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Holfort flag rough design (Blue).

Holfort Kingdom (ホルファ, Horufa) is the country where three reincarnated so far transmigrated to (Leon, Marie & Aaron), and one of the key locations of the series.

Political & Social Structure


Holfort Kingdom is an absolute monarchy with a long history of social class system, the common and noble citizens. Feudal noble households use Fou as a middle name, court noble households use Fia as a middle name and royal households use Rapha as their middle name (this includes the Redgrave Household).

Social Structure

Women is the dominant figure of the continent. They hold a stronger political power and influence within the kingdom than men. Traditionally, any man who is not married at age 20 will meet a social discrimination, so men must find a marriage partner to prevent this scenario. Contrary to their opposite sex, women do not have this problem, so a large number of girls turn arrogant, selfish, corrupt and shallow, often getting lovers aside from their husbands and treating men poorly.

Later on, the social structure has changed because of the new law. Young men is treated well, and they have the right to choose whether to stay single or not, whilst, corrupted young women is now struggling to find a decent marriage partner.


Holfort Academy

The academy is the place where the children of the noble households enroll to receive a proper education. On the side note, it is also an important gathering where the students find their marriage partners.

Later on, the school policy accepts the application of the commoners to study in the academy. According to Mylene, it is a staging point where it will turn the country into a place where everyone is treated equally.

Elven Island

It is the homeland of the elves and integral territory of the kingdom.

Principality of Fanoss

It is a duchy territory of the kingdom that declared independence from their master as an independent nation. It is later absorbed back under the rule of the Holfort Kingdom after their invading forces is crushed by Leon and the Armed Forces of the Kingdom.

The Temple

*Information will be added soon later.*

Known Households

Known Residents

Royal Family

Bartfort Household

Former Members

Redgrave Household

Lafan Household

Atlee Household

Roseblade Household


Residents from the Principality


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