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Julius Rapha Holfort (ユリウス・ラファ・ホルファート, Yuriusu Rafa Horufāto) is one of the main capture target in the first series of the otome game and was the former crown prince of the Holfort Kingdom until giving up the title.


Julius is a tall, handsome young man with dark blue hair and matching eyes.


Julius is very honest, having no problem making his personal feeling known in any situation, however, he's is not good at reading the mood, which often causes him to say and do things that he shouldn't.

As a former prince, money has never been an issue for Julius, as such, he has no monetary sense and spends money recklessly. However, after working at a food stand of a month, Julius learned the value of hard work and how foolish it is to waste money on unnecessary things.

After being kicked out by Marie and forced to get a job he learned of the troubles of having no money. By the end of the month, Julius understood the value of money and hard work having found employment selling meat and enjoyed the experience. Ironically, Julius still needs to learn more as his work and hobby put Marie in debt for an illegal attempt to make a chicken farming field.

Despite seeming like an idiot most of the time due the lack of proper common sense, he has a good understanding of politics. His idiocy alongside his group often to make Leon and Marie to forget of the fact that they have the highest rating education in Holfort academy.

In What If Marie's route, Julius' idiocy is shown in a dark way as he had kicked so many students for being rude with Olivia without even aware that Olivia was possessed. Julius even unaware that his deed would lead to the lack of the kingdom's protection when a raid of enemies would come.

Story Overview

Original Game Story: Otome Game
Julius is one of the game's capture targets.

Volume 1

Julius makes his first official appearance during the entrance ceremony and gave a speech as the representative of the new students.

After several weeks passed since the entrance ceremony, Julius and Jilk were walking in the academy's courtyard with their followers and the female students accompanying them, the female students asking Julius when he was going to hold the tea ceremony and they all would like to participate in it. Angelica then came with her followers and approached Julius about the tea ceremony, asking if it was alright if they could attend it together. He rebuked Angelica for forcing her way into the conversation as this was the academy to which Angelica replied that the conversation around him was rather loud. Julius then noticing Marie, asked her to come over as he had something to talk with her. Julius then said as the other boys were also going to arrange tea ceremonies so he doesn't want to hold a flashy one and was planning to only invite acquaintances so he wants Marie to attend his tea ceremony. Angelica objects to it as Julius was the crown prince, so a suitable tea ceremony should be held even it is not a flashy one but he doesn't hear to Angelica's objections at all. Julius then tells Angelica to stop as even if she was his fiancé, they were at the academy and he was just a student, so she shouldn't interfere with his affairs that much. Angelica hearing this, excuses herself for the discourtesy she has shown, and glares at Marie before leaving with her followers following her.

Several weeks later Julius with the rest of The Prince's Entourage and Marie went to a dungeon with Leon, Angelica, Olivia and followers of both the prince's entourage and Angelica's for a class lesson. When groups were being made to explore the dungeon, Angelica is against Marie being in the same group as Julius and an argument happens between them. While Leon and Olivia went as the vanguards, the prince's group and Angelica's are in the middle, with the former in front of the latter. The prince's group then encountered six giant ant monsters. As they had come from a side road so the groups in the front had missed them. Angelica then shouted out to the two groups who were in the front and back of the prince's group to protect them. But Greg shouted them to move back while killing one, and the other four were handled by Chris, Brad and Jilk. The last one headed towards Julius while Angelica was shouting to protect him. Jilk then reprimanded Angelica telling her that Julius wasn't someone weak. Julius was able to defeat the ant and Marie went to him asking him if he was okay. She then healed the cut on his arm with him being surprised that she was able to use healing magic, with Marie asking him to keep it a secret. Angelica then approached Julius, pushing Marie away and offered a towel to Julius. But Julius didn't took it and took Marie's hand moving forward in the dungeon.

After a few days, Angelica is called out by Julius who tells her that he has questioned the girls who were bullying Marie and they all said that they were ordered by her. Angelica denies this as those girls weren't her followers but Julius refuses to believe her telling her to stay away from both Marie and them as well telling her that their engagement when they are outside. As they are in school Julius tells her not to meddle in their affairs anymore.

Julius and Jilk approached Marie one day, asking her if she doesn't has a personal servant right. Marie replies that she doesn't as the financial condition of her house wasn't good. Jilk then said to let him and Julius shoulder the cost as Marie should be lonely without any personal servant with Marie thanking them for this.

"Let's Duel, Prince!"

