house, which neither of them had stayed in since the incident with Pierre. Noticing the crib that was used for Noelle(dog), the two reminisce, before Leon starts to take off Noelle's collar. The two jokes about keeping the collar on her, only for Olivia, Angelica, Yumeria, and Cordelia to interrupt them, getting the wrong idea about the situation.

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Balcus's Side of the Family

Leon gets along well with his father as he tries not to involve him or his family into trouble. When Leon wanted to be an Adventurer, Balcus went out of his way to get Leon a ship and various other gear for Leon to survive his life adventuring for fortune, despite their household already in debt. Balcus was also quick to decapitate Miauler when he found out about the servant's attempt to place false charges on Leon, which almost ended in his son's execution.

She cares for her son's well-being. When Leon was being promoted she initially believed her son to be stupid and was genuinely crying tears of joy from his success.

They share a good brotherly relationship with each other since Nicks was kind enough to risk his life by sending the information regarding the Forest Of Ladies to Leon, which Leon repaid in kind by paying Nicks' school fees and daily expenses, ensuring his brother would be able to study without taking part-time jobs, which Nicks is thankful for.

Despite seeming to be rude and demeaning to one another most of the time, the two seem to have a decent sibling relationship. Leon likes Jenna enough to buy her a slave and Jenna likes Leon well enough to tell him the ins and outs of the Academy hierarchy as well as noble customs. However, she still placed a bomb onto Arroganz, albeit being forced and being worried for her brother's safety during his match with Jilk Fia Marmoria. However, a good sign of their relationship was that Leon easily forgave her for planting the bomb and was particularly brutal in his match against Jilk for making her do it.

Finley and Leon do not share as many interactions, but it can be assumed that Leon has a love-hate relationship with her too, but not to the extreme of Jenna's. Still, Leon stood out for her when she was bullied by some male freshmen of the Royal Academy.

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Colin is amazed by Leon's fighting achievements. His admiration and respect for Leon are to the extent that he was willing to get over his heartbreak and apologize to his big bro.

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Zola's Side of the Family (Former)

Leon does not like anyone on that side of the family, and hates them as they keep disrespecting Leon's family side. Later the incident between the Holfort Kingdom and Principality of Fanoss, Zola's family side is no longer part of the Bartfort Household.

  • Olivia
  • While playing the game, Leon viewed Olivia as a sly girl who was manipulating the characters, but after meeting her in person and seeing her kindness, his opinion of her changed. At the same time, he unintentionally became her first friend at the academy. They spend so much time together that Leon would come to Olivia's defense on her behalf when it comes to bullies and adventuring. This relationship improved to where Olivia wishes Leon to affectionately call her Livia. When Luxion explained that Leon's involvement had actually hindered Olivia's development, he became somewhat depressed, despite the fact that he was indirectly protecting the girl from bullies within the school. This feeling grew even more when Livia snapped at him on why he keeps helping her, making him realize if he was really seeing Livia as who she is besides being the protagonist of the Otome game. He then tried to distance himself from her in an attempt to push things in the direction of the game and even calls her by her original name, Olivia. They eventually make up during the school trip and battles against the Principality where she ends up confessing to Leon and he once again calls her Livia. As the story progresses they both spend more time with each other leading up to Leon inadvertently capturing her heart and getting engaged with her. While initially reluctant, Leon is very happy with his current relationship with Livia and tries his best not to upset her or Angelica, particularly on matters relating to cheating.

    Leon's first interaction with Angelica was when he offered to become her representative to fight the princes (though it was out of hatred for the princes rather than any level of kindness). After the match, the two of them become friends. As the story progresses Angelica spends more time with Leon as after the duel with the prince and his group many people try to regain her favor after abandoning her leaving her to hang with Leon and Olivia who she took a liking to as she could trust them. After both suffered a similar feeling of guilt towards Livia because of their respective states, they all originally ended up distancing between themselves. It was during the school trip that they somewhat mended their relationship and when Leon saves her from the Principality, their relationship improved to where Angelica falls in love with him. Leon would also inadvertently grow closer to her to the point where he, originally reluctantly, gets engaged with her. He's now very happy with his relationship with Angelica and trying his best to be faithful to her and Livia.

