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Lelia Beltre (レリア・ベルトレ, Reria Berutore) or more accurate, Lelia Zel Lespinasse (レリア・ジル・レスピナス, Reria Jiru Resupinasu) is the youngest daughter of the Beltre Household and once former of Lespinasse Household. She is the younger twin-sister of Noelle & also the third reincarnated person.[2]


Her appearance greatly offbeat from her sister. She possesses long, pink hair, which she ties into a ponytail on her left side. Her body is slender, with long arms and legs, and she has green eyes & her breasts are smaller than her sister's.


Based on Leon's perspective, she is a cunning and manipulative woman. She is short-tempered, stubborn easily offended by words. She's a worrywart who is gentle with her older sister, but she still prioritizes the progression of the game over her sister's feelings.

It is later revealed that her harsh treatment of Noelle is due to feelings of jealously and insecurity caused by her relation with her sister in her previous life. She compares Noelle to her previous sister and feels like an extra character in her sister's life.

Story Overview

Previous Life

In her original life, she played the sequel otome game, however, she followed the story's guide and avoided two-timing, so while she knows the proper story of the game, she never saw any of the bad ends or the events leading to them.

Growing up, she was constantly compared to her more talented older sister. In school, she confessed to a boy, but was rejected, with the boy even asking her to introduce him to her sister. Eventually she got a fiancé, who was the heir to a family owned company. Feeling that she had finally done better her sister, the girl brought her fiancé to her parent's house. However, while there, her parents asked if her fiancé was okay with her instead of her sister, and within months, the engagement was called off and he was dating her sister. When the girl voiced her feelings to her family, they waived off her concerns and she realized that they didn't really care. After this she cut ties with her family and grew to hate her sister.

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New Life

Lelia was reborn as the younger twin sister of Noelle Zel Lespinasse, the protagonist of the sequel otome game. Upon her reincarnation, she quickly figured out that she was in the sequel otome game. She was initially thrilled that she was a daughter of the Lespinasse household, meaning that she could become the priestess, but she became disheartened when her parents a told her that she lacked the qualities to become the priestess. Because of this, she holds a certain amount of resentment for her sister.

At some point, she made it her mission to ensure that the game progressed correctly and that Alzer was not destroyed. Her main reason for this is that if the game went smoothly, she could live a comfortable life. Following Leon's death, the Rault Household, led by Albergue, destroyed the Lespinasse Household, killing all of its members except Lelia & Noelle. The twins assumed that they were simply forgotten about when in reality, they were spared due to Albergue not blaming them for the sins of their family. The two sisters then took the name Beltre and tried to live normal lives, under the covert protection of one of their house's knights, Clement.

Upon enrolling in the academy, Lelia quickly set things up in her favor, using her knowledge of the game to capture Emile Laz Pleven, the easiest capture target in the game, and began dating him. At some point, she attempted to convince Serge Sara Rault to romantically pursue Noelle, but he ended up confessing to Lelia instead. After that failure, she attempted a similar strategy with Loic Leta Barielle, who did pursue Noelle. She was happy to let the other capture targets flock to Noelle, but became somewhat shocked when she realized that most of them weren't interested in Noelle and she might have wasted and opportunity to start dating a different capture target.

Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

She scared for her life knowing that Luxion can destroy Alzer Republic anytime so she and Serge Sara Rault go the dungeon to find her own powerful weapon.

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Volume 7

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She is a very protective young sister to her big sister. Sometimes, she acts as the eldest among them. Despite this, she seems to prioritize the progression of the game over her sister's feelings. She was still supportive of Noelle ending up with Loic despite her sister's hatred of him and she had few complaints with Loic forcing Noelle to marry him. Even upon learning that the collar Loic put on Noelle is a sign of the bad end, she's still in favor of their relationship until she learns that Alzer could be destroyed.

It is later revealed that Lelia is secretly resentful towards Noelle, as, despite being twin-sisters, Noelle is the only one with the qualifications to become the priestess. This causes her to feel like an extra character in Noelle's life.

Lelia finds Marie's situation with the Prince's Entourage funny and inevitable, given that she went for the reverse harem ending instead of settling for one. Because of how inconsiderate Lelia is to Noelle, Marie has gained a dislike towards Lelia.

While both of them want the game to progress properly, they often clash about how to do it, with Lelia wanting Noelle to get together with Loic, and Leon wanting to find a solution that makes Noelle happy. Lelia sees Leon as a threat, not only because he became the Sacred Tree Guardian, but also because he controls Luxion.

Emile is Lelia's boyfriend. Despite their relationship, Lelia seems dismissive of his opinions and feelings, and often blows him off with little explanation. Her reason for dating Emile was simply because he was the easiest target in the game, and after realizing that Serge may be more helpful towards her overall goals, she even considered breaking off their engagement.

Lelia initially tried to get him to pursue Noelle like she did with Loic; however, that plan backfired when he confessed to Lelia instead. Upon realizing that Luxion might be a threat, Lelia decides to use Serge to get the the Ideal deep within the dungeon. After searching the dungeon and finding Ideal, Serge is notably forceful with Lelia, suddenly kissing her and making her go with him to the sacred tree festival. Lelia had no real interest in starting a relationship with Serge, and was just using him. However, after realizing the Serge might be more helpful to her overall goals then Emile, Lelia shows more concern for Serge and even considers cancelling her engagement with Emile.

Lelia is scared of Luxion, fearing the possibility of him turning on them and destroying the Republic.

Ideal behaves as Lelia and Serge's loyal A.I. Despite this role, Ideal often omits information from her and takes matters into its own hands, seemingly for it's masters' benefits. Ideal was notably upset when Lelia called it a liar and demanded that she retract the statement.


  • She is a vivid fan of the otome game.
  • In the Otome game world, her whole hair is in pink, ponytail on her left side while Noelle is the opposite for the hairstyle with her hair is blonde hair with pink tips.
  • Her some appearance have a big differences than her older sister Noelle despite being twins.



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