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Greg Fou Seberg (グレッグ・フォウ・セバーグ, Gureggu Fō Sebāgu) is one of a member of The Prince's Entourage and one of the capture targets in the first Otome game series.


Greg is a tall, well-built teenager with red hair.


Greg is confident in his abilities and tends to jump into things headfirst without preparing. This quickly becomes his downfall during duels. He seeks fair duels and dislikes using special equipment.

Story Overview

Original Game: Otome Game
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Volume 1

Greg makes his official appearance during the class dungeon lesson where they had to go to a dungeon and forms a party with the other members of The Prince's Entourage and Marie. They encountered six giant ant monsters, as they had come from a side road so the groups in the front had missed them. Greg kills one of them, while four of the others were taken care of by Jilk, Chris and Brad. The last one was taken out by Julius.

During the End-of-Term Party, the Prince's Entourage fusses over Marie as she went to the party wearing her school uniform and everyone insisting on buying a dress for her. Near the end of the party, Angelica gets into a quarrel with Julius about Marie and in a fit of rage, she challenges Marie into a duel and the prince and his group decided to act as Marie's representatives with Marie's personal servant Kyle also telling that he would support her. But no one came forward as Angelica's representative. She was just steeling her will to fight against them when Leon came forward, declaring that he will act as Angelica's representative and then goes on to mock the group. Leon then asks Angelica's intention in initiating the duel. She tells him that she just wants Marie to stay away from Julius. Marie states that she wants the fighting to stop and after the conditions are set, Jilk states that the duel will be five one-on-one matches. Leon agrees before taunting the prince directly.

When the day of the duel arrived, Leon's first opponent was Brad who he was easily able to defeat. Greg was Leon's next opponent, with him charging at Leon with a flurry of attacks. Leon blocks all of them before getting angry at Greg for being too prideful to use proper equipment (in the game). He pushes Greg off of him and proceeds to brutally attack his armor, tearing it apart. Greg states that he's only winning because of his armor, and Leon mocks him for making excuses. After getting his armor destroyed, Greg removes his equipment and tries to take on Leon armorless. Leon mocks his weakness and is declared the victor.

After Leon's victory against them, the prince's entourage and Marie were asked to remain in the academy. Marie was shocked when the five of them were disowned from their houses and their engagements broken. She then asks if it was because they had lost the duel. They then told that they all had requested their engagement to be called off. Both their families and fiancés had asked them to reconsider but after this they could finally be with Marie. The five of them, with Marie and Kyle, spent the rest of their summer vacation challenging the dungeons countless times, with Greg's aim to become stronger for his rematch against Leon.

Volume 2

During the festival Greg opened a café right besides Leon's with his friends, Marie and Kyle which led to little success for Leon as there café was quite the hit. He also had supposedly participated in one of the events during the festival and had won a prize there.

When Carla, who was under the guardianship of Brad's former fiancé, had come to request for his assistance in subjugating the air pirates and with them having a bounty on their heads he decided to help her. He asked the other four as well, with only Greg agreeing to come as the rest were being called back home. Greg was also being called back, but he decided to ignore it. On the day they were leaving, they saw Leon was at the harbor as well as Carla had also requested him to help them. Leon was against Greg and Brad boarding Partner, with Carla trying to explain the situation and how it would be better if all of them went on his ship. Leon had to finally agree to her and all them went her household together in Partner.

In their journey towards Carla's household, Greg, Leon and Brad were playing cards, with Leon winning against them every time. Leon then asks Brad what kind of girl was his fiancé, with him replying that she was an unusual type of girl. Greg then asked Brad why was he engaged with her as she belonged to an infamous house with Brad telling that there were some benefits as well. Greg suddenly realizing that the Offrey have diplomatic relations with the principality. Brad then said as their household was in charge of the border with the principality, Brad's father had accepted their marriage proposal, but he didn't expect for the proposal to go through. Greg then said that after the that proposal went through they needn't be afraid of the black knight anymore. Luxion then suddenly informs Leon that two air pirate ships were approaching Partner. Leon then told them to get ready as enemies approaching them but the two didn't know what to do. Leon seeing how hopeless they were in responding to the situation tells them to standby in the ship while he goes out with Arroganz to deal with the enemies. Leon was easily able to neutralize them without killing anyone of them.

When they arrived at Carla's house, the soldiers of their household surrounded them, pointing their guns at them seeming not to be informed about their arrival. Conrad—Carla's father came and recognizing Brad told the soldiers to lower their weapons. Brad then asked him why were they surrounded as they had come at the request of his daughter to subjugate the air pirates. But Conrad didn't seem to know about the help request. Carla then tried to shift the blame towards Olivia but Leon came to her defense. Conrad seemed confused as he didn't know Leon, so Brad introduced Leon to him. When Conrad knew about Leon's identity, he instantly apologized for his rude behavior and told him that they weren't having any troubles in their territory and again asked if there was a help request. Conrad came in Carla's defense telling that as his daughter was probably confused so he invited them to their house to wait for a short while. Leon hearing this began to laugh telling him that Conrad's daughter was the one to ask for their help and promised them remuneration for it. Leon then told him to ask his daughter about this and if he wants to protect Carla, he would get his remuneration his own way. Luxion helped in intimidating the baronet by moving Partner at that moment and Conrad seeing it moving was scared out of his wits and grabbed Carla's shoulders if she really was the one to make the help request. Seeing that she couldn't escape out of this situation she confessed everything. She confessed everything when Leon said that the air pirates had already revealed everything (though the air pirates had actually feigned ignorance). She then told that the earl's daughter had told her to trick them and have them be attacked by the air pirates. After Carla confessed everything, all four of them had returned to Partner.

