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Emile Laz Pleven (エミール・ラズ・プレヴァン, Emīru Razu Purevu~an) is a member of one of the Six Noble Families as well as one of the capture targets of the second game and is currently Lelia's boyfriend.


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He seems very passive and submissive, going along with all of Lelia's requests with very little argument.

According to Marie, Emile is a very easy person to be approached and kind. However, Marie didn't know how dark Emile is because she never tried to cheat on him when she played the second volume of the Otome game.

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Story Overview

Original Game: Otome Game
Emile was one of the capture targets of the second game. Marie describes him as the easiest target with the most opportunities to capture out of all of the targets.


Some point before Volume 4, Emile began dating Lelia.

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Volume 4

Emile is first shown in a video projection by Luxion where he is shown discussing with Lelia the place they should visit for their next date. One day when Emile was having lunch with Lelia, she seemed distracted as she didn't know where Noelle is, so Emile asked if Noelle had not returned home yet and then they started discussing about Pierre and Loic. Their discussion was suddenly interrupted when Emile suddenly saw Leon taking Narcisse to someplace.

Volume 5

Emile was with Lelia when she crashed Leon and Noelle's dinner. When Lelia left, he apologized to them before following after her. Later that day, Emile escorted Lelia to Marie's house for her to talk with Leon and Marie and went back home after he sent her there.

Emile went to Louise and Hugh's engagement party with Lelia. They were greeted by both Hugh and Louise and talked with them for sometime. When Loic came to congratulate Hugh about their engagement, Emile was secretly led by Lelia to listen to their conversation. Then Lelia told Emile that she was going to take a break and went out of the party venue.

When Noelle's identity as the priestess and daughter of the Lespinasse Household was revealed, Emile took Lelia to his home to protect her as she was one of the two remaining members of the Lespinasse Household. Emile went to the engagement party of Loic and Noelle with Lelia and he was also present during their wedding ceremony. After the wedding ceremony was stopped by Leon, a few days later, Emile was waiting at the mansion which had been prepared by his household and was living together with Lelia. He had already prepared dinner but Lelia said that she had already eaten. She told Emile that she won't be able to go to Emile's home with him during the vacation as she had something important to do. Emile after hearing this asked her to just give a quick greetings to his parents and brothers which she agreed to do.

Volume 6

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Volume 7

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His girlfriend. He seems very submissive to her until Lelia started to get closer to Serge. Despite Lelia's explanation that she just used Serge for her own need and not to cheat, Emile started to go dark to her. Emile would go as far as getting lured by Ideal to join its cause in secret for punishing Lelia and murdering Serge.

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  • Marie informed Leon that in the original game, getting Emile will always be the way to avoid game over whenever things go wrong with the other targets when playing the game. However, to have Emile as the lover will never lead the player to see a happy ending despite it's never claimed to be a bad ending by the developer.
  • Marie claimed that it's possible that Emile is a 'yandere' character, but Marie had never dug how dark Emile is due the fact that Marie prefer to avoid bad endings. The only way to trigger Emile's dark personality in the game by getting two timing with him after the player has started to make Emile fell in love with the heroine from the beginning.
    • It can be assumed that Lelia never dug Emile's yandere side as she was completely freaked out to see how dark Emile became. When his yandere side was triggered, Lelia was almost getting killed if not for Noelle to shield her.



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