    They became acquainted and established a friendly relationship with each other. After seeing his good qualities and how he keeps on saving her, Noelle develops feelings for him. Leon is unaware of this and only sees her as a friend and an important individual he must watch over as the second Otome game's protagonist. He becomes aware of her feelings when she's forcibly engaged to Loic and rejected his rescue and Marie tells him. He was torn and guilt-ridden upon this revelation but support talk from the Prince Entourage made him realize he wants to save her no matter what. After Leon rescues Noelle, they managed to mend their relationship to what Leon sees as "More than friends, but less than lovers" and states further progress is impossible.

    Marie says Leon's feelings and actions for Noelle are out of care and pity, while Luxion states that the two may have feelings for each other.

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    Leon gets along with Mylene. Despite her already being married with a child Leon's age, he wouldn't mind marrying her and often flirts with her by instinct. This could be due to the fact that she was the closest type of ideal woman he was searching for in both his past and current life.

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    The two share a bitter relationship where they both have downright admitted their distaste for one another. Because of Leon's achievements and actions, Roland has acknowledged his skills but finds it infuriating how he has to deal with the issues and aftermath. He also dislikes Leon showing him up during the war.

    Leon, on the other hand, realizes how Roland is involved in his promotions and unfavorable situations, which further deepens their dislike for one another. It's worth noting that their dislike of one another has nothing to do with Leon's flirtation with Mylene.

    The two of them are completely complicated. At first, she is very vigilant but sometimes she acts too friendly to Leon. She is also ready to give him the position of the Duke because she thinks he hates the nation's inequality and ranking discrimination against the noblewoman. But after several days of knowing each other, the girl has shown some hints of being interested in Leon.

    Leon maintains a close yet professional relationship with the Prime Minister. He was delighted when the Atlee House gifted the Schwert though felt pressured whenever Bernard brought up the subject of Clarice.

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    During his match with the princes, many people place high-cost bets against him. When Leon won the match, this resulted in most students in the school losing a large amount of money. This single event made Leon the most hated person in the school. Though this is a small group of boys who look up to him for openly revealing some of the problems they have to deal with in their women-favoring society.

    When Leon first noticed Marie in the academy, he felt a surge of fury "for some reason", but was unable to make sense of his emotions. During the first few weeks in the academy, Leon easily reads through her manipulation of the princes and realizes that she, like him, was reincarnated. As the story continues Leon does not pity the situation Marie has gotten herself in, messing with the story, stealing the role of Protagonists and capturing the game's target (The Prince and his entourage) all for it to come crashing down as leaving her broke. In volume 3 her relationship with Leon improves as both figure out that they were siblings before they were reincarnated resulting in Maria begging Leon to help her like how he used to do before, leaving their relationship in a somewhat better state than before both pre and post reincarnation. Now, he gives her an allowance and feels pity for her situation with the prince and his group (though he still sees it as her own fault).

    Their newfound closeness and familial interactions have caused several characters to suspect that she and Leon had become romantically involved, an idea that Leon finds both disgusting and annoying.

    Leon's male friends that he met at a welcoming party when he first enrolled. They all faced similar situations in regards to finding an ideal marriage partner but often get disappointed where either most of the good girls are taken or for their terrible personalities. Although they originally abandoned Leon when he acted as Angelica's representative in a duel against the Prince Entourage, Leon didn't hold it against him. However, they both have bet on Leon's victory which expresses their fair amount of trust in him. After the duel is over, Leon still hangs out with them where they usually hang out like at his tea parties.

    Leon has kept his overall good relationship with both of them even though both became envious (though this jealousy is of no detriment to their close relations) of Leon's progress with Olivia and Angelica. Leon establishes a business relationship with them by giving them the airships he stole from the Principality of Fanoss during the school trip and being in charge of their maintenance and repairs. When Leon needed help, they and other poor noble students rushed to his aid in the Commonwealth, rallied by Angelica.

