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Elves are one of sapient species that inhabit the MobuSeka World, who originates from the Elven Island of the Holfort Kingdom.

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During the war between the New and Old humans, the old humans artificially created elves to act disposable soldiers, placing them on artificial islands to monitor them. However, after the Old humans lost the war, the elves took over the island which became known as Elven Island and the A.I. in charge of monitoring them, Cleare, shut down. Eventually, some elves stumble upon a lab on the island and assumed (wrongly) that Elves had created humans, not the other way around.

Physical Attributes

Elves are physically similar to humans aside from their long, pointed ears. They also seem to have more elegant features than humans typically do. That aside, there are some notable differences between humans and elves:

  • Lengthened Life Span
  • Magical Ability


While it is possible for male humans to impregnate female elves, creating half-elves, the opposite is not true, so female humans cannot be impregnated by male elves. This feature makes male elves ideal lovers for female nobles.

Half-elves and their mothers are often looked down on by full elves and their life span is closer to a human's than it is an elf's.

Known Elves