During the End-of-Term Party, the Prince's Entourage fusses over Marie as she went to the party wearing her school uniform and everyone insisting on buying a dress for her. Near the end of the party, Angelica gets into a quarrel with Julius about Marie and in a fit of rage, she challenges Marie into a duel and Julius and his group decided to act as Marie's representatives with Marie's personal servant Kyle also telling that he would support her. But no one came forward as Angelica's representative. She was just steeling her will to fight against them when Leon came forward, declaring that he will act as Angelica's representative and then goes on to mock the group. Leon then asks Angelica's intention in initiating the duel. She tells him that she just wants Marie to stay away from Julius. Marie states that she wants the fighting to stop and after the conditions are set, Jilk states that the duel will be five one-on-one matches. Leon agrees before taunting the prince directly.

Leon Wins the Match

When the day of the duel arrived, Leon was able to easily defeat Brad, Greg, Chris and Jilk with Julius being the only one left to fight against him. He assures Marie before going, telling her that his armor was made with the most advanced technology of the kingdom so he won't lose against Leon. Before the match began, Leon asks Julius what he thinks about Olivia but he gets an underwhelming answer from the prince. When the two of them began to fight, even when Julius was backed down into a corner, he refuses to give up saying that Marie was the only girl he loved and Angelica's love towards him wasn't love at all. Olivia then suddenly shouts that Julius loves Marie, but Angelica loves Julius as well. Olivia then shouts that if Angelica didn't love Julius she wouldn't watch this fight with such a pained expression. Angelica tried to stop Olivia but she didn't stop further telling why Julius was denying Angelica's feelings and shouting that if two people don't have mutual feelings that doesn't mean that it is not love. Julius rebukes that forcing someone's feelings on another person isn't love. Julius then declares that match to be a deathmatch by his authority as a crown prince. Leon mocks Julius about using his title as a shield despite complaining about it earlier. Leon tells that he couldn't kill the crown prince so Julius was probably hoping that Leon would forfeit. The prince then charges at him but Leon uses impact to destroy his armor and knock him unconscious. Leon is then declared the winner of the match with Julius being taken to the medical room.

In the medical room, Angelica tells Julius that she was happy that he wasn't hurt. Julius then asks her to stop her acting as it was all due to her representative. Angelica asks what she has done wrong as she has been trying so hard for his sake. Julius tells her that she just wanted the crown prince's fiancé's position which she denies earnestly. Then Julius replies that he isn't wrong and asks her to tell him what was his favorite dish. Angelica replies to it but Julius says that she is wrong as he likes to eat skewer foods which he ate when he went out incognito once. But as it was commoner's food he couldn't say it to her because she would also try to prevent him from eating it. Angelica hearing this tries to say that she would have never stopped him. But Julius still speaking that Marie was easily able to understand him and had invited him to a cart to eat. Julius then says that the only one he can love is Marie. When Angelica says that she is fine as long she gets to by his side with Julius replying that he cannot love her. Angelica hearing this tells Julius that she would be rooting for his happiness and leaves the room. Her engagement with Julius is then dissolved.

During the summer vacation, the prince's entourage and Marie were asked to remain in the academy. Marie was shocked when the five of them were disowned from their houses and their engagements broken. She then asks if it was because they had lost the duel. They then told that they all had requested their engagement to be called off. Both their families and fiancés had asked them to reconsider but after this they could finally be with Marie. Julius tells the other four as he couldn't be with Marie so he tells them that he would pray for Marie's happiness. Brad replies that he would do Julius's share of protecting Marie and the four of them would venture into the dungeons to get strong for their rematch against Leon. The seven of them, Marie and Kyle including went to the dungeons countless times during the rest of the vacation and Julius meeting the six them was always said to be a coincidence.

Volume 2

During the festival Julius opened a cafe right besides Leon's with his friends, Marie and Kyle which led to little success for Leon as there cafe was quite the hit. Julius went to Leon's cafe when he heard Leon proposing to his mother, Mylene and knocked Leon out before taking her to their cafe. There Mylene interrogated Julius asking him to bring out Marie to which he refused until she accepted their relationship. She finally snapped, furious at the outfits they were wearing and the exorbitant prices in their menu and asking if he was sane leaving his claim to the throne and his fiancée for another girl.

He was present when Jilk was taken to the hospital room, with Marie crying for Jilk not being able to participate in the airbike race. Jilk was happy that Marie cared so much for them (in reality she was crying for losing the chance to get the huge price money from the race). Clarice came to the room with her followers the mock Jilk and threatens him to participate in final race as well or else Jilk would face more severe consequences as she was the one who had her followers injure Jilk during the race. Marie was somehow able to force Leon to participate in Jilk's stead which led Leon to winning the race altogether.