    A noblewoman who Leon met during his school trip when the Principality of Fanoss attacked their cruise ship. Leon used her and the rest of the students by coercing them into fighting the Principality. While Deirdre originally looked down on Leon for his crude behaviors and actions, the event made her garner interest in him. When Leon shares a conversation with her, he becomes shaken and finds her hard to approach when Deirdre expresses her love interest in him such as eloping or taking him in her household.

    The two originally had an antagonistic relationship with each other when Leon was against her during the air bike track race. However, Leon didn't exactly hold anything against Clarice as he was aware of how she was more of a victim after her broken engagement with Jilk. When Leon learns more about Clarice through one of her servants, he decided to have both Jilk and Clarice confront and make amends with each other. This has Clarice see Leon in a better view where they now share a rather close relationship where she has attended his tea parties and even sent him a custom bike from her household. Unknown to Leon, he also gains her attention romantically.

    One of Leon's classmates shared a similar status in their nobility when he first enrolled. Lucle praises Leon for his efforts in adventuring which made Leon regress to a state of desperation on how he only did it to save his livelihood. The two haven't interacted much since.

    Leon highly respects his teacher, finding him as the perfect gentleman. They have an amicable relationship, with Leon frequently seeking advice and pearls of wisdom.

    *More information will be added soon later.*

    The Prince's Entourage (Vassal)

    Leon has disliked the group ever since he played the game. He found them all arrogant despite being incredibly weak and useless in battle. His opinions of them worsened after meeting them in person. However, he gains a small level of respect for each of them after the war, but he still sees them all as idiots. Unbeknown to Leon, he was able to inspire and spark bravery for the entourage, in which some of them viewed Leon as the ideal & selfless man they could ever become. During their trip to Alzer, they gradually gained respect and some sort of comradeship with the second Bartfort son. After returning to their homeland, they were made to become Leon's protectorates/vassals. .

    Leon considers the prince a hypocritical idiot. He's annoyed by the prince is so dead set on making Marie his wife while not taking how that will affect the kingdom into account. Leon's also annoyed that Julius as beautiful girls of high standing throwing themselves at him while most boys have to beg girls to marry them. He also sees Julius as a hypocrite, as, during their match, Julius complained about the troubles of being a prince only to later use his authority as a prince as a shield against Leon.

    Though not required to become Leon's vassal like the other four; Julius volunteered anyway, stating he has trust and respect for Leon, plus he would "get lonely" for being left out.

    *More information will be added soon later.*

    Leon dislikes Jilk. He finds Jilk's trope of being the quiet one who's actually the most dangerous as overused and boring. Leon's opinion of Jilk worsened when Jilk made Jenna put a bomb in his armor and he was especially brutal during their match.

    *More information will be added soon later.*

    Leon sees Brad as an arrogant narcissist. However, Leon develops a begrudging respect for him after Greg and Brad protect Olivia from an air pirate.

    *More information will be added soon later.*

    Leon originally saw him as a knight who valued his sword over actual strategy in combat and found his chivalrous attitude annoying. However, Leon gained some respect for him when he helped Leon rescue Angelica from the Principality.

    *More information will be added soon later.*

    Leon initially thought of Greg as an over prideful idiot who couldn't use his equipment properly. However, Leon develops a begrudging respect for him after Greg and Brad protect Olivia from an air pirate.

    *More information will be added soon later.*

    Luxion is an old human AI that Leon obtained from its cheat item dungeon, in his attempts to avoid a marriage that was set up by Zola. He knows of Luxion's existence when he played the Otome game and used this knowledge to find the A.I. Originally, Luxion saw Leon as an intruder and among many "new humans" who attempted and failed to obtain the A.I. When Leon reveals his Japanese and reincarnation origins, Luxion submitted to him when Leon managed to take control over the cheat item.

    The two have since established a trust-hate relationship with each other where although Luxion is obedient towards Leon, the two would often argue and throw insults at each other. Leon would often consult to Luxion for advice when facing certain crises, but not always concede to the cheat item's suggestion such as destroying the new humans. They have established a deep trust with each other that even when Luxion was taken from Leon during his time at the Alzer Republic, he wasn't shaken by Luxion's betrayal and actually became aware of the A.I.'s intentions and played along with its plans. Leon still often gets very irritated at how Luxion would tease him or put him in unfavorable situations, particularly in matters on his romantic relationships.

