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I just want to test about the phenomenon of human mistaking their heart's throbbing as love, but it looks like it's actually a success..... I'm looking forward to their development from now..... I made this experiment because I was curious how human would act when they were tossed into a peculiar situation, but to think that the difference from old mankind would be this great. This is very interesting in a sense.

— Cleare concluded during her yaoi experiment. [1]

Cleare (クレアーレ, Kureāre) is additional A.I. that Leon acquired during the event while they're on the Elven Island. "She" keeps Olivia and Angelica safe while he is in Alzer Republic.


Cleare appears similar to Luxion aside from the colors. It possesses a white body and a blue lens.


Cleare is much more lenient than Luxion, getting along with Olivia and Angelica. Given its previous job working as a scientific A.I, it is far more curious and less strict that Luxion is. Her enjoyment of experimenting often goes overboard, similar to behaviour of a mad scientist. Her main experimental tools are "Aaron-chan" and his friends.

After she is given a new job as the guardian of Olivia and Angie to watch over them, Cleare and Luxion's different personalities start to become apparent: both of them would fulfill their roles but she's a little bit of a troublemaker, while Luxion would efficiently carry his orders out.

She's an analytical tool for science and she would often use her knowledge to do her hobbies (experiment) in a peculiar way related to human relationship (yaoi).

She is also willing to delve into the mysteries of reincarnation, as she is willing to request Marie for her DNA through rather rough methods.

Story Overview


Cleare was originally an A.I. placed on the Elven Island to monitor the elves, however, as time went by, the Old Humans that created and maintained it died out and Cleare shut down and went into sleep mode.

Volume 3

Cleare was reactivated by Luxion when it, Leon, and Marie found themselves in its lab. It explained to the elves in the lab that elves were artificially created as soldiers for the old humans.

Before Cleare destroys the lab, it uploads a copy of itself into Luxion and gives Leon an Armor Piece Lost Item. Luxion engineered a new body for Cleare after the war.

Volume 4

While Leon was in the Alzer Republic, he left Cleare to keep Olivia and Angelica safe. Leon would send Cleare messages through Luxion, and Cleare would give them to the girls. While at the academy welcome party, Cleare observes a group of boys attempt to get Olivia drunk to take advantage of her. It knocks the boys out with its pheromones and then gets Olivia to get another group of boys to take them to the dorms. it uses its pheromones to manipulate the boy's physical reactions to one another to and observes their interactions.

Cleare loses contact with Luxion when it moves its main body closer to the Republic, but it regains contact with it after Luxion returned to his post, receiving a botched message that Luxion had tried to send earlier. The message was corrupted, so when Cleare explains it to the girls, it comes off as Leon is cheating.

Volume 5

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Volume 6

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Volume 7

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Volume 8

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Volume 9

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After hearing Cleare's voice from the elf ruins, Leon was surprised to find out there are AIs other than Luxion who exist in his world. After Luxion recreated Cleare's data, "she" soon accepted Leon as its master and obey Leon's commands to protect his fiancées, proving its' loyalty.

Marie and Cleare's relationship is rather vague, but the AI might be supporting Marie as well due to her being Leon's sister and possessing old human DNA.

Luxion was the first individual to "wake up" Cleare and access its data. After Cleare self destructed not wanting to let dangerous elements fall into the wrong hands, Luxion received data from Cleare, which the latter requested to rebuilt "her" data.

While their relationship might be a little vague, it seems she likes the two. Enough to protect the two from threats even if Leon isn't around. When they treat her poorly, she usually gets petty revenge by sending pictures of the two of them sleeping in their underwear to Luxion, in hopes he would show it to Leon.

As a creation of old humanity, the sight of Brave was enough to force the AI to point a gun at the familiar, even thinking that Marie have been perhaps brainwashed by Brave in front of it.


Like Luxion, Cleare is also AI (The Conceptual Intelligence) has a given wide range of abilities:

  • Utilise optical camouflage.
  • Physiological engineering.
  • Cyber/electronic warfare and countermeasure.
  • Operate network of drones; gather, analyse and act upon intelligence with her tactical datalink.


  • Out of her calculations, she is becoming more a fan of man to man relationship. A fujoshi/yaoi in our timeline.



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