Julius was called back to the palace after the festival, with Mylene lecturing him and not allowing him to suppress the sky pirates as being the former crown prince he did not have any access to their military assets at all. Jilk then came informing the queen that Leon had set out to subdue the sky pirates with Brad and Greg with him as well. Mylene, hearing Leon's name became embarrassed as she remembered his confession to her which led to Julius seeing it as a chance to ask her to lend him a fleet for the reinforcements to subdue the pirates. Mylene hearing this came back to her senses rejecting Julius's offer as he did not have any experience leading the fleet and asked Jilk if the information was accurate. Jilk replied that he had already confirmed this and added as well that Duke Redgrave had also sent an airship after Partner and he suspected Earl Offrey's daughter was behind this somehow. Hearing this Mylene decided that no further reinforcements would be needed and it would lead to see the capabilities of Leon. Julius frustrated at not being able to go asks Jilk for his help to escape from the palace which lead to them thinking of how to escape. Jilk asked Julius how they were going to escape as everyone knew him which led to Julius deciding that if they had masks and cloaks people won't be able to recognize them and they will be able to escape successfully. They idiotically made a request for buying cloaks and masks which Mylene, on seeing it, was shocked as why they were making it so obvious that they were trying to escape and if they had even thought what they were going to after escaping. She decided to call them to discuss their future with them.

After the subjugation of the pirates was over, Brad and Greg were in the palace's courtyard, when Julius came over excited that they were the ones who had defeated the pirates and in front of Leon as well. They both replied that they did not do anything with Leon having done most of the work and pinning the credit on them. They then asked Julius if they could have an audience with the queen to return the favor to Leon.

Julius supposedly had gone with Jilk to one of the other two islands during the school trip.[2]

Julius and the other four were spending a lot of time in a storehouse having supposedly found a brilliant Armor designer who put together the usable parts of all five of their broken armors making a brand new strong armor to challenge Leon. Just when the second term was coming to an end, they decided to show the armor to Marie. Marie was shocked when she saw as she could not fathom how they got enough money to do this. They replied that due to recent accomplishments of Brad, Greg and Chris, they had gotten quite substantial rewards. Marie hearing that was relieved but it was only for a short while, as Jilk said that fearing that it would be less, they had taken some money from their group savings and the designer had done everything at quite a discount for them. Marie was shocked beyond words as she could not believe they spent so much on this. When she asked why they did not consult her about this matter, Julius replied they had done all this to surprise Marie and get their revenge on Leon. So they sent a challenge letter to Leon with him accepting it as well with the duel after the second term ceremony. All of them had decided that Greg should be the one to pilot the new armor as they believed he had the best chance at beating Leon. He gave a decent fight to Leon, when suddenly Leon shouts to Greg to get out off his armor as it was on the brink of exploding. Leon tried to convince Greg to exit but to no avail. Leaving himself with no choice Leon was forced to destroy the armor to save Greg which lead to him winning the duel.

Greg was unconscious till the next day after the duel. When he opened his eyes, Julius and the others were present there, with him apologizing having lost the duel. Jilk replied that it was not his fault as they all had entrusted Greg to beat him but they had underestimated Leon and even with the modified armor they could not beat him. Julius then said there is always next time for them to beat him and they were going to try again and again until they beat him. Greg then asked where Marie as he saw she was not with them, with Brad replying that she was busy as she was going to the temple quite a lot these days after having found a bracelet in the capital's dungeon. Brad then asked Greg if he remembered Leon taking a necklace from the pirate leader whom he defeated as Marie was asking about it. Greg replied that he did remember something along those lines and the boys began pondering what was Marie doing and if the bracelet and necklace had any connection at all.

Volume 3

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Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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Volume 7

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It seems that Julius has no care towards his father as he never ask anything towards him.

He loves his mother dearly as evident when he punched Leon when Leon was flirting with her and took her away. When in trouble, Julius always ask Mylene for permission. It is possible that Mylene had dotted Julius too much and Mylene regretted this and become more strict after the prince's losing fight against Leon.

Julius's Foster brother. The two of them are the closest members of their group.

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Academy Students

Marie managed to completely seduce Julius with a few months. He is hopelessly in love with her, where even the knowledge of her true nature and motives were not enough to dissuade his affection. After the test, Marie had given him and the rest of the entourage he has gained more affection from her as he was the only one to truly understand the purpose of it albeit it not being on purpose.

The two initially had a very antagonistic relationship after Leon brutally defeated him in their match, however, after the war, they developed a begrudging respect for each other, but they are still not friends.

Angelica was Julius's former fiancé. While she loved him, the affection wasn't mutual. After Julius chose Marie and their engagement was called off, the two seem to have a neutral relationship.

  • Olivia (Love Interest, What if route)

Julius will fall in love with Olivia because of the same situation if Marie doesn't take over Olivia's place. Just like his love towards Marie in the main story, Julius is oblivious and not considering the stress of Olivia despite the claim of love and his unintentional bad effort to impress her.

The Prince's Entourage

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  • Julius' dream is to have his own small dinner which serving his favourite chicken meal.



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