    Cleare is an old human AI that Leon gained loyalty from a ruin (actually old human's lab was overran by elf). Though Cleare self-destruct, its data was uploaded to Luxion; later Cleare was reconstructed by Luxion to protect and communicate with Olivia and Angelica when Leon had parted from the two. Cleare appears kinder and subservient to Leon when it comes to his orders but is not above the methods on how it carries those orders.

    Leon doesn't hide his desire to help the girl. He often shows her a genuine treatment of a good master and Yumeria returns him with loyal but sometimes troublesome service.

    The two originally seemed to have a neutral relationship, with neither one really caring about either way. However, after Leon injured another servant, Miauler grows to dislike him and was willing to frame Leon for a crime out of pure spite.

    Upon meeting him, Leon has good terms with Jean. He is always acting like a brother-in-arms to his buddy and he is ready to take vengeance against his enemies who are treating him badly.

    Louise is incredibly kind and affectionate towards Leon due to his resemblance to her deceased younger brother. It's implied in Volume 5 that she might be developing romantic feelings towards him.

    The two share a mutual dislike towards one another. Lelia dislikes how Leon's presence ruined her plans and is frightened by Leon and Luxion's power. On the other hand, Leon dislikes how she puts the progression of the game over Noelle's happiness. That, being the case, they are still willing to work together to keep Alzer safe.

    A teacher of him while studying aboard in Alzer Republic. He finds Leon cute.

    Leon gained a hatred for him after he assaulted Jean which grew deeper after he stole Luxion. During their match, Leon showed him no mercy: brutally assaulting and embarrassing him, stopping Pierre from surrendering, framing him for a terrorist attack, and having his crest taken away.

    Their first meeting was Leon hitting Loic with Luxion to get him to stop harassing Noelle and their relationship only got worse from there. When Leon crashed the wedding, he made a point of calling Loic out, which led to their fight.

    *Information will be added soon later.*

    Abilities & Equipment

    Closely resembling a "jack-of-all-trades", Leon is fairly competent on all forms of combat, but he is nowhere near a "master-of-none". In terms of individual fields of expertise there are people better than him (For instance: Chris is likely superior in swordsmanship or Jilk is a better sharpshooter and Brad is more proficient in magic). But Leon makes up by being a taskmaster that can improvise, adapt and overcome as many odd situations as possible.


    • Swordsmanship

    Leon was trained by his father, as well as being a student of the Holfort's academy — going through standard adventurer training and working hard to appease the girls. He was never stated to be particularly good with a blade, but even in a dispirited mental state, he could stop Brad's surprise attack.

    • Body

    Being accustomed to physically-demanding labor since his childhood, Leon's body is very much well-built. After the acquisition of Luxion, Leon doesn't train as much as he could have any more, it's pretty obvious he does give enough effort to stay in shape, an extinct of being a young adventurer.

    • Skilled Pilot

    Leon has displayed applaudable efficiency in handling airbikes and armors. While he is not as skilled of an armor controller as the Black Knight; Leon showed extreme competence as he could pinpoint and abuse Arroganz's blind spot in the "unfair" duel against Pierre, proving he understands his equipment from the inside-out.

    All men in Bartfort Household appeared to have a natural knack for piloting despite not all of them are either talented airbikers or renowned armored soldiers.


    Having New Human genes, the magic particles is non-toxicant to Leon, thus he can utilise the mystic arts through self-teaching and attending lectures as a student of the Holfort's academy. Although his overall magic grade is not at all remarkable (according to Julius) due to his semi-lazy personality, Leon mastered some advanced incantations that he deemed useful/convenient.[16]

    • Lightning Magic

    When Leon takes aim with his signature shotgun, magic circles would materialize in front of the gun's muzzle (depending on formula, small magic circles could appear inside/atop the main one). Once the trigger is pulled, the shotgun shells would pass through (thus got enchanted by) magic, gaining blue-yellow tracers (akin to lightning enveloped in bright sunlight), and the pellets would chase down the enemy until a hit is achieved.

