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Humans is the dominant race in the MobuSeka world. Humans are divided into two types: Old Humans and New Humans.

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Old humans are the original humans that existed, but eventually new humans with the capacity to use magic began to emerge. At some point, war broke out between the two. The old humans, unable to use magic, instead focused their efforts on using science machinery to fight, creating many lost items and even artificially creating new species, such as elves. Eventually, new humans won the war and old humans died out, leaving many lost items to be discovered centuries later.


Old Humans

The First kind of Human. The original inhabitants of a parallel world that followed much of the same history as 'Earth'. This 'Otome Game' version of Homo Sapiens had a science based technological society that was far more developed into the future than the modern 'Earth'. They are extinct on the planet due to the war accelerating their dwindling population as presumably more and more New Humans are born from the Old Humans and eventually replacing them as the new species on the planet.

New Humans

The Second kind of human. They are able to wield magic. As their society now relied more on magic than with technology it can be presumed that with the shift in energy they more or less devolved back to a less technology society but with remnants of the previous civilizations still remaining with Airship and Power Suits that all run on magic. More information will be added soon later.


  • It is hinted that old humans were the humans of Earth as they used earthen languages and seemed to have similar customs.
  • As demonstrated by both Leon & Marie, reincarnated New humans seem to possess Old human DNA.
  • In the Short Stories of the Marie Route, Luxion postulated that some of the Old Humans may have survived by fleeing the planet on ships similar to his own body.