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Finn Luta Herring (フィン・ルタ・ヘリング, Fin Ruta Heringu) is the fifth reincarnated person. He's also the Guardian Knight of Milialice Lux Erzeberg.


Finn is a young man with ashen hair, red irises and tanned skin.


Finn seemed to be concerned about the wellbeing of people similar to Leon Fou Bartfort, and will not hesitate to use his power to protect civilians. He seems to heavily trust rumors, which caused the initial conflict between him and Leon.

Story Overview

Volume 9

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Finn had a negative impression of Leon when they first met based of the rumors he heard about the Fiendish Knight back in his hometown. He believes Leon is a psychopathic murderer who loves to stir up trouble in the Holfolt Kingdom, not knowing the Forest of Ladies is responsible for the huge mess in the kingdom. He later reconcile with Leon after the latter defeats him and explains his side of things. They then both collaborate to stop the Forest of Ladies once all for good.

Finn heavily values Milialice as she is very similar to his younger sister he had in his previous life. He brought her to Holfort in order to find a certain item/artifact that can help with Milialice's fragile constitution. To this end, he even became her guardian knight to protect her.

It is unknown where Finn obtained Brave. They have a harmonious relationship towards each other similar to partners, unlike Luxion and Leon who bickers with each other every so often. Finn does not like unnecessary conflict, as he do not want Brave and Luxion to fight each other, saying that the old human/new human war has passed long ago and their mindset shouldn't dwell in the past.