    The most prominent use of this spell was against Fanoss' horde of monsters summoned by the Magic Flute (spell conjured with a big help from Luxion) and the monster inside Alzer's dungeon (spell conjured solely by Leon).

    • Body-strengthening Magic

    Leon can greatly enhance his physical capabilities for a short amount of time with magic. A good example is when he used magic to take down several demi-human servants when Stephanie threatened Queen Mylene.



    Battle Gear

    • Arroganz - A battle armor created by Luxion specially for his master Leon. It is much larger than normal armors and has an overall black livery and possesses tremendous speed and power,[12] carries a great number of tools and weapons on its back, plus storing drones and missile launchers.[10]
    • Broad Katana - He had a custom-made katana forged by Luxion shortly after acquiring the AI.
    • Shotgun - Leon's favourite small arms fire. It has a short barrel and wooden stock. The shotgun seems to be semi-automatic given that it lacks a lever or a pump. Most common shells used against human is less-lethal rubber slugs while electrified buckshot are used against monsters.
    • Battlesuit - It has a black colour scheme with a good muscular defense mechanism. The joints are extremely flexible and can move according to the user's will.
    • Schwert - An airbike gave to Leon by the Atlee family and modified by Luxion.[17] It later gets another refit, with a new appearance resembling an aircraft and has the ability to combine with Arroganz (by merging on the armour's back).[18]


    • "War Fortune Charm(?)" - An in-game talisman item that increases physical attributes and enhances close-quarter combat ability, but in reality its effect is currently unknown. Leon charm is specially-made (a prototype) and never appears in-game.[17] Was activated during final fight against Black Knight (Effect wasn't seen).
    • Friendship Bracelet - A talisman made in Jean's hometown, woven in fine rope. It was given to Leon (right before his return to Holfort Kingdom) by Jean, the representative for all Alzer Academy's students, as a gesture of good fate and friendship.[19]


    • Partner - A 700m-long stealth battleships hastily built and commissioned by Luxion (using its main body) to participate in operation Air Pirate Subjugation. It features a variety of multi-purpose artillery system with superb range and penetration compare to contemporary airships of the same size,[20] as well as exceptionally strong physical armor plating and magical barriers. Partner alone was enough to stalemate the main bulk of Fanoss armada and its monsters for the majority of the battle. It was put out of commission for refit and repair after the Fanoss invasion.
    • Einhorn - Lead ship of the Einhorn-class airship, it was constructed by Luxion before the journey to Alzer Republic; these ships are significantly smaller (sitting at 200m)[21] than the giant Partner and designed for small envoys. Armed with a limited but powerful assortment of anti-ship and anti-air cannons; it alone was able to take on a large portion of Alzer's combined fleet (the legendary airship force which was undefeated in defensive battle).[22]
    • Licorne - Second ship of the Einhorn-class (with changes and upgrades) built-in secret by Cleare using Einhorn's spare parts. The ship's bow spot a naval ram shaped like a horn, a signature trademark of the Einhorn class. It has a dazzling white color scheme and thick platinum-colored armor plates; Leon remarked it is almost indistinguishable from Einhorn (aside completely different color), so although its specification is unknown, it is assumed to have similar performances to the lead ship.[23]


    • He is the first student to have been bestowed knighthood. He also has his court rank raised at the age of sixteen and gains much prestige as an Adventurer, in stark contrast to his original motive of living a mundane life in peace.[24]
      • He is the first person who had been promoted multiple times from Baron to Count before reaching his seventeenth birthday.[25]
      • He is the youngest person of the kingdom to have served as an (albeit only emergency and for a short time) Supreme Commander of the Holfort Army and its Fleet.
    • After defeating Pierre, the sacred saplings bestowed him its crest on his right hand, earning him the right of becoming the sole guardian of the sacred item.[13]
    • He likes winning against his enemies albeit he needs to do it in dirty methods such as gambling which he loathes much.
    • He is obsessed with making tea, buying a lot of tea leaves and expensive tea sets for his tea parties that he happily invites his friends to.
    • Marie mentioned that Leon and Luxion have a similar personality like her older brother.[26][19]
    • Despite Leon is against killing, Leon has killed one person with proper intention so far.


    Light Novel



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