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Alzer Republic (アルゼル共和国, Aruzeru Kyōwakoku) is a sovereign state of the republic of nobility. Their military defense is considered as the strongest deterrent, and their technology is more advanced than the kingdom has, and this is the main setting of Volumes 4 until Volume 7, where the Second Game begin.

Sacred Tree

It is the huge magical tree located in the midst of the Alzer Republic. It is an object of worship for the country, as well as a valuable resource.

Six Noble Families

The Sacred Tree blesses the six noble families, allowing them to summon and control its roots. It is also possible to swear on the sacred tree and promises made on the sacred tree are nearly impossible to break. If the promises are broken, It can result in the sacred tree removing the noble's blessing, a fate considered worse than death.


A special position, normally chosen by the Priestess meant to protect the Sacred Tree.


A special position, normally chosen by the Sacred Tree who chooses the Guardian.


The Republic's weapons are given power by the sacred tree, meaning that as long as they are near the tree, they possess infinite ammunition and fuel. Because of this, they have never lost a defensive battle (before their battle with Einhorn).

Sacred Tree Saplings

While exploring the dungeon, It Is possible to find a sacred tree sapling, a small sapling with the potential to grow into another sacred tree, as a monster drop. They are very highly valued and extremely difficult to obtain. They dry up and die very easily, so before Leon, no one that found a sapling was able to keep it alive for more than a few days.

The Sacred Tree tries to kill any saplings that are born, draining magic from them until they either die or get far enough away from it. Supplying more energy to Loic when he tried to kill Leon, the sapling's guardian.


In the climax of the second game, Albergue manged to transform the sacred tree into a powerful monster that the player had to defeat.

Known Locations

Alzer Academy

The academy is very different from the one in the Holfort Kingdom, being closer to a typical Japanese high school. Even the commoners can enroll in the academy.

Alzer Republic Dungeon

The dungeon located in Alzer Republic. Adventuring is valued much less in Alzer then it is in the Holfort Kingdom, so it is rarely explored. It is possible to find a Sacred Tree Sapling inside as a monster drop.

Known Households

Known Residents

Residents from the Holfort Kingdom