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The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Wiki
The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Wiki

No Matter How Tough The World of Otome Games Is (たとえどれだけ、この乙女ゲー世界が厳しくても, Tatoe Dore dake, Kono Otomegē Sekai ga Kibishikute mo) is the twelfth and final episode of the The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs anime series.


Forced to face off against the Black Knight, Leon, through cunning tactics, manages to defeat his formidable opponent and bring the enemy forces to his mercy. This act gains him more fame and notoriety with the Holfort Kingdom, and he is appointed as Viscount.


The Black Knight of Principality

Using the Arroganz to deftly avoid the enemy attacks with ease, Leon has the Partner deploy rescue ships to save his student peers as Chris and Deidre coordinate the evacuation. As this goes on, a single sword-wielding black mech stands atop the leading enemy ship and launches toward Leon, who believes it to be the Black Knight.

The newly summoned monsters are annihilated by Luxion's rain of lasers

On one of the rescue ships, Hertrude calls the Black Knight by his real name Vandel and wonders why he was deployed. Livia, who was ignorant of the Black Knight's backstory, is informed of it by Angie. Leon deploys some drones on the battlefield against Vandel, who easily defeats them and goes for Leon. Having trouble with his opponent, Leon has Luxion stow his sword and rifle to continue fighting using bare hands. At that moment, a single soldier attacks Leon, but is quickly dealt with; Vandel then, however, takes advantage of the situation and slices open his stomach. Losing his video feed transmission, Leon is forced to use the open area in his armor to see his opponent. With 30% of his armor performance down and increasing strain on the Arroganz, Luxions advises they withdraw. Leon, however, refuses as well as the suggestion to utilize the Partner to kill Vandel. Instead, Leon continues to struggle against Vandel and learns from him that he chooses to fight in honor of his duty as a knight of Principality. Using a flash bomb, Vandel plunges his sword into the Arroganz, only to cause Leon, while wielding his shotgun, to exit it and have Luxion auto pilot it to latch onto Vandel's mech. In Leon's mercy, Vandel demands that he kill him, but Leon refuses as Luxion brings some handcuffs and informs him that the Partner has the surrounding area under control. At that moment, Gelatt released a special signal flare that Hertrude claims is a signal for something far worse than the power of her Magical Flute. A large swarm of monsters is summoned, but under Leon's orders, Luxion annihilates them with a rain of laser beams. Victory in his favor, Leon tells Vandel that he still refuses to kill him and will take his sword as a war trophy. Furthermore, Leon claims Vandel is "finished" as he lost to a civilian ship filled with students; he should likely retire.

Around dusk, the pilot tows the enemy ships, and Gelatt begs for mercy at Leon's feet. Leon then claims he'll take the manageable armors and ships in his possession while the non-mobile ships will be broken down for scraps. Although Gelatt tries to negotiate with Leon, the heartless noble refuses and reinforces that the winner must be compensated for his war efforts. Within the ship's hangar, Luxion asks Leon why he didn't ask him to use the ship to deal with the Black Knight, and Leon asks what the results would be. Luxion answers that not only Principality, but also Holfort would consider him a significant threat and try and deal with him. That would be considerably unfavorable for a simple Mob Character such as himself.

Afterward, Leon is refused entry into his room because Livia and Angie were sleeping in there. Although Leon considers it a sight to behold, he wished they had told him beforehand, and Luxion reveals they were tired of waiting for him. Chris then approaches Leon, who thinks he's going to challenge him to another duel, but in fact, wanted to say that he'll one day catch up to him because he's his "goal". As Chris walks away, Leon plotted to have Chris take the credit for the endeavor, just like the incident with the Sky Pirates.

In the Redgrave Household, Angie is told by her brother Gilbert that the punishment imposed on Hertrude was to study abroad, which she finds too lenient. Gilbert then changes the subject to Leon's romantic life, which Angie claims he doesn't have. This perplexes Gilbert, as someone who's achieved remarkable merit in such a short time would attract many women to his side.

Leon has a tea party with Angie and Livia

At the Holfort Academy, Leon enjoys a tea party with Livia and Angie. They discuss the matters involving Leon having Chris take credit for defeating the Black Knight, which would allow him to be accepted back into his family. This has him gain praise from Livia and Angie, who then ask about what Luxion is. Leon introduces him, and Luxion elaborates on his relationship and background with the two. The two are fascinated by Luxion, and Livia calls him Lux for short, which Leon christens as his new nickname. Despite Leon's joy at Lux's new nickname, Lux informs him that Julius and his entourage are plotting something. Elsewhere, Julius and his entourage show Marie and Kyle their new mech, which cost 500,000 dias to purchase, and had Marie in shock for how they wasted their money on it.

The end result to Leon's duel against Greg

Eventually, a rematch duel is held, and Greg is chosen to represent the entourage side. The condition for winning on the entourage's side was to not interfere with their relationship with Marie any longer, and unbeknownst to that side, Leon had planned to throw the fight. His reason being he'd rather them be happy with their "beloved" than interfere with them any longer. At the start of the match, Lux reports that Greg's armor will explode due to it being haphazardly built. Although Leon tries to warn Greg and the ref about the armor, the two remain obstinate to Leon's plea due to his prior mannerisms towards his opponents. Lux then offers Leon a way to avoid the armor from exploding by destroying it. Despite Leon's hesitancy, he's left with no alternative as Greg would die in the explosion and destroys the armor. The loss makes Marie panic as she's lost 500,000 dias because of that loss.

Sometime later, Leon laments to Daniel and Raymond about how he won and that people still treat him like garbage. The two inform him that in the upcoming award ceremony, he's to be given an award for capturing Hertrude and is then taken to the event by Angie, who hopes to introduce him to her father and brother. At the event, Leon cogitates how in the beginning, he was so distraught over how he struggled to find a wife and survive his student life. He's then awarded a medal and is told of his new title of Viscount by Master.

Leon with Lux looks at Angie and Livia as they call him over

Later outside, Leon meets with Livia, who says she'll wait for his answer to the question she asked him, and then meets with Angie. Reflecting on his previous goals to get Livia hooked up with the Prince's Entourage and how now he wants to be with both Angie and Livia. This makes Lux comment on how Leon is similar to Marie because they hooked up with their respective romantic partners. The comment irks Leon, and Lux claims he has no one but himself to blame for his current situation.