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Carla Fou Wayne (カーラ・フォウ・ウェイン, Kāra Fō Wein) is a side character that appears during academy festival. She was originally a follower of the Offrey Household, but later becomes a follower of Marie.


She is described as having an average build and long, straight navy blue hair.


A loyal follower, caretaker, and a timid person.

Story Overview

Volume 2

Carla, on orders from the daughter Earl Offrey, Stephanie, tries to get close to Olivia when she is advertising their café, so she can ask through Olivia for Leon's help to subdue the air pirates in her territory which was all but just a trap to kill Leon. She also asked help from Brad who agreed to help bringing Greg as well for it. On the Earl's daughter's orders as well Carla forced Olivia to come as well for subjugation of the air pirates. They all went on Leon's ship Partner to Carla's territory, but to her astonishment Leon was easily able to defeat the air pirates and were able to reach her house without any incident. She was very scared as the air pirates were not attacking their territory at all and she had not informed her household of their arrival as well, so the soldiers surrounded when they landed at their island. She tried to pin all the blame on Olivia but was stopped by Leon to tell the truth or she would regret her actions with Partner moving at that moment by Luxion to intimidate the baronet, Conrad and seeing Partner moving he was scared out of his wits. He then grabbed Carla's shoulders asking if she really was the one to make the help request. Seeing that she couldn't escape out of this situation and Leon also saying that the air pirates have revealed all they know as well (though the air pirates had actually feigned ignorance) she confessed everything she knew telling them that the Earl's Daughter had told her to trick them and have them be attacked by the air pirates.

Volume 3

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Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 7

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Volume 8

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Volume 9

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After Carla was disgraced for having aided the earl's daughter and the sky pirates, Marie was the only one to extend kindness to her. As a result, Carla became Marie's very loyal follower.

With being Marie's follower, Kyle become a comrade in term of aiding Marie. There is no hint of jealousy on both and they work well to help each other.


It is unknown on how their relationship in the current. But it is clearly that they were intially in good term until Carla had done the earl's daughter deed.


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