The next day while they were having breakfast, the air pirates launched an attack against them. While Leon was leaving the room to fight against them, Greg and Brad begged Leon to let them use the armors which Leon had gotten from his previous fight even if they were broken or defective. Leon grudgingly agreed to let them take two armor so he had Luxion done maintenance for two intact armors which he had for them to use. Olivia had come up on the deck when she suddenly saw the fighting through the window. The enemy leader's armor had just landed on the deck and was going to capture her when Brad came to her rescue and began fighting with it with Greg coming as well to stop him. Those two began fighting with the air pirate's leader but weren't a match towards him. After defeating the two of them the leader was moving to capture Olivia when Leon suddenly came to the rescue severed the arm of the armor of the air pirate leader's armor. At first, she was delighted when Leon came but it soon changed to shock as Leon began toying with the leader and literally destroyed his armor even though he had surrendered. With Olivia healing Brad, Leon asked Greg to help him carry Brad inside as Olivia had healed his wounds already Leon reverting to call her Olivia instead of Livia. When the three went inside, Olivia began crying and mumbles to call her Livia again.

After the subjugation of the pirates was over, Greg and Brad were invited to the palace to give them the rewards for the subjugation of the pirates. But they were angry as they had only assisted Leon and did not want to take either the credit or the rewards for the things they have not done. The government official present explained that as neither had any titles or ranks, with Leon having upper-sixth court rank and baron title, his report was given precedence over theirs. They still refused to take the rewards, so the official decided to let them know that Leon had appealed to both of their houses and examine their accomplishments and reinstate their inheritances. The two were shocked as they could not understand why Leon did this. The official further told that Leon has also made quite a financial contribution to the palace and also sent gifts to their houses, so he asked them to accept his kindness. When they were in the courtyard, Julius came over excited that they were the ones who had defeated the pirates and in front of Leon as well. They both replied that they did not do anything with Leon having done most of the work and pinning the credit on them. They then asked Julius if they could have an audience with the queen to return the favor to Leon, with him being promoted to lower-fifth rank.

Greg supposedly had gone with Brad to one of the other two islands during the school trip.[1]

Greg and the other four were spending a lot of time in a storehouse having supposedly found a brilliant Armor designer who put together the usable parts of all five of their broken armors making a brand new strong armor to challenge Leon. Just when the second term was coming to an end, they decided to show the armor to Marie. Marie was shocked when she saw as she could not fathom how they got enough money to do this. They replied that due to recent accomplishments of Brad, Greg and Chris, they had gotten quite substantial rewards. Marie hearing that was relieved but it was only for a short while, as Jilk said that fearing that it would be less, they had taken some money from their group savings and the designer had done everything at quite a discount for them. Marie was shocked beyond words as she could not believe they spent so much on this. When she asked why they did not consult her about this matter, Julius replied they had done all this to surprise Marie and get their revenge on Leon. So they sent a challenge letter to Leon with him accepting it as well with the duel after the second term ceremony. All of them had decided that Greg should be the one to pilot the new armor as they believed he had the best chance at beating Leon. He gave a decent fight to Leon, when suddenly Leon shouts to Greg to get out off his armor as it was on the brink of exploding. Leon tried to convince Greg to exit but to no avail. Leaving himself with no choice Leon was forced to destroy the armor to save Greg which lead to him winning the duel.

Greg was unconscious till the next day after the duel. When he opened his eyes, Julius and the others were present there, with him apologizing having lost the duel. Jilk replied that it was not his fault as they all had entrusted Greg to beat him but they had underestimated Leon and even with the modified armor they could not beat him. Julius then said there is always next time for them to beat him and they were going to try again and again until they beat him. Greg then asked where Marie as he saw she was not with them, with Brad replying that she was busy as she was going to the temple quite a lot these days after having found a bracelet in the capital's dungeon. Brad then asked Greg if he remembered Leon taking a necklace from the pirate leader whom he defeated as Marie was asking about it. Greg replied that he did remember something along those lines and the boys began pondering what was Marie doing and if the bracelet and necklace had any connection at all.

Volume 3

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Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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Volume 7

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Despite the initial hate towards him, Greg has come to admire Leon for being selfless after receiving achievements from him that he didn't achieve. Wanting to follow Leon's example, Greg along with Brad strived to be a better man/knight.

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  • Olivia (Love Interest; "Game" & Marie Route)

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The Prince's Entourage

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Greg is in incredible shape and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


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